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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 3 Part 2

The Beginning of the Game (2)

Every Friday afternoon, the campus cafeteria is a little quiet. Students usually just eat a quick lunch and leave the campus for the weekend. Jung Won should have been more relaxed today as she only needed to prepare the Japanese food, udon, for Saturday. However, the contents of her head were so complicated that it almost broke.

If she didn’t settle the bank within this month, then her family would have to be evicted from their small house. Even though the weather had started to warm up and summer was coming soon, she still couldn’t let her family become homeless sleeping on the side of the road.

It’s possible that Hee Won was attracted to the ad because of this problem. What should I do? It’ll be difficult if she asks for a loan from the bank that’s urging her to pay the debt.

There’s no one in Hwaniwon today and Jung Won doesn’t notice that the sunlight that usually fills the field is now slowly obscured by clouds.

“It seems like this place is too quiet to visit alone.”

“Oh my!”

Jung Won was shocked to death by the black shadow that suddenly appeared behind her.

A familiar voice, an unfamiliar figure. That man. Even though she thought she would never meet this person again, why did he suddenly appear in a place like this?

Jung Won held her shocked chest and looked at the man with a suspicious gaze. The man who appeared this time in the sunlight looked even bigger and scarier.

“Why are you surprised like that?”

“Are you kidding me? How can anyone not be surprised when you suddenly appear like that?”

“It turns out you’re not my rival.”


Jung Won frowned at this man who she thought was rude. Instead of apologizing for surprising her, he muttered to himself.

“Why are you here?”

The man asked her.

Geon Hyeong looked at the woman who was looking at him suspiciously and warily.

He himself did not expect to meet this woman in this place. He did not intentionally come to this place to meet this woman. He was determined to talk to Kang Jung Won again, but not in a place like this.

He looked at her coldly, while Jung Won looked at him with a fiery gaze.

Perhaps he still wants to seduce Hee Won? Unconsciously, Jung Won clenched her hands into fists. Even though their family was in distress, Jung Won never intended to ‘sell’ her younger sister.

“Don’t you believe in ‘coincidences’?”

“No way.”

Jung Won snorted softly at the man’s question. She had indeed experienced some coincidences in her life, but she wanted to avoid coincidences with this man as much as possible.

It was the same with Geon Hyeong. In this large area of the campus, he didn’t expect to meet her on this hill at all. If they had accidentally met at the cafeteria where Jung Won works or Geon Hyeong’s director’s office, it might have been understandable. However, the two of them really didn’t expect to meet in Hwaniwon, in a meadow where the fragrance of weeds could be clearly smelled.

“I thought you changed your mind.”

“I’m so sorry, but that’s not going to happen. I won’t give up my sister.”

Jung Won said solemnly and unexpectedly, the man nodded in agreement.

This woman apparently still doesn’t know my new plan. I guess Geon Hyeong needs to tell her that the target of his proposal has changed. She should now know that he’s not interested in her younger sister who’s still too young.

“Shall we talk for a while?”

“I have nothing to talk to you about.”

“About your sister.”

“Especially about my sister, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

It was exactly as I expected. This man was indeed like a dangerous cougar with sharp teeth. Once he finds his prey, it’s hard to let go.

“I think you should know about one thing.”

“What is it again? My sister should have said that she didn’t want to.”

“She told you? That kid is so honest.”

“It’s a pity that she’s not a very honest child like that.”

Jung Won smiled bitterly and shook her head. Honestly. Although Kang Hee Won has other advantages, unfortunately she cannot be said to be an honest child. No doubt, Hee Won must have met this man and now she must be trembling in fear of being caught by her.

Kang Hee Won, apparently you want to stay indoors forever.

“Then, how did you know that she would say no? Do you really trust your sister?”

“Because if you had won our bet back then, you wouldn’t have come looking for me.”

Although Geon Hyeong had already realized it from the first time they met, it turned out that this woman was quite intelligent as well. Her courage could also be pitted.

Geon Hyeong had never met someone who dared to fight him, either from the enemy’s side or his own. Usually, people would be surprised and hesitant seeing his dark aura and charisma. However, this woman is different.

