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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 4 Part 3

Another Woman's Wdding (3)

“It’s not the time for you to do this to me. You should immediately apologize to that woman and ask her to come back. I’m sure she’ll understand you.”

“I am a child born out of wedlock.”


“A child born out of wedlock, from the scandal of a stupid conglomerate.”

A child out of wedlock? Jung Won wrinkled her forehead, not understanding why the man suddenly said that to her. Then, what’s the connection? Suddenly Jung Won’s eyes widened as if she remembered something. It turns out that the reason this man’s proposal was rejected was because of that origin issue.


“That’s right. No family would accept an illegitimate child as their son-in-law. I also don’t want to be called a husband born out of wedlock by that woman.”

Geon Hyeong calmly and honestly told her the reason for separating from Shin Hee.

Perhaps he could move this woman’s heart by telling her the truth.

“What kind of nonsense is that? Just because of that trivial matter, your relationship was opposed and you had to separate like this?”

“For us, this is not a trivial matter.”

Although Geon Hyeong looked calm, Jung Won couldn’t act like that. She looked at Geon Hyeong with wide eyes. In her opinion, Geon Hyeong’s story was completely absurd and unbelievable. Jung Won seemed to feel angry and upset in place of Geon Hyeong.

“That’s outrageous. Then, you just shut up and give up?”

“There are people who love her more than me. Besides, I also want Shin Hee to live a happy life. If I don’t go with you, Shin Hee will feel uncomfortable too.”

Geon Hyeong again said honestly. For Shin Hee, there was another man who loved Shin Hee much more than him.

“Hm, Kim Geon Hyeong-ssi.”

“Aren’t you going to help me? I wish you would go with me.”

The man asked politely. The man who had been very self-centered, liked to act as he pleased, yet was cunning like a fox. If it was like this, surely this woman could not refuse him.

Jung Won is not a stupid person. But she’s also not heartless enough to refuse his request.

Although she can’t forgive Geon Hyeong’s actions in this situation, it seems like she can understand Geon Hyeong’s position.

“You’re smart, too.”

The woman who seemed to be muttering to herself looked at Geon Hyeong straight. Her face looked as if she was thinking about something. It turns out that this woman is indeed not a stupid woman. This also turned out to be a plus in Geon Hyeong’s eyes. Then, there was the sound of Jason’s breathing which seemed to interrupt their conversation.

That’s right, it turns out that this person also doesn’t really agree with his friend’s plan.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Because in my opinion, just letting that woman go would be really stupid.”

“Shin Hee wanted all of this. And I want to do this for her too. Therefore, I need your help.”

Jung Won sighed in despair and Geon Hyeong who finally got what he wanted smiled inwardly. This woman… She was smart and brave, but she was weak at heart and easily felt sorry for others.

Jason glanced at Geon Hyeong’s eyes that were shining in the rearview mirror and shook his head slowly. So quietly that Jung Won who was with them didn’t notice.

After Geon Hyeong successfully got Jung Won’s permission, Jason stopped the car in front of a luxurious clothing store. As soon as the car door opened, unlike Geon Hyeong who immediately walked casually into the store, Jason immediately extended his hand to greet Jung Won. This man is clearly more kind and polite than Geon Hyeong, although he must be favoring his friend.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you for helping Geon Hyeong.”

“There’s no need to say that. You heard how he treated me earlier, right?”

Jung Won blamed her own pitying heart and Jason smiled at her while holding out his business card.

“Why are you giving me your business card?”

Jung Won didn’t accept the business card right away and instead looked at him suspiciously. Jason smiled kindly at Jung Won’s reaction, while Jung Won’s expression didn’t change at all.

Hm, am I not attractive in this woman’s eyes? Jason thought. Looks like Geon Hyeong’s threats and my charm didn’t work on this woman.

“Well, who knows, you might need me one day.”

“I don’t think there will be such a thing.”

