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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 2 Part 2

Best Interview (2)

If this is how it’s done, I feel like I have devil horns on my head, Geon Hyeong thought.

Although he was used to it, he felt too much like a monster or something today. He only nodded briefly in response to the employees who dared not look him in the eyes and opened the door to the meeting room where Jason was waiting for him.

Several folders full of neatly organized white papers sat on the large meeting table. He seemed to have never asked for those documents and had no idea what they were. His visit to that place was only because of Jason’s call and was not on his agenda.

“What’s this?”

Curriculum Vitaes1Curriculum Vitae (CV) is Latin for “course of life”. A curriculum vitae (CV) provides a summary of your experience, academic background including teaching experience, degrees, research, awards, publications, presentations, and other achievements, skills and credentials. of the women who want to be your wife. The interview is today. So, how was it?”

Jason inquired, his face lit up as he looked over the stack of documents. It was fantastic that people were interested in the contract wife advertisement.

Despite the fact that the ad was only up for one day, tens of thousands of people registered in this manner. Among those tens of thousands, nearly 1,000 people successfully passed the requirements alone.

“How what?”

“You’re the one who started spreading this ad, so you should be held accountable. I obviously can’t be excluded from the selection of your girlfriend, or future wife.”

Jason shoved the documents at Geon Hyeong, who frowned.

“It depends on you. After all, there can’t be anyone sane among these people.”

“So, what is your main criterion? Appearance? Education? Or just random?”

“Never mind, I’m dizzy. What’s the point of a woman’s appearance or education sending a resume from such an ad?”

Geon Hyeong pushed the box of documents neatly arranged on the table to the floor. There was a loud thud, and the papers were strewn across the floor.

“Just get rid of the ones below and choose one of the ones that remain.”

He had hoped to solve this problem rationally, but there were apparently too many crazy women in this world.

He only needed to show that he had a girlfriend and was planning to marry. It wasn’t particularly difficult. But it didn’t appear to be easy either.

It was difficult to find a woman who could be used as a temporary wife, who could compromise to pretend to be in love with each other, and who was easy to leave later.

He certainly disliked women who were only interested in the Goryo Group’s mistress status.

“Hmm, I appear to be as insane as you.”

“Never mind, don’t complain so much. I know you enjoy doing this.”

Geon Hyeong, detecting a happy tone in Jason’s grumbling, responded curtly.

“Well, it wasn’t bad; it was kind of like watching a live supermodel election. Reality show.”

Jason, who nodded in agreement with Geon Hyeong’s words, giggled softly as he sorted through the papers on the floor. After all, the problem was already like this. He really wanted to find a suitable woman for Geon Hyeong.

“Who do they think they are to send such an aimless proposal?”

“They must be unaware that I am an arrogant child born out of wedlock.”

The hottest scandal with a careless actress and a child born out of wedlock. He had to figure out what the term “illegitimate child” meant before he was old enough because no one told him. Later, he realized he couldn’t escape the term.

“Perhaps they don’t care; if they objected, they’d be disqualified right away.”

“Thank you very much. In exchange, I’ll be in charge and handle anything that comes your way.”

“What if I’m referred to as an intermarried child?”


“Thank you, and it’s a good thing I’m an exceptional half-breed.”

Geon Hyeong’s curt response elicited a chuckle from Jason.

Jason, who was adopted when he was six years old, was shunned because he couldn’t communicate in English. However, because Jason, who inherited positive genes from both the west and east, had a perfect appearance, he was never ridiculed as an intermarried child.

He was tall, his eye crease lines were clear, his skin was fair, his hair was black, and his chin was slightly split, which women found appealing. He was born with special genes passed down from his American father and Korean mother.

“Then you just go ahead and take care of them.”

“Of course, so now you don’t have to worry about my problems. Let’s start with yours. Do you really have to choose a woman like this? Is there no better way?”

“Is there a better way?”

Jason frowned as he looked at the stack of papers. Although this was a business matter, this method was extremely mechanical and rigid. It could be the most ineffective method of meeting women.


Hearing Jason’s simple answer, Geon Hyeong raised one eyebrow. Jason felt compelled to explain his response when Geon Hyeong looked at him with an ‘are you crazy” look.

If he couldn’t fall in love, at the very least, he wanted his best friend to be able to date for real like other couples. However, before Jason could say anything, the meeting room door abruptly opened. Someone appeared to be coming. Jason, who was sitting at the table, immediately stood up.

“I’m so sorry, but the interview doesn’t start until five,” he said, looking at his watch, which was just past three o’clock.

Geon Hyeong simply chuckled at Jason’s polite tone. There was even a woman who arrived two hours early because she was so eager to attend the interview.

And he wants me to fall in love? That is completely absurd.

Geon Hyeong ignored the woman who stormed into the meeting room.

“Who says I want to go to the interview? Who’s the insane person who put up this ad?”


