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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 7 Part 1

Celandine on the Little Finger (1)

When Blinded By Love

Not necessarily everyone finds Julia Roberts sexy. I think her lips are weird. Not everyone finds Angelina Jolie attractive. I think her tattoos all over her body are creepy.

Of course, we can look for other people’s weaknesses as much as we can, before we are completely blinded by love.

But after finding the perfect match, God seems to make both people blind.

It’s also beneficial sometimes.

Love makes everything in front of us seem dark, except for our partner’s eyes.

I’m ready to be blinded by love for life, but where should I look for my wife?




Celandine on the Little Finger

Jung Won initially thought that living with such a demanding and annoying man would be very tiring. However, as time went by, she realized that living with Geon Hyeong wasn’t as bad as she thought.

Although he always seemed very busy and had no free time, he always tried to abide by the rules of the house. He never stayed out overnight, always ate breakfast, and once he told her when he was going to come home late. It was an unexpected self-awareness. Even though the message was delivered by his secretary, it was still something unexpected from Kim Geon Hyeong.

After Jung Won had counseled him at length that night, the next day a delivery car from a mall arrived, delivering a pile of towels that seemed to last for years. Although Jung Won was surprised, she could still be patient about this. It seems like all the towels from the mall were brought to Jung Won’s house.

In fact, towels from malls in other areas were also transported to her house. The mall could have misunderstood that the towels were going to be handed out for free as a company promotion and probably wondered why they bought towels to hand out like that from an expensive mall. Anyway, as per his wish, the towels in the bathroom of the house are now neatly lined up according to their respective colors.

“How’s that prince doing, Unnie?” asked Hee Won while looking at Jung Won who woke up a little late as usual, had breakfast, and was now getting ready to leave the house.

“Oh, of course he’s still as radiant as ever.”

Jung Won nodded happily at the thought of her prince. Kim Jae Hyun sonsaengnim was almost always in the greenhouse these days. Therefore, lately Jung Won has always been mesmerized by the roses in the greenhouse and also her prince every time he comes to the greenhouse.

There are rumors that her prince is a descendant of a conglomerate or that he used to be a child actor, but no one can confirm it yet. Jae Hyun, who is known for his caring, gentle, and perfect nature, is actually not only an idol among graduate students, but also undergraduate students.

Jung Won also seemed to have the same taste as them. Her heart always flutters every time she sees his wide smile and his soft, low voice. It was as if she was seeing a celebrity in front of her.

“If someone is still alive and shining, it means he’s an Anch. He’s not a god after all.”

    [T/N: Anch is a person who has retired to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion, or simply a hermit.]

“Huh. Do you know why I call him a prince? Because he always shines and makes the glass in the greenhouse sparkle. So, there’s no need to polish the glass.”

“Is he that handsome?”

“Of course. Also, his nature is unusually good.”


The only person in Jung Won’s ‘family’ who didn’t know about the prince was Geon Hyeong who always went to work on Sundays too.

Jung Won immediately shut her mouth at the sight of Geon Hyeong who was looking at her curiously. How strange. He doesn’t usually look at her like that. Jung Won is sure that she will only be scorned if she tells him about her prince. However, Sung Won and Hee Won, who don’t understand their brother’s heart, join in on the teasing.

“They said there’s a prince in the greenhouse at noona’s college.”

Ya! Kang Sung Won!”


Geon Hyeong looked at Jung Won in confusion. His face seemed to be saying ‘what nonsensical fairy tale is this now?’. Maybe soon Geon Hyeong will laugh scornfully at this story. That’s why Jung Won didn’t want to tell him this.

“That’s why she goes there so diligently even on holidays.”

“It’s not like that. I just happened to have something to do at that place.”

‘Ick’ The two younger siblings snorted softly and giggled at Jung Won’s rebuttal.