Jung Won replied firmly while shaking her head. After today passed, she had absolutely no interest in seeing these people again.

“Who knows what fate awaits humans. If you need my help, you can call me anytime.”

Jung Won really wished that she didn’t have to ask this man for help. However, feeling it would be rude to leave the business card hanging in front of her, she finally accepted the business card with a forced face.

“Please help us. That Geon Hyeong, he’s actually a good man.”

“It doesn’t look like it. But he seems to have good friends. Anyway, it’s different from his friend who seems to be living happily.”

Suddenly they felt a sharp gaze looking at them from inside the store that seemed to say ‘what are you doing, why don’t you come in right away?’. Jason, who noticed his friend’s gaze, grimaced softly while slightly touching Jung Won’s back, telling him to approach Geon Hyeong who was waiting inside the store.

Jung Won felt like a bride who was about to be sold. She hadn’t been able to accept this absurd situation easily, but it seemed like she couldn’t back out now.

A manager wearing a fancy black suit looked at Jung Won and her clothes and shook her head slowly as if feeling sorry for her. Seeing her sharp gaze and expression, Jung Won feels like she’s being treated like a kid who didn’t pass the test.

“What are you doing exactly?”

“You’re going to a wedding looking like that?”

While the store manager and her assistant were finding clothes for Jung Won, Jung Won was left alone with Geon Hyeong. Jung Won protests to Geon Hyeong who coldly replies ‘you don’t know about things like this’.

Receiving a look like that, Jung Won then looks at her old jacket and her very simple jeans. It was obviously very rude of her to attend someone else’s wedding dressed like this.

However, wearing the clothes bought by this man would definitely feel very uncomfortable too.

“How about dropping by my house first for a while?”

“No. It looks like you don’t have any proper clothes at home either.”

Hearing this man’s rude and arbitrary answer, Jung Won couldn’t help but blame herself for accepting this absurd offer…

How could I want to accompany him to the wedding? How could I feel sorry for him even for a moment? And, there’s no way I should try to wear that many clothes?

However, Jung Won’s guess came true. Every time she tried on those clothes, he looked at her much more intently than the store manager did. It made Jung Won feel almost crazy and short of breath.

If anyone else saw him, they might misunderstand his gaze as the caring gaze of a man to his girlfriend. However, Jung Won knew exactly what his piercing gaze meant. The man wants to upgrade Jung Won with money.

The more luxurious and the more accessories Jung Won wore, the sharper his gaze and judgment became. Jung Won doesn’t understand why she has to be treated like this, when she’s the one who helped the man. This man must have been misinterpreting the word ‘ask for help’ with ‘order’ or ‘command’.

“Since her body is slim, it looks like she can wear any clothes.”

“Get rid of that black dress, it’s too revealing.”

“Wow, Director Kim is rather conservative.”

“Didn’t you see that her chest is a bit skimpy? So, if she wears that dress, it won’t give off the sensation that the designer wanted. Very insensitive.”

Okay, my chest is flat. Whatever, maybe this person is very sensitive. But still, he had no manners at all.

Unlike the store manager who responded to the remark with a flat laugh, Jung Won looked on the verge of tears with reddened eyes.

“Don’t worry. If your chest was too big, you wouldn’t be in this place.”


“It looks stupid.”

“Hah, nonsense. You’re clearly the one who looks dumber. You know what, chest size has nothing to do with brain size. It’s people like you who choose women based on their outward appearance that are stupid. Shrimp brain.”

Jung Won replied angrily at Geon Hyeong’s absurd assessment. Seeing the unexpected scene, the store manager panicked. The store manager didn’t expect that Jung Won would dare to fight back and insult Geon Hyeong. She looked at the woman worriedly. Jung Won didn’t care and her face seemed to say ‘it’s not my fault’.

However, it seems that the two people are completely unaware of each other’s mistakes. In fact, it is usually rare for people to get caught in bad behavior the more they meet and communicate. However, such a person is now in front of her eyes.