Insane person? Geon Hyeong shifted his weight in his chair as he heard the woman’s angry voice. In front of him stood a woman who appeared to be very angry.

The woman clenched her fists and seemed to have a small fire in her eyes. The eyes that appeared to be about to pounce on him at the very second were now looking at him.

He hadn’t seen anything like it in a long time. An enraged expression.

“Who are you?”

“I asked first. Did you place this ad?”

Jung Won fixed her gaze on the man in front of her, who was looking down on her.

This guy apparently instigated my sister with this stupid ad? Jung Won, who had intended to explain the situation calmly, quickly forgot her intention, and an overwhelming rage seemed to overflow within her.

When Jung Won saw the man with his lips pressed together and his cold gaze, she knew he wasn’t a good man. She couldn’t bear the thought of her sister marrying that man.

Jung Won’s chest rumbled with rage towards the man who caused the problem and Hee Won who fell for the advertisement.

“Oh my.”

Jung Won sighed and muttered weakly at the pile of documents on the table, which she assumed were the CVs from the ad. When she saw the picture of Hee Won smiling broadly at the top of the pile of papers, her eyes lit up with rage.

“Are you insane to put up an ad like this?”

The exact words he wanted to say. He thought everyone else was crazy as well. Apparently, there was still someone sane.

With trembling hands, the sane woman grabbed the CV from the pile of papers on the table.

For a brief moment, Geon Hyeong and Jason exchanged glances. They had no idea who the woman in the photo of the CV she was holding was. They didn’t care and didn’t need to know who applied for the ad one by one. However, the woman who appeared out of nowhere and was enraged appeared to recognize the woman in the picture.

“What advertisement?”

Although Geon Hyeong knew exactly which advertisement the woman was referring to, he was not the type of person who would easily answer her question. Looking at her gesture, it was clear that this woman wasn’t one of the applicants, but she also didn’t appear to be uninvolved. So, who is she?

“That insane advertisement for a wife.”

“Are you the one who failed the document selection?”

“Do you think I’m insane to want to sign up for such shameful things?”

“Do you think these people are insane and shameful as well?”

Geon Hyeong didn’t look at the pile of papers on the table, but Jung Won got what he was saying. Jung Won realized that many people, like Hee Won, were still childish. She sighed, concerned.

“These people could be depressed or have another reason, but the person who posted this ad is definitely insane. I’m not sure if you’re so bored and have nothing to do that you’d do something like this, but I’m warning you, leave my sister alone.”


“Kang Hee Won. This kid. The woman you requested an interview with.”

Jung Won’s eyes widened as she thrust the piece of paper she was holding in front of the man.

Her breath was ragged with rage, her hair was unkempt, and her cheeks were flushed. Her face looked like she had just been in a fight, but Geon Hyeong was happy to see her. He seemed insane for wanting to see this young woman who looked like a teenager.

“Oh, Kang Hee Won.”

Geon Hyeong tried to remain calm as he nodded and took the paper from her grasp.

In fact, he had no idea who Kang Hee Won was. No. In reality, he was uninterested in any of the applicants who sent this resume. At least until a moment ago.

“I’m not sure what happened to you, but if you can’t attract women, it’s best not to marry at all. My sister is only 20 years old, you know!”

The woman’s voice was very angry and disappointed. What was important to Jason and Geon Hyeong, however, was not that. Twenty years old. The two then exchanged glances.

If she had been 20 years old, Jason would have eliminated her from the first stage of document selection. This meant that the Kang Hee Won on the resume was a different person.


“Wait a minute.”

Jason, who was still smiling kindly, tried to explain the situation to the woman who had suddenly appeared and got angry, but Geon Hyeong shook his head and told him to be quiet.

Kang Hee Won’s name was not written on the CV he painstakingly snatched from her grasp. In the midst of this chaotic and perplexing situation, it appears that the puzzle pieces are gradually coming together.

“How do I address you?”


“Why don’t you introduce yourself before shouting in someone else’s office like this?”

“It appears you didn’t say your name either, despite the fact that you interacted with thousands of people through that ad.”

The woman complained that Geon Hyeong’s name was not written in the ad.

She dares to fight me as well? That’s fine. Geon Hyeong dislikes people who are overly submissive and timid.

“Ehem, okay. My name is Kim Geon Hyeong, and I’m a man in need of a wife based on the specifications in this ad.”

“Ehem, I see. My name is Kang Jung Won, and I am an older sister who will defend her younger sister from conceited men like you.”

Geon Hyeong was relieved to see the spirit of the woman who remained determined and did not want to lose. He also got a great deal of information about the woman.

He’s not sure if she only saw the photo in the resume, but she didn’t seem to realize her name was on it.

Kang Jung Won. The older sister of the girl in the photo. This cute-looking sister made a fake resume using her sister’s name and age. This sister appears to be different from her fierce sister.

