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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 7 Part 4

Celandine on the Little Finger (4)

It was summer, in a house that was not air-conditioned and crowded with people, coupled with her body heat, made Jung Won’s face feel red. She also knew why the usually cold and indifferent Geon Hyeong was being friendly and warm to her.

Yoo Shin Hee. Because of that woman, this man had kissed her on a whim. Therefore, Jung Won is not surprised that Geon Hyeong dares to do skinship if only to this extent. Jung Won knew exactly the purpose but he still couldn’t control his heartbeat.

“It’s okay. Please sit down. Goliath, go away.”

Jung Won removed herself from Geon Hyeong’s embrace and chased away Goliath who was sitting on the sofa. The cat who didn’t like having his seat taken away meowed in annoyance. Then, he uncharacteristically played with Geon Hyeong.

Romeo, who usually doesn’t care about Geon Hyeong, today walked with firm steps and jumped on Geon Hyeong’s lap, as if to show off the beauty of his body. Chi-chi, who usually turned her face to Geon Hyeong, now sat on his shoulder and watched Shin Hee.

“No, no.”

“Shut up.”

“No way, no way.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s command, Chi-chi flew back to her perch which was soon followed by Goliath and Romeo who moved to lay down next to the window. However, their green eyes were still watching the living room.

Fortunately, Dodo the turtle was in the aquarium. All the creatures in this house seemed to immediately unite into a family when someone else entered the house.

“Please sit down. Shall I make some tea?”

Unlike Jung Won who looked nervous, Shin Hee who looked around the house casually nodded slowly.

Jung Won had never been embarrassed by her house that was full of memories of her parents. However, seeing Shin Hee observing every corner of her house, Jung Won unconsciously felt embarrassed and insecure.

“It looks like you really like flowers. There are flower pots everywhere.”

“Because my parents used to love flowers too.”

“I like people who like flowers. Geon Hyeong told you about my job yet?”

“Not yet.”

Since Jung Won couldn’t say that let alone tell, the man didn’t even bring up the woman again, Jung Won just shook her head nervously. As if not happy to hear Jung Won’s answer, Shin Hee threw a glare at Geon Hyeong. Geon Hyeong immediately reprimanded her before she could say anything else.

“Don’t you think it’s rude to come in and look around someone else’s house like this?”

“I know. But if I don’t check it out in person, I think I’ll go crazy. Even though I’ve already parted ways with you, you think I can’t be patient and wait if it’s limited to this? I’ve even run away from my own wedding.”

Shin Hee replied to Geon Hyeong’s sharp question with an even sharper answer. Despite being in her own home, Jung Won also felt tense and uncomfortable in the midst of the cold war between the two people.

What should I do now? If it’s according to her promise to Geon Hyeong, then she should side with him. However, for the sake of that woman, then she should side with Shin Hee. Right now, who should I side with?

“Hey, Geon Hyeong ssi. Never mind. Want some coffee?”

“No, I don’t. I don’t need that. She’ll be out of here soon. Let’s get up, Shin Hee.”

“No way. I want to drink coffee here. Can you make me a coffee latte?”

Shin Hee, who didn’t care about Geon Hyeong’s invitation, didn’t refuse Jung Won’s offer and immediately asked for coffee according to her taste, as if Jung Won’s house was a coffee shop. Meanwhile, Jung Won had no choice but to nod her head. She then turns to Geon Hyeong and asks if he wants to drink coffee.

“Don’t you want some? Americano?”


Geon Hyeong couldn’t help but accept the offer and patted Jung Won’s shoulder with a guilty look. Jung Won, who was again surprised by the unexpected touch on the shoulder, hurried to the kitchen and left the two of them in the living room.

She didn’t want to be caught red-faced. Moreover, she felt that Shin Hee’s gaze was always on her. Both Shin Hee and Jung Won were unfamiliar with Geon Hyeong’s friendly demeanor that day. No. Since she knew the reason behind his attitude, Jung Won didn’t feel happy at all.

What were the two people facing each other thinking? Shin Hee who came to the small house where Geon Hyeong was staying was obviously a very active and aggressive person. Then, Geon Hyeong, who really likes this woman, has managed to erase and forget her?

After putting the aluminum coffee pot on the stove, Jung Won unconsciously noticed that the living room was quite quiet. If they have opened their hearts and expressed their feelings of love, then Jung Won’s deal with that man will be finalized soon.

“Gosh, isn’t this Hwaniwon? Right, Geon Hyeong?”

Suddenly, Shin Hee’s voice called out loudly.

Although she didn’t see it directly, Jung Won could guess what photo Shin Hee was looking at right now and she didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, Geon Hyeong probably saw the photo for the first time. The man was good at tidying up and cleaning his things, but he must not have paid much attention to what was in the house. No, he might not be interested at all. After all, he won’t be living in this house for a long time.


With light steps, Shin Hee followed Geon Hyeong who walked towards the kitchen. In fact, it was fine if she just sat quietly in the living room, but Shin Hee widened her eyes wide observing every corner in the kitchen as if she was looking around a great house.

The narrow kitchen was filled with the smell of coffee. As soon as Jung Won put a cup of coffee filled with a mixture of milk and Americano that didn’t use any sugar on the tray, Geon Hyeong immediately took the tray from Jung Won’s hand and brought it to the living room.

“Why is Hwaniwon’s picture hanging there?”

“Because my father used to be a gardener at Kyung Hwan University.”

“You never told me that.”

“You didn’t ask either,” Jung Won whispered softly to her and Geon Hyeong didn’t say another word.

On a normal day, he would have narrowed his eyes and asked Jung Won more questions. It was that kind of Geon Hyeong that Jung Won was more familiar with.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s okay. I don’t want to bother you guys.”

