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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 7 Part 3

Celandine on the Little Finger (3)

Shin Hee sat in a restaurant with a large window where she could see her favorite scenery while waiting for Geon Hyeong. Yoo Shin Hee, the woman who reappeared after 1.5 months.

During that time, there were many rumors about where she lived and what she did. Some said that she went to study abroad, some said that she ran away with a married man, and some said that she committed suicide because of her unrequited love. However, Shin Hee who appeared in front of Geon Hyeong still looked as healthy and happy as ever.

“You received a bouquet of flowers from me, right?”

Shin Hee asked excitedly to the man sitting in front of her, but Geon Hyeong had no intention of answering her questions one by one. He had secretly sent someone to find out

where Shin Hee was hiding. However, he still couldn’t find her and it made him very uneasy.

Shin Hee, who was unaware of his feelings, watched him carefully.

“Where have you been?”

“Are you worried about me?”

“A little.”

Geon Hyeong tried to hold back the words he wanted to say and picked up the glass of water on the table. That woman probably wouldn’t know for a lifetime how much Geon Hyeong was devastated and blamed himself every time he heard empty reports about her whereabouts.

However, Geon Hyeong was determined to hold back and erase his feelings for this woman. He now doesn’t want to worry about or love this woman anymore.

“Paris, Italy, Prague. I deliberately chose countries that have many handsome men to seduce me. But I didn’t find a single man.”

“You, do you know what I did for you?”

“Of course. You’ve seen it too, right. You actually came as soon as I invited you.”

Shin Hee pursed her lips with an annoyed face.  Just before Shin Hee ran away at that moment, there was only one thing she was waiting for, and that was Kim Geon Hyeong. Shin Hee thought that Geon Hyeong would chase her and hold her hand at that time. However, he came with another woman instead. The scene really made Shin Hee much more frantic than her sacred wedding event that she hoped would be messed up by Geon Hyeong.

“How did you end up with that woman?”

“Do I have to explain it to you?”

Geon Hyeong responded to Shin Hee’s resentful question by picking up the coffee cup on the table and sipping it.

“No, I don’t care. Because our relationship will start over. We don’t need to get married. The important thing is that you’re by my side like before.”

“Yoo Shin Hee.”

“Don’t say that our love has faded. Because I don’t feel that way,” Shin Hee replied unconcernedly even though Geon Hyeong reprimanded her.

“You can’t get everything you want. You’re an adult, right. You should understand things like this.”

“I never gave up on what I wanted all this time.”

“Then, from now on learn to. It’s not too late.”

Geon Hyeong remembered he had a similar conversation with someone else before. With Kang Jung Won. If she were here right now, she would have told Geon Hyeong to hold this woman tightly. He wonders if Jung Won knows that Geon Hyeong is now completely unable to do that.

“Huh, what are you thinking about right now?”

Shin Hee who immediately realized that Geon Hyeong’s mind was elsewhere and not her, immediately reprimanded him sharply.

How dare Kim Geon Hyeong think of something else besides Yoo Shin Hee who is in front of him? Perhaps, he was thinking about that woman? The woman who came with him to her wedding. The woman who was rumored to be living in the same house with him right now. And what’s even sadder is that it was Shin Hee who indirectly chose that woman for Geon Hyeong.

“I have other things to take care of besides you.”

“Who? That woman?”

“I’m not taking care of Jung Won. She can take care of herself well.”

“Then, what about me?”

Geon Hyeong didn’t say anything to Shin Hee who was getting emotional. He just scratched his head in annoyance and avoided Shin Hee’s gaze. Shin Hee widened her eyes when she realized that Geon Hyeong was avoiding her. Then, she was even more wide-eyed when she saw that Geon Hyeong’s skinny little fingernails were slightly yellowish in color.

“What the heck is that? Flower polish?”

“Yes, celandine flowers, she said.”

“But why did you… that woman dyed your nails?”

Geon Hyeong nodded his head lightly at Shin Hee’s question and got up from his seat. But the woman still didn’t seem to want to leave the place.

