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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 2 Part 3

Best Interview (3)

For a while, the meeting room was deafeningly quiet. Geon Hyeong had a rare smile on his face in this unreasonable situation, a situation in which he should have been angry. Meanwhile, Jason’s face appeared to be brighter than before.

“Wow, bravo. That’s fantastic. It seems a shame to just let go.”

“That’s right; that woman appears to be quite useful.”

Geon Hyeong, who was normally very picky, strangely nodded his head, leaving Jason perplexed. After all this time in his tedious work routine, today appeared to be a day full of surprises for him.

“So? You seem interested in her?”

“Not bad. In that case, she’ll pass. That was the best interview ever.”

“Not that woman’s sister?”

“She’s going to report me for being a pervert and a stalker. It’s also her name, and she took part in the interview.”

Although the photo differed from the one on the resume, it made no difference because he had already met the real person. He is also uninterested in women who make up fake resumes using other people’s names.

Geon Hyeong needed someone brave right now, like the woman who had broken into someone else’s office to protect her sister. Furthermore, in this case, he requires someone who can be trusted and keep secrets. That woman most likely meets these two criteria.

“I don’t think she would like it if the main character changed from her sister to herself.”

“Whatever. I don’t care whether she likes me or not.”

Geon Hyeong was unconcerned about other people’s feelings. He only needed to manipulate her to get his way. That was all. It was possible that she was the best candidate for the job.

“Are you sure?”

“Find everything you can about that woman, and then her younger sister…”

Geon Hyeong responded to Jason’s question while reviewing the resume sent by the woman’s younger sister.

“Also, schedule a meeting with this sister.”

“Hm, it doesn’t seem necessary to that extent. As the woman previously stated, it appears rude that we are testing their family trust issues.”

“I’m not trying to put their trust to the test.”

Jason shook his head, knowing what his friend was about to do, while Geon Hyeong remained firm in his decision. After all, if this man had made a decision, he would not listen to the opinions of others.

Jason just smiled hopefully while sighing resignedly at his friend’s gleaming eyes, as if an eagle was eyeing its prey. Geon Hyeong was determined not to give up this time. And, like before, he was pleased to see Geon Hyeong’s decision and stubbornness. Because few people dare to protect their family, prioritize trust, and fight Geon Hyeong in such a way.


On the way back, Jung Won really felt exhausted. Her adrenaline level skyrocketed, and her rage seemed to exceed normal limits. Damn. What a scumbag. He has no right to tease my innocent sister.

Jung Won was upset and disappointed as a result of her sister’s stupid act. This time, Hee Won’s behavior was truly outrageous.

“No, no.”

Jung Won ignored the cockatoo’s cries and Goliath’s stroking of his black fur to welcome her home. She didn’t have time to serve her pets right now.

“You’re home early, Unnie.”

“Kang Hee Won, your curfew for this week is six in the evening.”

In response to Hee Won’s greeting, Jung Won girded her loins and said firmly. Despite her desire to forbid Hee Won from leaving the house for ten days, a month, or as long as possible, she tried to be patient because Hee Won still had to go to school. Hee Won should appreciate her sister’s patience and upbringing. But it appears she is still unaware of what she has done.


Hee Won glared angrily at her sister, who had suddenly ordered her like that. Her face was deep in thought, trying to figure out what was causing her sister’s behavior.

I don’t seem to have done anything wrong lately, Hee Won thought. Maybe she was just joking out of curiosity. Oh my! Perhaps… Hee Won’s expression gradually changed as she realized what her sister was saying.

“It must have been Myong Hun who complained.”

“That’s not the point. Do you have a brain or not? No, you don’t. So, is this the extent of your standards?”

Unnie, I didn’t mean it that way. Please listen to my explanation first. You didn’t give me the opportunity to explain this matter.”

Hee Won, realizing how angry her sister was, eventually relented and began to appease her sister. Meanwhile, Jung Won couldn’t let this pass her by. This time, her sister must truly understand how wrong she was.

“Rule 33: Give people a second chance; a mistake is not a fatal crime.”

Sung Won, who couldn’t stay away from comic books this time, sneaked in to assist Hee Won, who was being reprimanded.

Seeing her youngest brother’s help, Jung Won tried to be patient and hold back her anger that was about to overflow. Her heart was really  upset and hurt like it had been stabbed with a knife.

“All right, I’ll give you 10 minutes in exchange for remembering rule number 46.”

“Body, heart, and pride are not something that can be traded.”

So Hee had memorized the rules this time. Hee Won immediately lowered her head and made a sorry face, but Jung Won maintained a fierce demeanor for her.

