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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 4 Part 5

Another Woman's Wedding (5)

The wedding hall at the hotel was the first luxurious place Jung Won had visited. Although the hotel lobby alone was luxurious for her, once she entered the wedding hall and stepped on the brightly colored and expensive-looking carpet, Jung Won seemed to forget all the worries in her brain. She sighed in awe.

The spacious room was filled with the quiet sounds of music and soft fragrances. The golden-colored walls were decorated with white curtains and all over the room was a bouquet of white roses and pink peonies.

On the high ceiling, there was a luxurious chandelier with a white canopy around it. The bride’s path was lined with circular bouquets and punctuated by silver-handled candles. A decoration that made the wedding hall look very elegant.

In addition to the luxurious room, the well-dressed and beautiful guests and the elegant atmosphere also made Jung Won feel amazed and surprised at the same time. There are weddings like this too, she thought. Only then did she understand and thank Geon Hyeong for choosing the dress she was wearing at that time. Jung Won looks down at the lace-embellished flower basket in the center of the table and Geon Hyeong immediately reprimands her.

“Don’t act suspiciously.”

“Purple lisian and hortensia.”

Jung Won pretended not to hear Geon Hyeong’s warning and pointed at the pretty flower basket in the center of the table.

“So what?”

“It’s okay.”

Jung Won admired the beautiful and fragile-looking bouquet, while Geon Hyeong looked completely uninterested.

That’s right, what can I expect from this person?

Jung Won straightened up and sat on the chair that Geon Hyeong had prepared. The invitation cards decorated with golden satin were neatly placed on a small silvery tray that seemed to shine under the white candlelight. Then, on the ceiling, there were also roses hanging like a Christmas tree and emitting a delicate fragrance. The scene in the room was truly magnificent.

“Do you know why those roses are hanging in the wedding hall like this?”

“Does it matter?”

“Roses are secret flowers that guard the secret of an affair. It is said that the roses were sent by the god of silence who promised to keep the whole secret.”

It was just a myth about flowers. However, Geon Hyeong frowned at Jung Won’s story. What else would make him like that?

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Just a story about roses.”

Geon Hyeong didn’t seem too interested in Jung Won’s answer. Suddenly, Geon Hyeong’s expression changed and he quickly stood up from his seat before Jung Won could continue. A middle-aged woman came over to their table with a face of shock and disbelief.

“Seriously, is this what you did?”

“Please explain what happened.”

The woman who suddenly arrived seemed to be the mother of the bride. She was wearing an elegant hanbok with pink roses hanging from her chest and white gloves. Jung Won looked at the shocked-looking woman and Geon Hyeong who looked calm but actually felt nervous in turn.

“Shin Hee disappeared.”

Jung Won could hear the woman whispering softly, trying not to let the guests around her hear.

Shin Hee. That woman disappeared on her wedding day? Jung Won looked at Geon Hyeong with a surprised look.

Gosh, is this really all his doing? That’s when Jung Won realizes that the scene of the bride running away from her groom is not as beautiful and simple as she saw in the movie.

“Is it really not your doing?”

“If it was me, I would be with Shin Hee right now. Not with this woman.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s calm answer, Shin Hee’s mother then looked at Jung Won who was wide-eyed and panicked. This woman’s gaze was different from the gaze of Geon Hyeong’s stepmother and aunts earlier. A look full of judgment, relief, and turned into a look of despair. Even this time, Jung Won was completely speechless.

“Well, since you’re the one who kept your promise. Then, where exactly did that child go?”

“I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know at all? Ah, that’s right. You should keep pretending that you don’t know. Even if Shin Hee is looking for you, please just ignore her. I beg you.”

“Don’t worry. I will keep my promise.”

Before she could say thank you, Geon Hyeong took Jung Won’s hand and asked her to leave the room.

Jung Won, who seemed to be dragged along by the difficulty of keeping up with Geon Hyeong, could feel the tension flowing through the man’s body. She didn’t dare to jerk his hand or yell at him.

The gazes of the guests waiting for the wedding to begin were all fixed on the Goryo Group heir and his spouse walking across the center of the room. However, Geon Hyeong and Jung Won had no time to care about those stares. Now was not the time for them to worry about that.

In a flash, they left the wedding venue and got into the car. However, neither of them said a word. In a situation like this, there was only one thing they could be sure of. That despite their pretense to attend this event, today’s wedding would not be able to go ahead.

“Are you okay?”

“None of your business.”

Unable to bear the stiff and tense atmosphere in the car, Jung Won finally asked Geon Hyeong a question quietly. However, all she got was a cold and indifferent answer. Even so, this time Jung Won could understand it. That’s not the kind of question that a person whose mind is in turmoil like this needs.

Jung Won turned her face away and stared out the window. Geon Hyeong still doesn’t care about Jung Won and starts the car engine. Suddenly, someone knocked on the window of the car that was just about to start.

“Are you Kim Geon Hyeong?”

Still with a flat face, Geon Hyeong rolled down the window and a man wearing a uniform and looking like a hotel employee checked his identity.

“What’s wrong?”

“Here, Ms. Yoo Shin Hee asked me to deliver this.”

The man held out something carefully to Geon Hyeong’s car window. It was a beautiful bouquet of pink roses, lily of the valley, and decorated with alangiums.

