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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 4 Part 1

Another Woman's Wedding (1)

Chicken Instead of Pheasant


What’s so bad about chicken? A pheasant is a pheasant, a chicken is a chicken.

Everyone’s taste is different.

Besides, you might just turn out to be a chicken.

Pheasants are most attractive to male pheasants, and chickens are most attractive to


Therefore, the first thing to do when choosing a partner is…

Know who we really are first. Are you really a pheasant?

[T/N: ‘Chicken Instead of Pheasant’ is a Korean saying/expression to describe a situation where something is replaced with something else similar when the exact same thing is not found. But in this case, pheasant (rich) and chicken (poor) probably refers to the status of the MC.]


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Another Woman’s Wedding


Shin Hee’s wedding invitation really looks beautiful and luxurious. Thursday afternoon this week, she finally officially became someone else’s woman. Geon Hyeong looked at the gold-colored writing on the cream-colored invitation paper and without hesitation put it back into the envelope.

“You know that things can’t go back to the way they used to be, right?”

Geon Hyeong nodded at Jason’s question. Their relationship could not return to the way it used to be. Sometimes there are things that should be ignored and left alone. As if it’s not a big deal, as if it’s nothing. That’s what he should do right now.

“Okay. Now it’s time for you to be completely separated from Shin Hee. Then, what are your plans with that woman?”

“Which woman?”

Geon Hyeong, who had been lost in reverie, tried to remember the woman Jason was referring to. Aha, that brave woman. The woman who was accidentally dragged into this problem. Come to think of it, if he wanted to keep his promise to Director Oh, then there should be another woman to replace Shin Hee.

“Looks like she doesn’t want to deal with me anymore.”

“Oh yeah? Hm, but it looks like you have to deal with her again.”

Geon Hyeong, who did not understand the meaning of Jason’s words raised his eyebrows.

Jason then threw another white envelope that looked like an invitation onto the table.

“Shin Hee also sent an invitation for your partner. From President Yoo too. This must have been Director Oh’s idea.”

Geon Hyeong looked at the two wedding invitations in front of him.

Those people must have wanted to confirm that their relationship was over, seeing Shin Hee married to another man and Geon Hyeong carrying another woman. Clearly they were not satisfied with just the phone conversation last night.

[“You know about the committee meeting next Tuesday, right?”

“Of course.”

“I hope you can keep your promise.”

“Don’t worry. I already intend to have a relationship with another woman,” Geon Hyeong replied firmly in response to Director Oh’s gentle words that seemed to ask for a definite answer.]

Geon Hyeong knew what they wanted. A perfect breakup with Shin Hee, as well as another scandal that befell Geon Hyeong. Even before the wedding is over, rumors about him will surely spread in the financial world. Maybe this is exactly what they wanted.

However, Director Oh would not have thought that Geon Hyeong actually had the same desire as him. Geon Hyeong is not at all afraid of the various scandals that will or have befallen him. In fact, Geon Hyeong is ready to see himself and Shin Hee live their own lives.

“After all, I still have to meet her once again. Because I have to keep my promise with Director Oh.”

“So, are you going to contact that woman?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure she’ll refuse.”

He had already caused her enough trouble with their kiss the other day. There was no way he could ask out a woman who was really angry at the time, even by force. After all, when they met at Hwaniwon, it turned out that she was quite chatty and often angry.

Geon Hyeong needed a woman like a doll who obeyed his words and was easy to manage.

“I actually want you to go with that woman. She is the most suitable for this situation.”

“I’ll find another woman.”

“It’s not that easy. No, you definitely can’t find another woman.”

Hearing Jason’s firm words, Geon Hyeong looked a little doubtful.

“Don’t pretend not to know. You know yourself. Do you think you can find a woman like that again?”

Just like Jason said, a woman like that is a shame to let go. A brave woman who can definitely face her enemies with fortitude. If that woman became his partner, Geon Hyeong wouldn’t have to worry too much about her because that woman wouldn’t just give up, for sure. She wouldn’t just obey and bow her head, like she did to Geon Hyeong back then.

“But, that woman hates me so much. Is it possible that she would want to?”

“Wow, since when do you care about things like that? Just so you know, it’s not just one or two people who hate you.”

Jason snorted softly as if in disbelief. This time, Geon Hyeong also laughed softly, recognizing the truth of Jason’s words. Basically, Geon Hyeong was not a person who cared about other people’s views or opinions.

“That’s right too.”


He didn’t care whether she liked him or not. That was not important. Nor did he care about other people’s opinions. Right now, what mattered was that he had to compromise with her immediately.

However, it was certain that she wouldn’t agree to it and just go along with it. If that’s the case, then he has to use other methods. Another way that would be most effective.


The usually cheerful Kang Jung Won didn’t seem to be in good spirits that day. As soon as she heard the news from the administration office, her body was as if she had no energy.

Her contract as a nutritionist at the campus cafeteria that was renewed every two years was about to expire. I don’t know why everything happened at the same time like this.

If she didn’t sign the contract and was automatically dismissed from this job, then she would move and work in the village.

That morning’s news really made her uneasy all day. She accidentally exposed the oldest ajumma in the kitchen to hot oil from the frying pan. She was also short of bread for sandwiches because the line of students who wanted to order sandwiches that day was larger than usual. Instead, she served sunny-side up eggs to the students which made the egg supply run out in no time. Not only that, even the rose seedlings that she always took good care of were infested with plant lice and her bicycle chain broke on her way home from Hwaniwon.

On top of that, for some reason it felt so hot today, even though it was still spring. Jung Won ends up walking down the street on campus while dragging her broken bike and grumbling endlessly.

Jung Won was so upset that she didn’t even notice a black car that stopped in her way. The car door opens and a man suddenly takes her hand and invites her into the car before Jung Won can scream in surprise.

Gosh, I’m really going to die this time.

Various thoughts filled her brain when she realized that she was being kidnapped. She couldn’t believe that this would happen to her on a sunny day like this. A very scared Jung Won sat in the corner of the car seat, trying to distance herself as much as possible.

“You don’t want to show your face?”


Are these people going to check my face first? Then, maybe they’ll let me go. I’m not Hee Won, she thought. Jung Won turned her face carefully. Then something came to her mind. She knew who the voice belonged to.

How could I forget this voice, she thought. That insolent man. The man she always thought was dangerous.

“I’m sorry, I had to take you away like this.”

“What exactly do you want? Why are you doing this to me?”

Instantly Jung Won’s fear turned into overwhelming anger. This guy, the more he was left alone, the more outrageous he became.

To dare to commit an act of kidnapping like this. This is truly a criminal act.

“I have something to talk about.”

“I have nothing to say. Hurry up and let me out.”

Jung Won could feel a handsome mixed-blood man glancing at Geon Hyeong from the center rear view mirror. However, Geon Hyeong and Jung Won still looked at each other sharply.

“You didn’t hear? Hurry up and let me out. If you don’t want to be on the news tomorrow morning because of kidnapping accusations, you better let me out right now. Or else, I’ll jump out of this car.”

“Shin Hee invited you.”


“Yoo Shin Hee wants you to come with me to her wedding.”


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