It is possible that this woman is a formidable opponent for him. In that case, the direction of this conversation should be changed.

He really disliked losing in a game. Geon Hyeong still clearly remembered the score of their game. He also remembered this woman’s big weakness.

“No matter what, my sister and I will still say ‘no’ to your every offer.”

“But your heart must not be at ease either, right?”

“What do you mean?”

Not understanding what he meant, Jung Won looked at him sharply and suspiciously. Is there something else I don’t know, she wondered.

“My problem is urgent, but your problem is just as urgent, right? Do you want to be homeless?”

“Yes, I do. But, how do you know about this problem?”

Jung Won narrowed her eyes at Geon Hyeong. Actually, she could have guessed it without hearing the man’s answer. This man must have found out at all costs, either by using money or sending someone. However, understanding and accepting are two far different things. This man has no right to interfere in her affairs.

The man didn’t answer Jung Won’s question. He just stared silently at the insects flying in the meadow.

“Why are you doing this?”


“Why are you doing this to me, to my sister? A person like you, even if your nature is a bit problematic, you can definitely find a suitable woman to be your companion.”

Hearing Jung Won’s honest question, Geon Hyeong looked at her sharply. There was something different from when Jung Won first saw him in that meeting room.

The person who posted this ad. The person who has a heart for Hee Won. What exactly does this person want?

“Is there no other woman you like?”

“That’s none of your business,” Geon Hyeong said curtly.

“That’s right. On the other hand, you shouldn’t interfere with our family affairs either. Even if the sky splits in two, I will not hand over my sister to you.”

“How about you?”


Jung Won thought she heard the man wrong. She tried to convince herself that the sound of birds chirping at the Hwaniwon was disturbing her hearing.

“I don’t mind if you take her place.”

“Are you kidding me?”

It turned out that her ears had not misheard.

What exactly was on this guy’s mind? Since Hee Won had already rejected him, now he changed targets and made this absurd offer.

“You think I’m joking? You’re the most suitable person.”

“Never mind.”

Jung Won felt even more angry at Geon Hyeong’s earnest attitude. Does he think this is a transaction of goods or something?

“Even though this offer will also benefit you. It’s not like you’re selling your pride for a bite of rice.”

“That’s right. I’m not going to sell my pride. Because that’s all I have right now. And people like you just can’t understand that.”

Jung Won replied solemnly while shaking her head at the absurd offer.

Does this guy still not understand what I’m saying?

When Jung Won wanted to confirm her words once again, Geon Hyeong shifted his gaze behind Jung Won and his facial expression changed. Did he change his mind? Then he walked over and whispered in Jung Won’s ear.

“Shut up, don’t talk so much.”


“If you keep your mouth shut, I’ll grant you one wish this time.”

Suddenly Geon Hyeong put his arm around Jung Won’s shoulders who was still confused by her words and immediately pulled him away. What the hell is this guy? Before Jung Won could resist anything, she was already in his arms.

This guy is really crazy. Then Jung Won realized that they were alone in Hwaniwon and suddenly her body was stiff as ice.

“Le… let me go.”

“Shut up.”

Geon Hyeong again whispered softly to Jung Won who was trying to break free from his embrace.

Quiet. Silence. The fingertips touching her shoulders, the breath hitting her hair, and her heartbeat felt in Jung Won’s chest seemed to be telling her desperately to obey him.

It was only from the man’s suddenly changed gaze, behavior, and feelings that Jung Won realized that the man was not looking at her, but someone else. As Jung Won calmed down, the strength of the hand pressing on her shoulder decreased.

Feeling that the situation was safer, Jung Won slowly turned her head. There was a woman walking towards Geon Hyeong. The woman wearing dark pink overalls and white high heels looked like a summer rose, much more luxurious and elegant than the wild flowers around her.

So beautiful. That was Jung Won’s first impression of this woman. However, the woman didn’t look at Jung Won at all. She just looked at Geon Hyeong straight on. With a gaze as if there was only that man in this Hwaniwon, in this world.

