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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 5 Part 2

Excellent Timing (2)

Geon Hyeong took advantage of Jung Won who hesitated because she was surprised to see someone else in his room and whispered softly in her ear.

And why? What’s wrong? Jung Won’s temper almost rose again, but she immediately fell silent seeing the people looking at her.

“This is the woman you asked about earlier.”

Jung Won widened her eyes at the word ‘grandfather’ coming out of Geon Hyeong’s mouth.

A grandfather and grandmother who were unmistakably Geon Hyeong’s family, looked at Jung Won sharply and slowly approached her. A woman she met yesterday at the wedding also looked at her.

What’s going on? Why are they gathered here? Didn’t this man expect that I would come to see him today? The panic that now suppresses her anger makes Jung Won look at Geon Hyeong who still looks calm and relaxed, not the slightest panic on his face.

“Hey, Geon Hyeong-ssi.”

“Take it easy. It’s good that you came.”

Geon Hyeong said gently, but Jung Won couldn’t calm down at all.

Jung Won’s anger suddenly disappeared at the sharp and curious gazes of Geon Hyeong’s family members directed at her. Jung Won now really felt embarrassed and confused. She wanted to leave immediately and disappear from that place, but Geon Hyeong’s hand holding her shoulder tightly seemed to not allow her to leave.

Jung Won who couldn’t do anything finally sat down on the chair Geon Hyeong had prepared and only then did the man’s hand come off her shoulder. Instantly, the cold air in the room seeped into Jung Won’s body.

“So, you’re Geon Hyeong’s lover?”

“I told you earlier.”

“I didn’t ask you.”

As soon as Geon Hyeong answered Director Kim’s question, Mrs. Hwang immediately replied seriously. Only then did Geon Hyeong fall silent, while Jung Won cowered even more in fear.

Even though this woman is now nervous and scared, Geon Hyeong is confident that Jung Won can get through this situation well because this woman is a brave and strong woman.

If this woman has the courage to face Geon Hyeong, she must also have the courage to face Geon Hyeong’s grandfather.

It’s possible that Jung Won’s unexpected arrival today will actually make things easier. For himself and for Shin Hee. Of course this would be detrimental to the woman, but Geon Hyeong didn’t want to miss this opportunity at all.

“My name is Kang Jung Won.”

After bowing and saying her greetings, Jung Won looked at Geon Hyeong’s grandparents’ faces. Upon seeing their faces, the first thought that came to her mind was that he must look like his father.

Then, when that man grows old, he will definitely look just like the old grandfather with the piercing eyes in front of her right now.

“Ehem, then, who are your parents?”

As if ignoring Jung Won’s polite greeting, Mrs. Hwang, President Kim’s wife, immediately asked the question that Jung Won had heard the other day at the wedding. For these people, the background of their parents seems to be very important.


“You’re making me impatient. You don’t understand my questions. I just asked you what your parents do.”

A question of formality. Just looking at Jung Won’s shabby T-shirt and torn jeans, they should have been able to figure out what her parents did for a living.

“Both my parents passed away.”

Mrs. Hwang asked irritably, and a panicked Jung Won immediately answered the question.

Upon hearing Jung Won’s answer, a disappointed sigh escaped Mrs. Hwang’s mouth. This man’s grandmother had indirectly humiliated Jung Won. Apparently, the nature of this man’s family members is really as disrespectful as this man.

Indeed, the name of blood relationship does not only affect physically, but also affects one’s character.

“Then, what do you do?”

“I work at the Kyung Hwan University cafeteria.”

“Cafeteria? You’re still better off making a scandal with Shin Hee.”

Hearing the unexpected answer, President Kim and his wife looked at Geon Hyeong with disappointment.

Jung Won, who was underestimated and openly mocked, took a short breath and held her mother’s ring necklace while calming herself down.

Mom, is it true that if I say the word patience three times, then I can refrain from killing these people? Right now, let alone three times, even 30 times doesn’t seem to be enough.

“So, actually…”

“Oh yeah, what did your father do when he was alive?”

Jung Won was just about to open her mouth and explain the situation, but again they ignored her words. It’s true that people like to talk all they want and only listen to the things they want to hear. Exactly like this man.  Apparently, it’s not just his appearance that’s similar.

Jung Won sighed in despair. What could she do? If she didn’t want to fight with these people, then there was no other way but to be patient and restrain herself.

“He used to work in a park. He worked at a fruit farm for a while too.”

“Working in the garden as a gardener you mean? Oh my, working in an orchard again. You didn’t learn much in a village like that.”

“Yes. Even though I didn’t have a high education, my parents taught me what being insolent and disrespectful to others was all about.”

Hearing Jung Won’s slow but definite answer, the office was suddenly silent for a moment. The very short silence then ended with a surprised gasp from President Kim. President Kim looked at Jung Won with an incredulous face.

How dare this kid.

Meanwhile, Geon Hyeong sipped his coffee with a smile.