Hee Won is already determined to finish Myong Hun if she survives today. Myong Hun’s behavior this time is akin to setting off a nuclear explosion. Hee Won has never seen her sister so enraged.

“I didn’t sell my body, nor did I sell my pride.”

“However, your actions contradict what you just said.”

“I was only drawn in by the advertisement. Really.”

“How can you be interested in such a ridiculous advertisement when there are so many other ads or articles?”

“It has to be because there’s a chance to study abroad, right?”

Sung Won joked while adjusting his glasses when Hee Won was silent. Sung Won, who knew at a glance what Hee Won had done wrong from the conversation between the two noonas, sighed like an adult.

That day, he was actually quite worried seeing Hee Won’s eyes light up with excitement when she saw the advertisement. He should have seen it coming as the oldest son in the family. However, due to his hectic schedule, he did not have time to address this issue.

“Study abroad?”

“There are special opportunities, such as those mentioned in the last line of the advertisement, ranging from salary to study abroad. Not bad, right?”

Hee Won, who aspired to be Miss Korea, was more than a pretty face. She was accepted by a good university in just one exam because of her good school grades and smart brain. Hee Won is, in fact, a gifted woman. Maybe that’s why she made it to the crazy ad interview stage.

“Kang Hee Won, do you realize how dangerous that man is, and what could happen to you?”

“I’m aware of such things; I’m not old enough anyway, so I just sent that application letter on a whim. Unnie, never mind, don’t be angry.”

“The issue is that that person did not do it on a whim.”

Jung Won yells, raising her bangs with her hands, frustrated with her sister, who knows nothing about the real situation out there. That little sister is really still like a child.

“What do you mean, Unnie? Did you meet that person?”

“Of course. According to him, you’re a strong candidate.”

“How peculiar.”

With a puzzled expression, Hee Won tilted her head. Jung Won retorted angrily.

“What’s odd is that you’d be willing to sign up for a contract wife ad like that.”

Of course, the pervert was drawn to her young and beautiful sister. However, of all the events she had experienced today, she regretted her sister’s childish nature the most for being so easily swayed by such an advertisement.

“I didn’t mean that. I’m not old enough to meet the requirements of that ad.”

“Oh, do you think that person thinks it’s important?”

“It’s important to me.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

Jung Won inquired quietly, noticing Hee Won’s sudden serious expression. She was uneasy for some reason as she waited for Hee Won’s response. Her sister’s thoughts and behavior were often unpredictable. That is why today’s incident occurred.

“I mean, I sent Unnie’s resume with my own picture attached.”



“Kang Hee Won!”

Jung Won, Sung Won, and even little So Hee all shouted at the same time, while Hee Won remained silent.

“Because I originally thought I wouldn’t pass in the first place. But that’s odd. How did that person find out about me? That’s impossible.”

“That’s not important right now. Just be careful if you do something strange like this again.”

Jung Won said sternly and fiercely to Hee Won while making the most terrifying face possible. She didn’t care how that person found out about Hee Won.

She had no idea what that man had done, but he appeared to be a wealthy man who could do something bad at any time. Like a dangerous cougar, who could attack at any time.

Jung Won shuddered in horror as she remembered the man’s intended victim was her own sister.

“OK, I understand. You no longer need to be concerned.”

“I’m not concerned about you, but about that man.”


Jung Won sighed as she noticed Hee Won’s curious look. Her sister, as the man previously stated, was easy to seduce.

Jung Won really had to explain one by one and warn Hee Won about how dangerous that man was. Her sister must be aware of the type of man he is.

“That man is not someone you can face alone, so you must exercise caution.”

“I understand. In fact, I’m more concerned about Unnie right now.”

As her sister’s rage subsided, Hee Won spoke up boldly once more.

“Me too.”

“Yes, me too.”

“Do you all want to starve tonight?”

Sung Won responded to Hee Won’s words, which were then followed by So Hee. Jung Won was finally forced to threaten her intelligent and rambunctious younger siblings.

However, her little heart was still troubled.

That man is not the type to give up easily. Jung Won was nervous once more, and she shuddered in horror at the sharp, unyielding look in his eyes.

Calm down. Everything will be alright. That man must be extremely busy. And most likely very wealthy. He can’t possibly have time to be concerned about a poor family like hers.

However, no matter how hard Jung Won tried to calm herself down, her sister’s beauty made her worry even more. Jung Won sighed again as she watched her younger siblings go to their respective rooms.

The cold spring breeze entered the living room through the window’s thin slit. The wind seemed to break through and continue to blow in her heart. She was the matriarch of a family that had never experienced a windstorm like this before.

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