Jung Won finally found out the answer to her question that Geon Hyeong hadn’t been able to answer. It turns out that there are other women who like this man.

“I’m already engaged.”

“I know. Congratulations.”

Geon Hyeong’s hand tightened on Jung Won’s shoulder. His heartbeat was getting faster.

This man, is this really what he wants? Jung Won raised her head to look at Geon Hyeong. His expression looked calm, without any panic. Jung Won was surprised to see the man who tried to hide his feelings and somehow Jung Won felt sad to see him.

“We’re getting married next month.”

“Oh yeah? That’s great. Maybe we’ll have an engagement party then too.”

Geon Hyeong hugged Jung Won tightly. As if the woman who will be his partner is Jung Won. However, Jung Won couldn’t say anything in the midst of this shocking situation.

Jung Won felt that it was better for her to stay silent in the middle of the conversation between these two people who seemed to have a special relationship.

“You really want to end our relationship?”

“For me, our relationship is over.”

The eyes of the woman who had previously looked strong seemed to tremble. Meanwhile, the man in front of her continued to stare at her with conviction. At least it looked that way from the outside. Then, she slowly turned her gaze to Jung Won.

“With this woman?”


Maybe? Hearing Geon Hyeong’s answer, Jung Won involuntarily jumped in surprise.

What kind of nonsense is this? This man shouldn’t have answered ‘maybe’ when the woman asked ‘this woman?’. It’s really an answer that easily causes misunderstanding. In fact, there are still other words that are closer to the truth such as ‘maybe’ or ‘the truth’.

The woman then looked at Jung Won calmly. Like her sister, Jung Won is also a woman with a pretty face. Seeing the woman’s trembling and hurt-looking gaze, Jung Won wanted to immediately say that she had nothing to do with this man and comfort her. However, before Jung Won could say anything, the woman opened her mouth first.

“This man is not a good person. Do you know that?”

“I know. Really a very bad person.”

The woman nodded as if satisfied with Jung Won’s answer. Then, her gaze turned back to Geon Hyeong.

What was wrong with these two people? What exactly happened to them that they were looking at each other like that. This woman said she was going to get engaged to another man, while this man said he was going to find a wife from an ad in the newspaper.

“Don’t forget your promise.”

“Don’t worry. I will definitely come to your wedding.”

Hearing the promise of the man who was with another woman, the woman who said she would marry another man nodded in satisfaction while smiling kindly at Jung Won and left them. It was as if there wasn’t the slightest regret in her every word.

Her tough-looking backside made Jung Won’s heart melt. Their relationship shouldn’t end like this.


“Just say it. I’ll grant you one wish.”

The man’s voice sounded harsh and rude. At first, Jung Won thought this man was a very calm and cold person. She didn’t expect that this man could also have this kind of voice and look in his eyes.

At first, Jung Won thought that this man didn’t understand anything about love because he was looking for a wife in this way. Apparently, her judgment was wrong. It’s possible that this person is in a deep romantic relationship.

“Say it quickly. What is your request? I will keep my promise.”

“What you need to worry about right now is not me, but yourself. Do what you want.”

Geon Hyeong raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Don’t let yourself regret it later. Now quickly do what you really want to do.”

Jung Won advised him earnestly. She didn’t know what the problem was between the two people, but she didn’t want her to misunderstand.

Hearing Jung Won’s earnest advice, Geon Hyeong looked at Jung Won’s face whose hand he had been holding.

The woman turned her caring, understanding, and even sympathetic gaze away from Geon Hyeong and looked at the back figure of Shin Hee.

“You’re such a fool.”


Jung Won looked back at him after a while. She tried so hard to open up and talk to this guy, and now he was making fun of her.

“When I said I would grant your request, you should have asked me not to appear in front of you again. Instead of worrying about me.”


If this man had followed her, he would have said something like that to her. Jung Won raised her head to explain. But before she could say anything, Geon Hyeong lowered his head and held Jung Won’s lips. He kissed her and held her so tightly that it felt like Jung Won couldn’t breathe.