Inwardly, he feels happy and satisfied because his frustration when dealing with this woman is now also experienced by his grandparents. Geon Hyeong is not an easy person to manage and neither is Jung Won. Although Geon Hyeong also doesn’t know what he really expects from this woman, Jung Won’s brave attitude has made Geon Hyeong feel satisfied.

“It turns out that you learned about something very important too. But, your parents don’t seem to have taught you how to be polite to your future spouse’s family.”

“Because they didn’t have time to see me grow up and get ready for marriage to tell me that.

But they did tell me that being polite doesn’t mean being willing to be insulted and trampled on. Even so, I apologize if I’ve been disrespectful to you.”

Jung Won bowed her head stiffly while President Kim and his wife looked at each other. Director Oh and Mrs. Oh also looked very surprised.

Jung Won may not understand it, but for people who are used to reading these situations quickly, the words ‘future family’ coming out of President Kim’s mouth means permission for their marriage.

Mrs. Oh looks satisfied, while Geon Hyeong just looks at Jung Won with an incomprehensible look. Jung Won also doesn’t understand the meaning of the gaze that is directed at her.

“I understand. Meeting your future husband’s family for the first time is not an easy thing.”

I don’t think she needs to understand me like this, Jung Won thought. And, future husband’s family? What a horrible thing to say.

Jung Won was just about to refute that when Geon Hyeong’s big hand grabbed her cupped hand on her knee. As if ordering her to keep quiet. Shut up? Seriously.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Yes, it is. Next time, you should take better care of your manners when meeting older people.”

“Then when are you getting married?”

Jung Won repeatedly assured herself that the ‘marriage’ in question was not her marriage to this man. However, the expressions on the faces of the people in the room, except herself, didn’t seem to say that.

No way. This marriage absolutely cannot happen and will not happen.

“It’s too soon to talk about this.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s answer, Jung Won gave him a furious look that was again ignored by the man.

“Then you’re going to live with us?”


Jung Won’s denial was actually a denial of this whole marriage. However, Geon Hyeong’s mother didn’t seem to understand it that way.

“That’s right. That’s not what’s important right now.”

“Oh yeah, I heard that the villa you’re living in right now is being renovated, might as well design it to be suitable for the newlyweds’ home.”

Geon Hyeong had just discussed the matter of the villa’s renovation last week with Jason, and only the two of them knew this. He only smiled bitterly when he found out that Mrs. Oh was already aware of the renovation plan that hadn’t even started yet. There was indeed nothing that did not escape the hands of her stepmother.

“That’s fine.”

This person really is! Even though this villa renovation or marriage issue had nothing to do with Jung Won, she still felt uneasy in the conversation.

“Let me send someone to take care of it. Then, during that time, you just stay at home. After the Shin Hee case yesterday, you have to be careful. Don’t let there be any more gossip.”

Mrs. Oh said to her mother-in-law as if ignoring Geon Hyeong’s opinion. In the end, they wanted to limit and control Geon Hyeong’s movement as much as possible.

“You must be uncomfortable staying in a hotel, right?”

“No, he can’t stay in a hotel. What if there’s another case like that time? Shame on the family.”

Mrs. Hwang, who remembered the case when Geon Hyeong went on a business trip to New York, immediately shook her head in response to Director Oh’s question.

New York. At that time there was a foreign woman who suddenly waited in his hotel room.

Then, from the story of the woman who was kicked out of his hotel room, rumors emerged that his behavior was the same as his father’s behavior in the past.

Somehow, the incident that lasted no more than five minutes reached his grandfather’s ears. Perhaps only Director Oh knows the secret.

After all, such gossip has often happened to him. Therefore, even this time Geon Hyeong didn’t bother too much about such light gossip and still planned to stay at the hotel. However, everything will change if Jung Won is by his side.

Geon Hyeong smiled while looking at Jung Won who had been sitting nervously while glaring at him. This woman turned out to be very useful.

“I plan to stay at Jung Won’s house.”

What did this man say just now?

Why are you staying at our house? Who do you think you are? You really don’t know yourself.

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s absurd plan, Jung Won turned around and gave her a sharp look. As usual, Geon Hyeong didn’t care about the sharp gaze.

“It’s not good for unmarried couples to live together. You stay at home first.”

“It’s not good for unmarried couples to live together. You stay at home first.”

“At Jung Won’s house, there are only three younger siblings. You don’t have to worry. There was a burglar in their house yesterday, so Jung Won will be more at ease if I stay there.”

Not at all. Never. What thief broke in? There’s no way a burglar would break into a house that has nothing. Even so, I won’t let this tiger-like man into my house.

Jung Won immediately elbowed Geon Hyeong’s body who didn’t move an inch. He just nodded gently while looking at Jung Won lazily.

‘Don’t worry. There won’t be any problems.’

His deep eyes seemed to say that. Jung Won felt like saying that just the existence of that man was a problem for her, but the situation didn’t allow her to say that.

A while later, Geon Hyeong’s family finally left the office while Jung Won was still not fully aware of what had happened. Her body felt like it had been hit by a bomb.


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