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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 4 Part 2

Another Woman's Wedding (2)

“Yoo Shin Hee wants you to come with me to her wedding.”

Jung Won didn’t know who Yoo Shin Hee was that Geon Hyeong was referring to. Jung Won looked at Geon Hyeong while frowning, trying to remember the name.

“I don’t have time to attend the wedding of someone I don’t know.”

“You know her.”

“I don’t know her. Whose Yoo Shin Hee are you talking about?”

“The woman who saw us kissing that time.”

Kiss? The kiss he said? Jung Won was surprised to hear such a blatant answer. Even his seemingly kind-hearted friend was surprised and took a deep breath. This guy is really crazy.

“Did you kiss this woman?”


Geon Hyeong answered quickly, again before Jung Won could open her mouth. This guy is really skillful. Jung Won gritted her teeth and gave Geon Hyeong a sharp look. What a man who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. How great does he think he is that he can do this to me and not feel embarrassed at all.

“Actually he kissed me forcefully.”

“Whatever. That’s not what’s important right now.”

“No, it’s not. It’s important to me. More importantly, I don’t understand why I had to be kidnapped like this and forced to come to that wedding.”

“Because Shin Hee wants you to come too.”

Shin Hee. Yoo Shin Hee. She didn’t know what kind of woman she was, but this Yoo Shin Hee seemed to be such an important woman to this man that he dared to commit a crime like this for her. However, that was the man’s business and had nothing to do with Kang Jung Won.

“Therefore, no matter what happens, I will still attend the wedding with you. So, you shouldn’t think anything strange right now.”

Hah, what nonsense. Even if this man begged on his knees, Jung Won had no intention of complying with his request. However, instead of kneeling down, this man just said whatever he wanted and told others to do whatever he wanted like this.

“If you don’t stop this car, I will open the door and jump out of this car. So, I suggest that you don’t think anything strange at this time either.”

Jung Won is getting more and more emotional and angry with this man who is insolent and doesn’t listen to other people’s opinions at all.

The man may look calm, but Jung Won knows that this man is very dangerous. Every nerve in her body seemed to be sending danger signals to her brain. It seemed like it would be safer for her to jump out of this moving car than to be with this man.

Jung Won’s hand touched the handle of the car door, but they didn’t show any reaction. The automatic lock on the car door has apparently locked her into the car. This man, it turns out he’s not messing around. Jung Won, who was getting more and more furious, turned around and looked at Geon Hyeong sharply. She was just about to spill her frustration when Geon Hyeong slowly said to her.

“You could lose your house next month. Now is not the time for you to insist like this.”

“You don’t have to worry about my family affairs. I’ll settle it myself.”

“How? You want to sell your body?”

What an outrageous person this was. She doesn’t know how he grew up all this time to be able to say such harsh words without hesitation. In her entire life, this is the first time Jung Won has met someone who can insult others so calmly.

Jason, who was driving the car, let out a long sigh. What a bad negotiation.

“It seems like you’re used to selling your body whenever there’s a problem, but I’m not that kind of person. Neither is my sister.”

Geon Hyeong narrowed his eyes slightly at Jung Won who responded to his words with a serious face. Nevertheless, he still showed an expressionless face to Jung Won.

“You’ll probably be dismissed from the cafeteria where you work now. They can easily find a replacement for you.”

“Hey, listen to me.”

“Then, your sister is pretty. But for some reason, she doesn’t look very seductive. You know, people can do anything if they have to, right?”

Okay, this person was now threatening me openly. What’s even more terrifying is that everything he says might come true. Jung Won gritted her teeth in annoyance.

“No home, no job. Let alone not being able to take care of your sister, aren’t you overwhelmed yourself?”

“Yes. I know. I have no home, no job. If Hee Won hadn’t listened to me, I would have been overwhelmed. But I know that I’ll be even more overwhelmed if I have to deal with a man like you. Let me out now. I think my words were clear enough.”

Jung Won replied so firmly and coldly that there was no chance for the two men to interrupt her.

Her face looked firm, not wavering in the slightest.

This woman should feel uneasy. She should have been scared. However, she remained so firm and calm that even Geon Hyeong was amazed. Perhaps, this woman belongs to a different human species than the one he has known, Geon Hyeong thought. Completely different.

“Wait, Jung Won-ssi. Sorry. Right now Geon Hyeong is in such distress that he acted like that. I hope you can understand.”

Jason, who couldn’t wait to see his friend’s behavior, finally interrupted their conversation.

“So what?”


“I ask, why should I tolerate this brash person who doesn’t know his manners?”

Jung Won said while looking at Geon Hyeong sharply. This time, even Jason couldn’t say anything to defend his friend.