Although Jung Won had predicted Geon Hyeong’s nature since he was looking for a wife through that newspaper ad, it turns out that what’s worse, this man only judges people by their outward appearance. Does a man like this really understand what love is? Does he really love that woman?

Well, she was indeed beautiful. Maybe her chest is big too. For some reason, Jung Won who usually never bothered about her chest size suddenly felt dissatisfied with her A cup size.

Geon Hyeong ignored Jung Won’s opinion completely and picked out a light pink silk dress, just like the color of the blueberries in the greenhouse. Admittedly, he has made the petite Jung Won look charming and enchanting.

Jung Won lowered her head to carefully smooth the skirt of the dress so that it wouldn’t wrinkle when she accidentally saw the necklace hanging around her neck. A necklace that doesn’t go well with this dress.

Jung Won hesitates for a moment whether she should take this necklace off or not. However, she doesn’t want to have to do that in this charade that she really doesn’t want to do.

Someone else’s wedding, someone else’s dress and shoes, and being dressed up according to someone else’s taste. All of that really made Jung Won feel uncomfortable. Jung Won hid her necklace under her underwear and begged.

Mom, I wish my dealings with this person would just end here.

Jung Won straightened her dress again with an uncomfortable face.

“I don’t really need all this.”

“It’s all for yourself too. Think of it as armor in preparation for war.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s mutterings as if to comfort her, Jung Won stared at the beautiful ‘armor’ she was wearing. Armor? What could this thin dress protect her from?


“It’s possible that those people will attack you later.”

Geon Hyeong warned Jung Won with an expressionless face.

Geon Hyeong knew why Shin Hee had invited him and Jung Won. It’s possible that it wasn’t just an invitation from Shin Hee, but also an invitation from her own mother, Shin Hee’s family, and his own family.

This time, Geon Hyeong also had the same purpose as those people who had certain intentions and purposes. Therefore, surely all their gazes would be on the woman accompanying him at the wedding.


“For example, the people around me?”

“The people around you? You mean your family? This is not in accordance with our agreement.”

Jung Won exclaimed in a panicked tone. His family? She had no intention of meeting the family of a man she didn’t know very well at the wedding of a woman she didn’t even know.


“It doesn’t seem like just a ‘maybe’.”

Jung Won widened her eyes at Geon Hyeong who pretended not to see her.

“Don’t worry. After today’s event, you won’t see them again.”

“Including meeting you, I hope.”

Jung Won said earnestly. Not only with his family, she had also intended to end her dealings with this man. Then, she wouldn’t let herself be ‘attacked’ by Geon Hyeong’s family just like that.

“But, why would your family attack me?”

“Because they will think you are my lover, even if it’s just for one day.”

Jung Won frowned again at the word ‘my lover’. Jung Won wasn’t anyone’s lover and she didn’t even intend to be this man’s lover. Besides, why are those people attacking this man’s girlfriend? Is it possible that this man also threatened and kidnapped her family? Although Jung Won knows that this man is brash and she can understand that he has enemies everywhere, isn’t family still family?

“What exactly have you done to your family?”

“I told them that I am a child born out of wedlock.”

“So, they want to separate you from your lover, is that it?”

Geon Hyeong replied with a straight face, but Jung Won couldn’t help but frown. Apparently, his family had the heart to separate him from his girlfriend just because this man was a child born out of wedlock. In fact, no one has the right to do that in this world.

“That is so.”

“I don’t understand. Did you ever do something wrong to those people?”

Jung Won, who had thought that it was none of her business, finally asked impatiently.

This was the third time she had met this man. Every time she met him, this man always made Jung Won’s emotions and anger peak. Although this man is someone else to her, she is slowly getting to know this man who doesn’t feel like ‘someone else’ to her.

“Being born as a child out of wedlock is a mistake. That’s why they act like that.”


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