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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 3 Part 1

The Beginning of the Game (1)

The Beginning of the Game

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Hee Won, who realized that her Unnie was very angry and could explode at any time, was determined not to make any more trouble in the near future. Therefore, even when receiving a call from someone she didn’t know, she tried her best to control herself. However, she finally gave in after hearing the relentless persuasion and polite speech.

No, she just couldn’t contain her curiosity. If Unnie has already met that man, then it’s fine for me to meet him, Hee Won thought.

Although she felt bad for her sister, it seemed okay if she just met the man briefly and heard his explanation. She had a principle that if the opportunities in this world were not started and tried, they would pass by just like any other time.

However, Hee Won hesitated in front of the Goryo Group headquarters building that was made of glass and shone dazzlingly in front of her eyes.

So, the person who posted the ad was from the Goryo Group. This could be a good opportunity for her, Hee Won thought. Or it could be a trap for her, just like her sister said.

Hee Won walked to the reception desk where her name was already written and she immediately took the elevator to the meeting room on the 48th floor.

She looked at the luxurious style room around her in awe. Although the scenery around her was daunting for a 20-year-old Hee Won, she tried to keep her shoulders up.

Always be strong. That was her sister’s message. She lived alone with her sister and Sung Won since she was six years old. Since then, her Unnie has been their parent, cook, and protector. Since she always told her to be strong, she had no reason not to be.

If only she hadn’t sent that fake resume, she would have been more resilient and brave. Nonetheless, Hee Won tried hard to remain calm and brave in this situation.

Two men then walked up to Hee Won who stood waiting with a large table set up in front of her. In the eyes of Hee Won who was usually very selective in judging men, both of them looked very charming.

The man standing on one side of the table was clearly a half-breed with a very handsome face and a cheerful smile. Meanwhile, a well-built man standing in the center of the table looked expressionless but had a certain charisma that distracted the people around him.

Hee Won shuddered at the thought of that creepy man almost becoming her husband. It turns out that even her sister’s words were right this time. This man is indeed not a random man she can handle.


“Hee Won-ssi1Ssi (씨, 氏) is the most commonly used honorific used amongst people of approximately equal speech level., you sent this document, right?”

The mixed-blood man whose appearance looked gentle also had a pleasant voice. Meanwhile, the other man who was watching Hee Won from head to toe, showed no signs of warmth at all.

“Right, but I’m very sorry, I can’t accept it.”

Hee Won shook her head in response to the first question of one of the more handsome men. Her curiosity was now gone. If her Unnie found out she came to this place alone, she would be furious. She couldn’t make any more trouble.

Hee Won kept saying the word ‘no’ in her heart.

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

“I know, but no matter what you say, my answer is the same.”

As if surprised by Hee Won’s hasty reply, one of the handsome men laughed softly. However, Hee Won kept a serious face. Kang Hee Won, who was still a child, realized that the two men were not random people.

“So what?”

Finally, a man who almost became her husband, who placed an ad in the newspaper, said.

There was no mistaking it, he was the dangerous man her sister was referring to. His low-pitched voice didn’t sound too bad either. But according to her sister, a bad person doesn’t necessarily look bad from his appearance. So, who knows what’s in his heart.

Unnie warned me before. If it were possible, you would have come looking for me.”

“She must have said that I’m like a dangerous criminal or a serial killer, right?”

“No, she didn’t. She said that you’re a very pitiful person. Even so, she said not to let me forgive you. Unnie is worried because I’m very curious and feel sorry for people easily. I’m a good person, you know.”

Hearing this unexpected assessment of himself, Geon Hyeong looked at Jason and smiled bitterly.

How dare that woman say that the dictatorial Kim Geon Hyeong was a pitiful person. Even a dog would probably laugh at that. The woman who boldly ran into him that time turned out to be more innocent than he imagined.

“Then, I’ll leave first.”


“One more time. No matter what, my answer will be the same.”

Hee Won, who had turned around, muttered under her breath as if reassuring herself. Since her curiosity had been satisfied, she should now leave this place without looking back. But these people seemed to be holding back her footsteps.

“Your goal is to become Miss Korea, right?”


Jung Won might have been surprised to be asked such a question, but Hee Won didn’t care how those two knew her dream.

“I will support you so that you can become Miss Korea. For the next two years, I will call in experts, who can help you realize your dream.”


“Of course.”

Hee Won immediately turned her body back at Geon Hyeong’s offer and her eyes shone brightly. Her face that had been adamant in refusing and saying ‘no’ now looked hopeful and doubtful. She definitely can’t say ‘NO’ anymore.

Geon Hyeong watched her casually.

It turns out that in this world there is nothing that money can’t buy. And nothing can’t change in this world.

“Not only Miss Korea, I will also make you appear confidently at the international level. We can’t control the jury’s decision, but my acquaintances might be there.”

Although he is not interested in the Miss Korea business at all, there is one thing that has not changed from the past. He will use all means to achieve what he wants and he will get it in the end.


The woman who had been busy thinking and weighing for a while finally let out a long sigh. She would definitely give up her family’s trust.