Oh my. Jung Won hid her surprise secretly. Geon Hyeong’s expression as he accepted the bouquet with his hand looked flatter than she expected. However, for the first time, Jung Won was sure that she saw surprise and panic in Geon Hyeong’s eyes.

That’s what it looked like. It turned out that this person only expressed his feelings through his eyes. That cold and flat expression on his face seemed to be an expression that was automatically seen from his body all along. His hands looked pale from holding the bouquet so tightly.

“Don’t ask anything.”

“There’s nothing I want to ask.”

“Don’t say this to anyone else.”

“There’s no one else I can tell about this.”

Hearing Jung Won’s calm answer, Geon Hyeong who had been staring at Jung Won turned his face away. He then placed the bouquet of flowers carefully on the back seat and started his car.

Jung Won tried hard to ignore the fragrance coming from the bouquet of flowers in the backseat and tried to erase the images that came to her mind.

The meaning of pink roses is a promise of love, lily of the valley is happiness coming back, and alangium is….

Does the woman who sent these flowers know the meaning of these flowers? Then, does this man know too? Jung Won glanced at the bouquet of flowers on the back seat and Geon Hyeong sitting next to her.

How is he feeling right now? Is he happy, or is he hurt?


After a very uncomfortable journey, the car carrying them finally arrived in front of Jung Won’s house. Jung Won immediately opened the car door and got out. Geon Hyeong also turned off the engine and slowly got out of the car.

“From now on, we don’t have to meet again.”


Hearing that answer, Jung Won smiled a little. This man was a person she should never see again. The person she never wanted to see again. However, Jung Won was suddenly shocked and panicked at Geon Hyeong’s next mutter.

“But I’m not sure either.”

“What do you mean?”

Jung Won asked with a warning look while Geon Hyeong remained silent.

It’s not like Geon Hyeong didn’t know what Shin Hee’s canceled wedding meant.

Surely the financial world will be chaotic and there will be various gossips and news that cannot be confirmed. In the midst of all the chaos, news about Kim Geon Hyeong who is an heir to the Goryo Group will definitely not be missed. To escape from the news and rumors, he might need this woman’s help again.

Geon Hyeong picked up the bouquet of flowers that he had placed on the back seat of his car and gave it to Jung Won. Jung Won, who was surprised by his unexpected gesture, widened her eyes.

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“Because I don’t need it.”

“I don’t need it either.”

Jung Won said solemnly and shook her head. Although the flowers were very pretty, she didn’t want to have flowers that were a declaration of love for someone else. Jung Won returned the bouquet of flowers that Geon Hyeong had thrust into her hand, but the man’s face looked completely uninterested in the bouquet.

“Then, throw it away.”

“Oh my. You’re telling me to throw these flowers away? A flower this beautiful?”

As soon as Jung Won was sure that the man was going to throw away the bouquet, she held it tightly again.

Love is love and flowers are flowers. Just because of their sad love story, Jung Won couldn’t bear for the flowers to suffer the consequences. After cleaning up the bouquet, Geon Hyeong turned around with a flat face and for the first time, Jung Won held him back.



His face seemed to say ‘is there anything else we need to talk about?’

“What else?”

“The others?”

Geon Hyeong frowned, confused by the question. Jung Won then pointed at the dress she was wearing and the bag she was carrying. Although her legs weren’t pretty, she also showed her feet wearing luxurious sheepskin shoes.

“This dress and bag. Then the shoes. How about I send them by mail?”

“Why would I accept all that?”

“These things are too expensive to be left unattended.”

Besides, they’re too luxurious for Jung Won to own. The dresses she tried on at the store didn’t have price tags and Jung Won didn’t want to imagine how much they cost. It looks like these expensive clothes are the ‘uniform’ he promised in the contract wife ad. If that’s the case, then this person really meant it when he put up that ad.

“Do I have to take care of things like that too?”


Seeing Jung Won hanging on her words, Geon Hyeong unconsciously laughed in surprise at the situation. This woman is really unpredictable. It was the first time Geon Hyeong saw someone who would send the expensive clothes and bags he had bought through the mail.

“If you don’t need it, throw it away. I don’t need it either.”

“You love to waste things.”

Jung Won grumbled in annoyance and gave up on him. Even though this dress and bag were too expensive for her, throwing away expensive items like this seemed outrageous.

“Consider it a memento from me, since you helped me a lot today.”

“I don’t really like expensive keepsakes like this.”

After all, it wasn’t her who deserved a memento today.

“Goodbye. And everything will be fine. Maybe.”

Hearing that heartfelt goodbye from the woman he worked so hard to choose, Geon Hyeong stared at her for a few moments, as if to read Jung Won’s heart.

After making Jung Won a little embarrassed with his gaze, Geon Hyeong then whispered softly, “Yes. I hope so. I really do.”

The car he was driving then disappeared from Jung Won’s sight. Leaving behind a beautiful bouquet of flowers, an expensive dress and bag, and Jung Won with complicated thoughts in her brain.

Let’s hope everything is okay. The man, and the woman he loves.

Jung Won prayed for the sake of the people out there who are suffering from love, who are hurting from separation. Loved ones and people in love, may they be happy and not hurt anymore.


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