How dare they do that to their own sister. Jung Won glanced sharply at her younger brother and smiled stiffly at Geon Hyeong. Jung Won hoped that Geon Hyeong would just take his brother’s words as an afterthought. However, it looks like Geon Hyeong isn’t too interested in her prince’s story either. That’s right, how could this person like fairy tales.

“Let’s go together.”


“I’ll take you to the office. What did you expect?”

Huh, I didn’t expect anything either, Jung Won thought. Geon Hyeong raised his eyebrows waiting for Jung Won’s answer who unconsciously shook her head.

Even though they’ve only been living together for a little over a month, until now Jung Won has never seen Geon Hyeong take a day off on Sundays. Thanks to that very diligent man, Jung Won is secretly grateful that she didn’t have to ride the bus and subway that day.

It’s easy for humans to get used to comfort. After just a few rides in this car, Jung Won slowly got used to the feeling of comfort while sitting in this car. Then, for some reason, she started to get used to being in the same space with this man. Geon Hyeong is also a comfortable and smooth driver when driving the car.

“What’s your account number?”

“What are you asking me that for?”

Geon Hyeong, who stopped his car at a red light, asked in surprise. To him, that question didn’t seem appropriate at all to be asked by that woman. Does this man think I’m after his savings, Jung Won thought irritably.

“I’ll pay my debts little by little, even if it’s just the interest. Everything else may take longer.”

“I told you, you don’t have to pay.”

“Nothing is free in this world.”

Jung Won said firmly in response to Geon Hyeong’s original remark.

If this man didn’t help her, if she had to move to the village, her family would have to live separately. Even though this man’s presence in her house made her uncomfortable, she still felt that she should be grateful for his help.

“Nothing is free. Is this your family rule too?”

“Yes, it is. Rule number 49; nothing is free in this world. We will all return to our original land someday. Therefore, we must return what we have received.”

Jung Won explained her family rules again with confidence. Meanwhile, Geon Hyeong just chuckled as if he had guessed the answer.

“How many ridiculous family rules are there?”

“Well, quite a lot too.”

It was like this all over again. Every time she tried to do something nice for this man, there was always something that annoyed her.

I might get high blood pressure at a young age from dealing with too many people with rude and impolite mouths like this man, Jung Won thought. However, it’s a good thing that right now there aren’t many problems and strange events that make her want to kill this guy.

“I want to ask you one thing.”


“How did you persuade Sung Won?”

The efficacy of Geon Hyeong’s strategy of persuading Sung Won to tidy up his closet with the lure of toys only lasted for two days. Geon Hyeong excessively tells Sung Won to tidy up and arrange all his clothes, including his underwear, by color. This makes Sung Won realize how important his freedom is and he finally pulls off a coup by returning the toy to Geon Hyeong and giving up tidying up his closet. However, no matter what happens, Sung Won’s ‘rebellion’ only lasts for a few minutes and he returns to his loyalty to Geon Hyeong.

“I just said, I’ll give him my watch if he obeys me.”

“Your watch? It’s an expensive watch.”

A surprised Jung Won looked at Geon Hyeong’s left hand that was holding the steering wheel. A quick glance revealed that the heavy metal watch was an expensive one.

“Of course it’s not cheap.”

“Don’t be like that. The child will get into a habit. After all, why would he wear such an expensive watch.”

As soon as Jung Won shook her head, Geon Hyeong raised the corner of his lips and smiled secretly.

“He’s already willing to share his room with me. He must feel uncomfortable living with someone else, so I should at least give him a gift.”

“As a fellow family member, he should be patient with things that make him uncomfortable like this. Of course, he should learn to maintain good manners so as not to make others feel uncomfortable.”

Jung Won easily made Geon Hyeong a part of her family again. Family. Geon Hyeong smiled even wider at the woman’s words. A very innocent and simple woman, who believed and considered all living beings, whether human or animal, who entered her fence and lived with her as family. Being part of someone’s family wasn’t always bad either.

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