She then pushed her hair behind her ears so that her small face could be seen more clearly. Not only Miss Korea, this beautiful woman could have been the most beautiful woman in the entire world. On her tiny heart-shaped face was her sister’s face, which was a little stronger and bolder.

Geon Hyeong still remembers vividly how that woman used to be so confident of winning against him.

“Money is not a problem for me. You must also know that Miss Korea isn’t just chosen for a pretty face.”

Jason, who was standing next to Geon Hyeong, cleared his throat softly at such a blatant and over-the-top offer. But Geon Hyeong ignored him. To ensure his victory, he had to dare to act like this.

“You’re crazy.”

The woman who had been biting her pink lips let out another long sigh and said, “My Unnie is a very innocent person. What a fool to pass up a good opportunity like this just like that.”

“That’s right. An opportunity like this will never come your way again.”

“Damn. I can’t believe I had to give up this opportunity because of Unnie.”

For a moment Geon Hyeong felt like he couldn’t believe his own ears when the woman muttered with an annoyed face while pursing her lips. Letting go of this opportunity she said? It was a remark that was not in his dictionary.

“But, I’m not just a pretty-faced woman. This opportunity must come again because I have a smart brain.”


It turned out he hadn’t heard wrong. The woman was now saying ‘no’ to him. The woman who was again muttering to herself then straightened her head and shook her small head firmly at Geon Hyeong.

“Sorry. I can’t do this. I can’t. I won’t. Goodbye.”

The woman who said her final decision smiled broadly with a cheerful face. Her smile momentarily made the office one level brighter. It didn’t seem impossible that this woman could become Miss Korea without their help.

“Wait. Why can’t you? Is it because of your sister?”

“Not only that. Our family has a rule like this. It is forbidden to sell the body. And I can’t break that rule.”

“I didn’t tell you to sell your body. I don’t want to do that either.”

Geon Hyeong looked more serious at the choice of words used by the younger sister. He had never been so short of women that he had to buy a woman with money like this.

The woman smiled again at Geon Hyeong’s answer. Instantly, the office room became brighter. Her smile looked very charming.

“I don’t know what Ajusshi thinks, but I’m not that kind of person. Because honestly, I wouldn’t be interested in this contract if it wasn’t for the money.”

This woman turned out to be more honest than he expected. Did this woman’s sister already know this beforehand? That’s why she could be so sure like that. Then, why did he suddenly call her Ajusshi?

Ajusshi. Geon Hyeong actually didn’t care what this woman called him, but he couldn’t let himself lose.

“I will help you, Kang Hee Won, to realize your dream.”

“No need. I trust my Unnie’s words. Because what she says is always right.”

“What did your sister say?”

“She said that people who say they’ll make a beautiful woman like me Miss Korea with money are insulting my parents who gave birth to me. Ah, she said Ajusshi is also too old for me. After I saw it in person, it’s true too.”

The woman returned a small smile as she bowed her head in greeting and left the room. The woman walked out more calmly than her sister who was more   excited yesterday. However, one thing was certain, the two sisters turned out to be the same.

Geon Hyeong couldn’t believe there were two people in this world who dared to say ‘no’ to him. Not to mention, he even got called ‘Ajusshi’ and ‘too old’? Is this still better than being called a ‘pervert’ and ‘stalker’ back then?


A few moments after the door closed, Geon Hyeong was awakened from his reverie by the sound of Jason’s laughter. His friend was laughing so happily while holding his stomach.

He thought he had given the right bait, but she still ran away. Family rules? Then, selling the body? At once Geon Hyeong felt as if he was a cheap pimp. Geon Hyeong, who was usually treated like a king, couldn’t understand this situation.

“What the heck was that just now?”

“What’s what, it’s obvious that you lost. No wonder that woman named Jung Won is so confident in her words.”

Jason said casually as he shrugged his shoulders and stared at the closed door. It turned out that the woman was different from what they imagined.

Jason was surprised to see that the beautiful woman he thought was easy to seduce was able to reject Geon Hyeong’s very tempting offer. Moreover, seeing the victory of another woman for her trust in her sister. The woman who managed to protect her sister and make Geon Hyeong K.O. without doing anything.

“Do you think there is a family that has a rule not to sell their own body?”

“If there was a family with a rule against gambling, then maybe.”

In contrast to Geon Hyeong who was surprised and did not believe in such family rules, Jason’s face looked as if there was no problem. Geon Hyeong was again furious at the look in Jason’s eyes that seemed to be happy and enjoying this situation.

“So, what do you want to do now?”

“Of course I have to get my victory back. I can’t just lose and stay like this.”

Even though the score was already 2:0. Jason laughed again at Geon Hyeong’s sudden excitement. After all this time, perhaps this time he would witness Geon Hyeong’s true competitive spirit.

Since his college days, it was not easy to withstand Geon Hyeong’s fiery spirit. In basketball or soccer matches, Geon Hyeong was always a tough opponent and always managed to win in the end. It seemed like this time he would also enjoy watching Geon Hyeong’s fiery spirit.

Jason whistled softly. Finding a wife from the newspaper ad that he originally thought was a bad idea turned out to be not so bad after all.


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