Geon Hyeong was sure that Shin Hee would definitely look back at them once again, because she was always like that. Even though Shin Hee often pretended not to care, she would definitely feel hurt inside.

That woman always hopes that someone will hold her back and in the end always waits for a helping hand from others. Even after getting angry, she always hopes that someone will approach her gently like a cat. Therefore, Geon Hyeong knew for sure that Shin Hee who turned around and left was waiting for Geon Hyeong’s voice to call her back.

He also knew that with that call, Shin Hee would soon be back by his side. However, now he can’t call her name and she can’t be by his side anymore.

When Geon Hyeong feels like his breath is running out from kissing Jung Won roughly, Shin Hee stops her steps and turns to the two of them. Only then did Geon Hyeong loosen his grip on Jung Won.

Jung Won, who was panting like someone who had run 100 meters, looked at Geon Hyeong.

She felt like slapping the man, but now she didn’t seem to have the strength to move her hand. No. The look in Geon Hyeong’s eyes that looked at hee looked so sad that she didn’t have the heart to hit him.

“What the heck was that just now?”

“Just to conclude.”

“Are you crazy?”

“I think so.”

Geon Hyeong didn’t fight back at all at Jung Won’s outburst of anger. Jung Won who had felt sympathy for Geon Hyeong really felt like a fool. This man in front of her was really unpredictable.

“So, everything is over now?”

“Of course.”

Geon Hyeong’s gaze was on another woman, but Jung Won didn’t care. She really didn’t want to see this man again. Geon Hyeong looked at Jung Won’s flushed face with a blank stare. He didn’t say anything else and disappeared. She didn’t know what he was thinking.

After the man disappeared, the sprinkler on the hill began to spin vigorously. A small rainbow appeared amidst the sunlight and splashing water.


The kiss that had surprised her that day remained puzzling Jung Won until the next day. As usual, her hands were busy cleaning the house and chasing away her younger siblings who were lazing around on the weekend. However, her brain was full of other thoughts.

The problem of the house that they might have to leave soon was unconsciously shifted to one corner of her brain. Jung Won looked at her lips in the mirror. Although yesterday’s kiss was quite rough, fortunately it didn’t leave any marks.

A kiss. What exactly was that man thinking? It didn’t seem like he was playing with her and it was obvious that they loved each other. However, why did they let go of each other like that?

Jung Won shook her head trying to get the thought out of her brain. Now was not the time for her to worry about other people. In another time, she might have had time to sow lettuce

and chili seeds, but this time she didn’t have time to worry about that. Not in a situation where they could be evicted at any time.

“No, no.”

Not knowing what made her unhappy, but Chi-chi, who was taking a bath that morning, shouted loudly. Goliath and Romeo, who felt their sleep was disturbed that morning, also ran while jumping. Goliath’s furs almost flew all over the house that she had just finished cleaning.

“Can’t you guys be quiet? You’re not rabbits, but cats. Chi-chi, I told you to only speak nice words, right? Yes, yes, okay. Got it?”

“No, no.”

The cockatoo who disobeyed Jung Won’s words looked at her with a pretend foolish face, while Goliath climbed onto the shelf as if he didn’t care. If Duldul who was playing in the dirt in the yard came in and joined in, then soon her house would turn into a battlefield.

Jung Won suddenly felt uneasy wondering if she could still be with her pets when she had to leave this house. Nevertheless, she should at least try her best for now.

Jung Won looked through the job advertisements looking for a nutritionist and wrote application letters for several places while praying and twirling the ring her mother gave her.

Let’s hope it works, she thought. At least, if she had to move to the village, she could find a steady job with enough income to support her family.

“Working in the village seems good too. The air is fresh. Right?”

“No, no.”

Jung Won said while looking at Goliath lazing on the shelf and Chi-chi, but Chi-chi flatly refused and Goliath looked away. Maybe Hee Won and Sung Won won’t be happy to hear her decision either. Jung Won doesn’t like to leave the house that is full of memories of her parents.

However, there is no other way. Sometimes, there are things we have to give up in this world because we can’t have everything at once.

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