“If you think you’re a nuisance, I won’t bring Shin Hee to this house.”

In front of Yoo Shin Hee, Geon Hyeong still defended and guarded Jung Won openly. As if he wanted to show this to Shin Hee, as if telling her to accept this reality. Geon Hyeong’s attitude at that time seemed to be telling Shin Hee to quickly erase her feelings for him.

When Jung Won was still feeling awkward with Geon Hyeong’s treatment, suddenly the man was forced to stand up from his seat before Jung Won. The reason was his cell phone that always rang at important times like this, regardless of the time of day or night. Then, he spoke briefly as if telling her to serve a princess before leaving them and answering his phone.

“You talk to Shin Hee first, okay. I’ll be right back. In a moment, I’ll turn on my laptop.”

He said one by one in order to Jung Won, Shin Hee, and his interlocutor on the phone and hurriedly left them.

Finally, Jung Won and Shin Hee were left in the living room. Shin Hee feels annoyed at Geon Hyeong for leaving her to Jung Won. Meanwhile, Jung Won also felt uncomfortable because she had to deal with Geon Hyeong’s lover.

Shin Hee’s gaze that followed Geon Hyeong’s back suddenly found her bouquet of flowers hanging above the small sliding door that connected the kitchen with the living room. Instantly, her eyes widened.

Geon Hyeong gave her bouquet of flowers to this woman?

Shin Hee who alternately looked at Jung Won’s uncomfortable expression and the bouquet then narrowed her eyes in annoyance. Meanwhile, Jung Won who noticed Shin Hee’s gaze just clucked desperately in her heart.

Why did she accept that bouquet of flowers?

Why did she still keep the bouquet?

“Looks like Geon Hyeong gave you my bouquet of flowers.”


She couldn’t bear to say that Geon Hyeong had told her to throw away the bouquet. Hence, the misunderstanding between them grew even bigger. Jung Won didn’t know that she had hurt her by staying silent like this. It’s all because of that man.

“That, actually I…”

“It seems like you really like flowers too. You didn’t throw away that bouquet.”

“Because it was so pretty.”

Hearing Jung Won’s reasoning, the woman just smiled as if she already knew everything.

“Do you know the meaning of pink roses?”


“The lily of the valley?”

“I know.”

“Then you know the meaning of alangium, too.”

“Secret love.”

Shin Hee nodded happily at Jung Won who answered her questions correctly. As it turned out, Jung Won also knew a lot about this, almost matching her as an expert.

“Do you think Geon Hyeong knows about the meaning of the flowers?”

“I don’t know. But since he knows so many things, it’s possible…”

“You turned out to be a good person.”

Before Jung Won could finish her sentence, Shin Hee nodded her head. Geon Hyeong must not know the meaning of the flowers. She wouldn’t tell him either. However, the woman who was with him right now was trying to open her heart and comfort her.

“Ah, no.”

Jung Won hurriedly shook her head and waved her hand, but the woman just smiled at her.

“Geon Hyeong must not know why I sent those flowers to him. I know that. What I don’t know…”

Shin Hee looked at Jung Won straight on. As if she was the answer.

“Do you think I can get Geon Hyeong back?”

Jung Won was speechless in response to Shin Hee’s last question.

Her promise with Geon Hyeong, and his feelings for this woman. She couldn’t say that everything would be okay, or that the man must have felt hurt too. She just silently looked at the bouquet of flowers. Jung Won couldn’t say anything more about the wilting flowers.

Shin Hee, who was looking at Jung Won blankly, suddenly snorted softly and laughed.

“That’s our problem. Right?”

“Maybe so.”

That’s the best answer Jung Won can give right now. After all, from the outside Geon Hyeong and Jung Won were a couple. Because of this woman, she had her first kiss. Because of this woman, she has gotten benefits, and because of this woman, she is living in the same house with Geon Hyeong right now. So, what else has changed because of this woman?

When the smell of coffee and various thoughts enveloped the two women, Geon Hyeong came over to them.

“I have to go now. If you still want to stay here, take a taxi home.”

“No, I want to go with you.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s words, who was busy getting ready, Shin Hee immediately got up from her seat. Seeing Shin Hee like that, Geon Hyeong again put on a gloomy face. Then, as if he had made up his mind, he said to Shin Hee.

“This is really the last time. I’m not going to put up with your arbitrary and disrespectful behavior anymore. I really can’t deal with you anymore.”

“Why? I’m free now. I’m single now.”

“But I’m not single. Don’t you see who I live with now?”

Geon Hyeong suddenly pulled Jung Won’s hand who kept her distance from them and silently observed the two people. The annoyance of Geon Hyeong holding Jung Won’s hand tightly could be felt by Jung Won. The veins on his face also seemed to tighten.

There was something that made her feel unhappy. One corner of her heart felt torn and broken. Geon Hyeong, who was standing next to her and holding her hand, felt very far away from her.

Sugohesso. I’ll be right back.”

    [T/N: Sugohesso (수고했어) means ‘You did a good job’.]

Geon Hyeong, who nodded briefly at Jung Won, left the house with Shin Hee. As soon as they left, Jung Won let out a long sigh and sat limply on the dining table chair. Geon Hyeong’s words somehow felt sad and bitter.

What made you sad, Kang Jung Won? Why do you feel hurt like that?

Her younger siblings’ friends often came to their house. Usually, she never felt uncomfortable with guests coming to the house, or when she had to make coffee for them.

But for some reason, it felt strange today. Jung Won stared pensively at the bouquet of flowers hanging on the kitchen door. The almost dried bouquet still looked beautiful.

The promise of love. Happiness that will soon be sought back. Then secret love. What the hell is this?


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