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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 5 Part 1

Excellent Timing (1)

Excellent Timing

Jung Won thought she would never see that man again. At least until last night she still thought that way. However, a call from the bank this morning forced Jung Won to see Geon Hyeong again.

Jung Won couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Then, without even needing to be explained, she knew that the man was behind all of this. The one thing Jung Won doesn’t understand is why that man is meddling in her affairs and messing up her life.

What exactly was going through that man’s head that he would do something like this?

“This man, he seems to have lost his mind.”


The oldest aunt in the cafeteria asked curiously to Jung Won who was muttering to herself with an annoyed face while clutching her cell phone tightly.

As the young nutritionist in the cafeteria, Jung Won was known as someone who was ambitious, kind, and smiling. If she had a son, she would have asked Jung Won to be her daughter-in-law. However, Jung Won’s face this time really looks scary. Even if she’s in a relationship, her face doesn’t look like the face of someone in love.

“There’s a crazy man.”

“Who is that man?”

Who? Hm, she didn’t know how she could explain that man. There didn’t seem to be a word to describe a man who liked to act on his own. Jung Won thought hard trying to find the right words to describe Geon Hyeong, while all at once, the attention of the ajumma in the kitchen was drawn to Jung Won’s ‘man’ story.

Aigoo, it looks like our nutritionist is in love.”

    [T/N: Aigoo / 아이구: Geez, oh no, oops. Can be used in many different contexts, but usually it’s used to show frustration.]

“What love. This man already has another woman.”

As soon as Jung Won shook her head frantically, the ajumma simultaneously made furious faces. Seeing their expressions, Jung Won, who was dizzy, couldn’t help but laugh amusedly.

“Auntie, I’m going home first today. The menu for tomorrow is janchi-guksu only, so there doesn’t seem to be any work now.”

    [T/N: Janchi-guksu or banquet noodles is a Korean noodle dish consisting of wheat flour noodles in a light broth made from anchovy and sometimes also dasima.]

Since the katsu menu for today was sold out, dinner time was automatically over.

    [T/N: Katsu is a crispy fried cutlet of meat or seafood made with flaky Japanese panko breadcrumbs.]

Fortunately, tomorrow was the weekend and they only needed to prepare one type of dish so there wasn’t much to prepare beforehand.

“Yes, it looks like there is no other work. Go, no need to worry.”

“Thank you.”

“Take care.”

The ajumma in the kitchen earnestly warned her, but the warning seemed to go unheard by Jung Won.

Jung Won really couldn’t understand the sudden phone call this morning. The bank manager called her directly. In fact, the bank manager called her personally and said that all of her debts had been paid off, along with the words ‘it was a pleasure doing business with you’.

The bank manager even asked for her help in the future. Even though Jung Won had explained repeatedly that it wasn’t her money, the polite bank manager kept over-thanking her.

Why is he thanking me? After thinking and checking repeatedly, Jung Won realized that Kim Geon Hyeong was the one behind all of this.

What exactly does that man want and why is he doing this? Every time she met him, Jung Won always hoped that it was the last time and now she’s sick of having to deal with that man again.

When she got the call this morning saying that all her debts were paid off, of course she really felt like she got an unexpected windfall. In fact, her little heart whispered to her to pretend not to know what was behind all this. However, that man was not someone who would do good and help others just like that.

He was far more ruthless than the devil and there was definitely something to pay for his kindness. It’s clear that this act of his is like bait that could instantly choke Jung Won to death if she eats it.

Dealing with the bank’s debt is still better than dealing with this man, because at least she can know what the bank will do to her. Meanwhile, she can’t even guess what this man will do if she deals with him.

Jung Won frowned, imagining having to meet that man again. Then, she remembered the bouquet of flowers from back then.

What exactly was in that man’s brain?


Jung Won, who was determined to meet the man, finally arrived at the troublemaker’s office. However, Jung Won can’t take a step out of the building’s lobby.