“Let’s go. It looks like you’re fine too.”

“No, I’m not fine. I want to go to your house.”

“You can’t.”

Geon Hyeong shook his head and replied quickly. He couldn’t take Shin Hee to his house, or to the place where he was currently staying. Even though Shin Hee didn’t know why they broke up, Geon Hyeong knew for sure about it.

“You live with that woman at her house? My mom said so.”

“Even if I lived alone, I still wouldn’t bring you home. Did you forget that we broke up?”

“But why do you always ignore me? How can you do this to me?”

No matter what Geon Hyeong said, Shin Hee wouldn’t listen to him. Based on his experience, Geon Hyeong knew that he couldn’t persuade Shin Hee in any way at the moment. However, even if she insisted on him, Geon Hyeong had no intention of restarting their relationship. Because if it was like that, then he wouldn’t have parted ways with Shin Hee in the first place.


That day, Jung Won didn’t visit the greenhouse for the first time. She also couldn’t stop by to see Hwaniwon, which was raining on that day. She immediately got on the bus and went home.

She went home early not because of him. But because it was raining. Because her prince was not there. She also felt the need to rest once in a while. Therefore, she went home early that day.

The house was empty when she arrived. It looked like Hee Won was taking her younger siblings for a short walk. Knowing this, it was better for her to stay home all day and play with her younger siblings today.

The raindrops that gradually soaked Hwaniwon earlier felt like a brief dream in the early morning. The man’s body temperature that she could feel through the touch of his hands, his sharp eyes, his pounding chest. What did I expect from him earlier? A kiss or just warmth? Jung Won shook her head again and felt panicked remembering those moments.

“Crazy, crazy. Kang Jung Won, what’s wrong with you?”

“No, no.”

“Chi-chi, I don’t want to be like this either. Really.”

As if knowing her heart, Chi-chi shouted loudly at Jung Won and this time she couldn’t help but agree to her cockatoo’s cry.

That’s right, I must have gone crazy just a moment ago. Moreover, I’m quite busy now.

Having never dated once in 26 years, this was the first time she felt the consequences. However, even though she didn’t have a boyfriend, the man’s behavior was really outrageous.

Jung Won at least knows what kind of man Kim Geon Hyeong is. If she remembers how they first met, she should really stay away from that guy. Especially with his arbitrary attitude. Then, most importantly, that man already has another woman.

But, a kiss? Jung Won who recalled her feelings at that time felt like slapping her own cheeks and shaking her head like McCaulay Culkin’s scene in the movie Home Alone that she liked to watch around Christmas. Jung Won knew the best job to take her mind off it at the moment, which was gardening or doing homework.

Jung Won, who was home alone at the time, ended up ironing her accumulated clothes, preparing side dishes for dinner, and even cleaning the bathroom. After everything was done, there was the sound of the gate opening.

Jung Won glanced at her watch thinking it was dinner time and opened the front door. She was very surprised to see Shin Hee appear in front of her. Then, behind her, Geon Hyeong walks after her.

Jung Won stares at Geon Hyeong for a moment whose face looks deadpan but Jung Won knows that he’s actually panicking. Jung Won is just as panicked as Geon Hyeong. Whether Shin Hee realizes this or not, she just stares at Jung Won’s house that she saw for the first time in awe and gives Jung Won a brief greeting. Her gaze remains on the small living room of the house.

Krak. Chi-chi, who became more sensitive to the presence of strangers, gave Shin Hee a sharp look and then sat quietly in her cage watching them. Goliath who was walking leisurely only circled Shin Hee once and left with a disinterested face and sat on the sofa. Not long after, Romeo came and also sat at the end of the sofa while watching them.

“We haven’t met yet, right? My name is Yoo Shin Hee.”

“Yes, my name is Kang Jung Won.”

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you first.”

Geon Hyeong ignored Shin Hee and immediately approached Jung Won to apologize to her. Before Jung Won could say anything, Geon Hyeong put his arm around her shoulders intimately.


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