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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 6 Part 2

Cranky Housemate (2)

Geon Hyeong is unable to fall asleep soundly. Especially in the middle of an unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment like this. Not to mention, the boy next to him who kicked him all night. As a result, Geon Hyeong woke up earlier than usual and immediately opened his laptop to give instructions through his laptop.

While listening to the unfamiliar sounds around him, Geon Hyeong gave instructions rudely and annoyed until his interlocutor on the laptop seemed to want to break the conversation.

The sound of jingling, the sound of screaming children’s laughter, and the sound of Hee Won’s loud laughter seemed to blend together and made the sleep-deprived Geon Hyeong feel annoyed.

Not long after, Sung Won woke up and smiled at him while rubbing his eyes. Then, as if feeling threatened by Geon Hyeong who looked colder than yesterday, he quickly left the room quietly. Geon Hyeong finally closed the laptop, put away the portable hard disk and pressed his tired eyes together. Today seemed to be longer than yesterday.

“Did you get any sleep last night?”


As soon as Geon Hyeong left the room, Jung Won greeted him while wearing an apron and clear plastic gloves. Geon Hyeong gave her a curt reply and started walking to find the bathroom in this small house.

“You can’t go in now. Sung Won went in first.”

“Then, what about me?”

“Well, you’ll have to wait.”

Jung Won replied with a look that ‘you don’t know’. Geon Hyeong closed his eyes in frustration. He couldn’t believe the fact that he had to wait for someone else if he wanted to use the bathroom at such an urgent time.

“Looks like you can’t stand it huh? But Sung Won usually only comes out after finishing reading a book there.”

Hee Won smiled cheerfully at him, but Geon Hyeong didn’t want to smile at all right now. Reading a book in the bathroom?

“Sung Won, read the book quickly and come out in ten minutes!”

“Three minutes!”

“Three minutes!”

Geon Hyeong turned pale at Jung Won’s ‘ten minutes’ and hurriedly corrected her words.

However, no sound could be heard from inside the bathroom. At this rate, Geon Hyeong’s urge to go to the bathroom seemed even more unbearable.

“If you can’t stand it, shall I give you a potty?”


Seeing Geon Hyeong’s face looking like he couldn’t take it anymore, Jung Won finally made a suggestion to him that made Geon Hyeong’s eyes glaze over at the unfamiliar word.

“Some kind of small toilet.”

“No need. But there’s something like that in this house?”

Geon Hyeong gritted his teeth and shook his head. Potty? Some kind of small toilet? He couldn’t imagine what it looked like.


Jung Won smiled in relief that Geon Hyeong rejected the object, but Geon Hyeong didn’t want to smile back at all.

The morning atmosphere in the house was really chaotic. Having to scramble to use the one bathroom was very uncomfortable. The low ceiling that seemed like it would hit your head also made Geon Hyeong feel uneasy. He also didn’t like other people being in his space. He couldn’t believe that he himself said he would live in this house. Clearly, he was crazy at that time.


So far, there was rarely anything that could make Geon Hyeong confused and panicked.

He rarely had to adapt to a new environment. However, Jung Won’s small house was enough to make him panic. Potted greenery is everywhere and suddenly people or pets appear from the other end of the room. However, Geon Hyeong seemed to need time to adapt to this place. It felt like he had to get out of that chaotic place quickly to keep his brain thinking clearly.

Geon Hyeong hurriedly prepared himself to go to the office and was just about to leave the house when Jung Won suddenly called him.

“Breakfast first.”

“I can’t eat anything other than coffee in the morning.”

“Coffee is not breakfast.”

Jung Won shook her head firmly. Geon Hyeong, who had been frantic in front of the bathroom, was now wearing a neat office suit. It turns out that he is also diligent. When did he change his clothes? Jung Won wondered.

“Hurry up and have breakfast first, I’ll make coffee.”

“I don’t have time.”


Jung Won warned Geon Hyeong who was really impatient to get out of the house gently and firmly.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“This house has rules. Just like I obeyed your rules when I was in front of your family, I expect you to do the same in this house. We’re adults, we should be able to set an example.”

Jung Won said firmly and her words seemed to be irrefutable.

Jung Won immediately urged Geon Hyeong who looked hesitant with an impatient look. Geon Hyeong sighed and inevitably walked according to Jung Won’s orders.

Geon Hyeong is rarely willing to obey other people’s orders, but in that house, Jung Won is in charge. Especially during meal times. That’s right, because this place is her territory.


As he had expected, the kitchen where they had breakfast that morning also looked very chaotic. Geon Hyeong unconsciously arranged the condiment bottles, spoons, and chopsticks that were just lying on the table neatly. Geon Hyeong even felt satisfied when he saw the towels in the bathroom neatly arranged according to color. Therefore, the dining table containing plates and glasses of different sizes really made him uncomfortable. However, this place was also the woman’s kitchen and Geon Hyeong had no choice but to be patient.

How could I have the idea to live in this place, Geon Hyeong thought. No matter how bad the scandal was, it seemed better for him to stay in the hotel.

“Kang So Hee, you put aside your spinach again, right?”

“Spinach is a grass that Chi-chi used to eat. It can’t be eaten by humans.”

So Hee didn’t touch the spinach at all, while Jung Won didn’t like seeing people who had a habit of picking and choosing their food.

“Spinach is also good for humans. Especially for a growing child like you.”

“It’s not fair.”

Being watched by Jung Won, So Hee couldn’t help but start eating her spinach. Jung Won who kept watching So Hee until she completely swallowed her spinach then turned to Geon Hyeong who was sitting next to Sung Won. Geon Hyeong only ate rice, soup, and kimchi. He didn’t touch the other side dishes at all.

“Geon Hyeong ssi, try this mushroom stir fry.”

“Mushrooms are bacteria. Not human food.”

“Mushrooms are edible bacteria. Especially for you who seem to have high blood pressure.”

Jung Won shook her head at Geon Hyeong’s answer.

Apparently there are two little kids in this house, she thought.

“My blood pressure is low.”

“Even so, you still have to eat too. We are adults who should be able to set an example.”

So Hee and Sung Won looked at Geon Hyeong sharply, while Hee Won looked at him with a serious face.

Damn. Geon Hyeong was finally forced to eat the sauteed mushrooms. Last night, Geon Hyeong couldn’t sleep because he was kicked by the little boy who slept with him in the cramped room and in the morning he had to fight over the bathroom. Not only that, in the same morning, he also had to eat stir-fried mushrooms by force. Then, one thing that makes him even more furious is that until this moment, he hasn’t even been in the house for more than 24 hours.

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  1. Dinkytinky says:

    Okay, at this point I gotta kudos to the author.
    I typically hate overbearing president novels because the MC is usually an insuffrable bully and the woman somehow gets bullied into liking him instead of resenting. But if the guy is simply low EQ in practice then it becomes a little more tolerable.

  2. chinesefanreader says:

    Hahahahaha he’s trainable 🐕

    Thanks for the chapter

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