Even though Jung Won calmly explains about her relationship with Geon Hyeong and persuades the receptionist’s employee earnestly, the employee doesn’t seem to believe that their director has an acquaintance in a shabby T-shirt and jeans.

Okay. Although Jung Won doesn’t want to admit it, this is indeed the difference between her and that man.

“Please, how about you try calling him first? Just tell him Kang Jung Won wants to meet him, and he’ll meet me.”

“I’m so sorry, but you can’t see him if you don’t make an appointment.”

“But I have to see him.”

The receptionist did look annoyed, but Jung Won couldn’t be patient anymore. If she didn’t solve this problem today, she would definitely feel uneasy over the weekend. She couldn’t relax and wait to see what else that man would do.

If she knew it would be like this, she should have just brought the business card of Geon Hyeong’s male friend that she received that time. However, the business card was still hidden away in the expensive bag.

After Jung Won cajoled and seduced her at the reception desk, the pretty employee finally picked up the phone. Her expression suddenly changes and she immediately gets up from her seat and watches Jung Won’s face while still holding the receiver to her ear. At that instant, the treatment of the receptionist and the other security guards in the office towards Jung Won changed 180°.

Jung Won breathed a sigh of relief seeing the panicked and shocked expressions in their eyes.

“Sorry, we didn’t get any prior notice. Let me take you to his place.”

“No need to apologize…”

Before Jung Won could finish her sentence, the receptionist employee who had put down her phone hurriedly escorted Jung Won to the elevator. Although Jung Won now felt relieved, the receptionist’s overly kind treatment also made her uncomfortable.

Jung Won then grasped the ring on her necklace and calmed herself down.

You can do it, Kang Jung Won. You will win the battle with that man. No, there’s absolutely no reason why I should lose to him. Why would he just pay someone else’s debt? And, how much interest does he want to receive, which will further burden that woman’s debt?


Satisfied with hearing from his secretary, Geon Hyeong put down the phone and faced the person in front of him.

His grandparents, who were over 80 years old, were still very talkative and stubborn. Although they had actually retired, their influence in the Goryo Group and even in the financial world was still considerable. Geon Hyeong knew why these two people came to see him like this. It was the same reason why his stepmother and Director Oh had been visiting his office so often lately.

“Did you cause the cancellation of that businessman’s daughter’s wedding?”


“Then why did something like that happen?”

Hearing his grandfather’s insistence, Geon Hyeong seemed to hesitate for a moment. Actually, he could guess how it happened. However, it was not something that his grandfather should know.

“For sure, it wasn’t because of me.”

“Thank goodness. Her father’s company is really messed up right now. It’s a good thing we don’t have to get misunderstood because of this incident.”

“Then, who was the woman you were with yesterday? Your aunt talked about her a lot. Your mother has also met her, right?”

“Yes. But I don’t know for sure either. Because Geon Hyeong didn’t introduce her.”

Mrs. Oh said in as elegant a tone as possible while looking at Geon Hyeong’s deadpan face. As soon as she saw the woman, she knew that the woman did match Geon Hyeong. No class, no manners, and no power.

“Since when do you care about the woman who is my lover?”

“Since you brought her to such an official event. Who is she?”

“You’ll see.”

Geon Hyeong snapped and stood up as soon as there was a soft knock on his door. The Kim couple who didn’t understand the meaning of Geon Hyeong’s words initially squinted, but instantly, curiosity sparked in their eyes.

Geon Hyeong slowly walked over to his secretary who escorted Jung Won. Jung Won’s face looked very angry and emotional at that time.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t get angry like that.”

While in the elevator, Jung Won had prepared herself to attack that man. She had to do that. A little sympathy or tolerance could be very dangerous when facing that man. Therefore, Jung Won tried to be as assertive and hostile as possible to the man, who unfortunately was not alone at the time…

“You came here yourself, I didn’t call you.”


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