The woman’s words were true, while Geon Hyeong showed absolutely no attitude to admit his mistake. Jason wrinkled his forehead. He realized, if the situation remained like this, then they would not be able to get what they wanted.

“You just need to attend the wedding. I don’t want to be rude to you either.”

“What you’re doing to me right now is already pretty rude. I don’t understand why there are people who really don’t know themselves like you.”

“I have no other choice. This is really a very important matter.”

Jung Won felt like she was talking to a cold hard wall. It seemed like the woman named Yoo Shin Hee was the only thing in this man’s brain. His friend said that this person was being pressured, while he himself said that this was really an important matter.

“You’re really strange, and your girlfriend is also really incomprehensible. Why did she invite me to her wedding?”

“Because you are my partner.”

Jung Won almost choked on his short and clear answer. It turned out that this guy had really gone crazy. He was really in love with that woman in Hwaniwon the other day. However, if this man really loved her, he should have chased after her and held her hand back then. After all, even if they split up, it’s both of their problems.

Jung Won couldn’t understand why she had to be dragged into the romance of two people she didn’t know at all.

“I’m not your partner. And you’re not my partner. You’re in love with that woman named Yoo Shin Hee, right?”

Jung Won said firmly and as clearly as possible, as if she was talking to Soo Hee who was still in kindergarten.

For the first time, Geon Hyeong’s expression changed. The man who had always put on an expressionless, cold, and disrespectful face now looked as if his breath had stopped.

Bingo. That’s right. The two of you, it turns out, are still in love. But why does he keep doing this to me?

“It’s none of your business.”

“That’s what I mean. I have absolutely nothing to do with you two. So, please let me go. I beg you.”

Geon Hyeong, who seemed to be about to say something, put on his cold face again, while Jung Won kept looking at him sarcastically.

At the wedding, the woman he loved would marry another man. No wonder he felt uncomfortable. Of course he felt sad. However, that doesn’t mean this person can take his sadness out on Jung Won, right?

“I really don’t understand why you’re doing this to me. What did I do to you?”

“I need you.”

“You can’t always get what you want. You’re an adult, right. You should understand that.”

“So far, I’ve never given up on what I want.”

“Then, it’s time for you to learn that. Well, even if it’s quite late.”

Geon Hyeong looked straight at Jung Won whose anger had peaked and now looked impatient. He also had a momentary glance with Jason who glanced at him through the center mirror. They had to find another way.

On second thought, they should have known from the beginning that this woman was not a woman who could be threatened easily. Geon Hyeong tried to remember everything about Jung Won from Jason’s investigation documents about this woman.

This woman must have some weaknesses. If the issue of the soon-to-be foreclosed house isn’t a problem for this woman, there must be another weakness.

Geon Hyeong began to flip through the records about this woman one by one in his brain. What was her nature like, who did she live with, how was her life.

Silence fell over the car for a few moments, followed by Geon Hyeong’s desperate sighs.

“I’m sorry. It doesn’t seem possible.”

Hearing Geon Hyeong’s apology, Jung Won raised her head and looked at him. There was no sign of regret on his face, but his expression had clearly changed. The hurt look on his face somehow made Jung Won feel uncomfortable.

Even though the one who made the mistake was the man, but somehow the feeling of pity made Jung Won doubt her decision.

“Why didn’t you marry that woman? If you really loved her, you could have held her hand and asked her to go with you, instead of kidnapping me like this.”

Jung Won, who felt safer at that moment, gave Geon Hyeong a cautious suggestion. Even if the wedding is today, it’s still not too late. Although it would hurt her future groom’s heart, at least it was still better than letting him marry a woman who loved someone else. Even though it’s not as beautiful as in the movies, at least the two of them won’t live in misery in the future.

“Shin Hee doesn’t want that.”

“If you propose to her like this, of course she will reject you.”

Geon Hyeong replied in a softer voice, and Jung Won told her in a more relaxed tone.

“Oh yeah? So that’s the problem…”

Hearing Geon Hyeong who was muttering to himself, Jung Won who had been watching the road outside the window and wondering silently when she could get out of the car immediately turned to Geon Hyeong with a surprised look.

Perhaps, he really treated that woman like this? No wonder. It turns out that this person’s way of thinking is indeed like a one-way street.

“Of course. You know, in this world there is also such a thing as ‘asking for help’ and ‘personal matters’. Not just ‘threats’ or ‘negotiations’.”

“If I had personal business and asked you for a favor, would you grant it?”


Of course not for Jung Won. However, it seems that Geon Hyeong has now found a way to persuade this woman. His gaze briefly looks excited again, but Jung Won, who has been too secure and calm, doesn’t notice.


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