“I’m warning you again: don’t look at my sister, because I know you have no feelings for her.”

“How do my emotions relate to your sister’s age?”

He was devoid of emotions from the start. This lady was fantastic. Can instantly recognize himself in this manner. After all, Geon Hyeong doesn’t have any feelings.

“How old are you?”

Despite her anger, Jung Won tried to ask politely, just as her parents had taught her to be friendly to strangers. It wasn’t really necessary to know the age of the man who had committed such a crazy deed.


That’s it, 33 years old. He’s even 13 years older than her sister. Jung Won becomes increasingly emotional as this man desires her not out of love, but because she is young and beautiful.

“That’s right. Even the age difference is 13 years. Even though she’s pretty, how could you do something like this? To do something shameful. Are you a pervert?”

“Pervert? I’ve never been called that before, but that little sister of yours has passed to the final stage. Totally my taste.”


Jason softly cleared his throat to Geon Hyeong’s response, but Jung Won, whose emotions and anger were rising, didn’t seem to hear him.

Jung Won locked her gaze on the seemingly insane man. Jung Won thought she was going crazy when she realized the man who posted this ridiculous advertisement could still tell which women were beautiful and which were not.

“You’re insane. Never mind. Just don’t contact my sister again, or I’ll report you to the police.”

“On what charges?”

“Pervert and stalker.”

Jason coughed softly again when he heard the ridiculous accusation, but Geon Hyeong ignored him and focused on the woman in front of him.

“I believe if I seduce your sister, she will obey me.”

Geon Hyeong was well aware of such women. However, Jung Won, who had made Hee Won even more exposed, was forced to hold back the swear words that were about to escape her mouth.

This man is extremely arrogant. Do you realize what you’re doing, Hee Won?

“Are you threatening me?”

“No, I’m just telling the truth. Twenty is no longer a child.”

Twelve years old. That’s when a lawyer brought him to Korea, where he was recognized as an illegitimate child after numerous gene tests. Then, 20 years old. He had to pass a series of rigorous tests in order to become the Goryo Group’s future successor. He was already an adult at the time. However, he saw no reason to reveal his past to this woman who was desperate to help her sister. After all, their relationship wasn’t exactly close.

“Certainly a child for a 33-year-old man.”

Even though Jung Won gave him a sharp look, the man didn’t seem phased. It’s no surprise. He would not have placed such an ad if he still had feelings or shame.

“That makes it easier for me to seduce her.”

“You won’t because my sister isn’t a moron.”

“Would you dare to bet on it?”

His expression was confident, while Jung Won’s was tense. The problem was now more serious than it had ever been.

A bet? Does he think I’d bet on my own sister, Jung Won thought. Exactly what other strange thoughts are running through that man’s head?

“I would have won if I had bet with you, but our family rules prohibit us from gambling. You’re lucky you won’t have to beg for mercy if you lose.”

“You appear to be very confident in winning.”

“Of course, I’m going to win.”

The woman responded confidently. Her eyes shone with confidence, as if her words couldn’t possibly be wrong.

Based on his accurate calculations and his experience so far, from that glint in her eyes, Geon Hyeong knew that she was absolutely sure of her words.

“How can you be so certain?”

“Because I’m her family and you’re not.”

That response exceeded his expectations. There was, in his opinion, a reason that made more sense than that answer. Believe it just because they’re family? Geon Hyeong felt that he had misjudged this woman. This woman turned out to be really innocent.

However, it is possible that her sister who sent this CV was far better compared to her sister. Geon Hyeong couldn’t hide his disappointment in the woman in front of him for the first time.

“So plain.”

“I don’t know. It appears that your life has been very difficult and full of problems, but in this world, there are also things that can be perfectly confirmed, and that sister of mine will not betray my trust.”

Trust. Geon Hyeong scoffed at the woman’s words, raising one corner of his lips in disdain.

Geon Hyeong had seen firsthand how easily trust between people could be broken. How dare she teach me about trust?

This time they’re tied. This woman did not want to give in at all, and she was already annoying him, who disliked admitting defeat.

“Oh, just wanted to warn you: even if you believe there are no trustworthy people in the world, don’t put your opinion in my sister.”

With a firm tone and a confident look, the woman warned him back.

This woman, it turns out, has a sharper mind than he thought. No one else can read his heart as precisely as this woman.

Jason, who was standing nearby, smiled even wider. It was also nice to see his friend admit defeat every now and then. Geon Hyeong’s gaze shifted from Jason to the now-calm woman.

“What’s being tested is your trust, not my opinion.”

“Whatever you want to say.”

The woman snorted indifferently at Geon Hyeong.

Until now, no one had ever been confident in their ability to defeat Geon Hyeong. Geon Hyeong was 12 years old at the time when his fear turned into rebellion. He was not afraid of his friends who were constantly gossiping about him behind his back, or of the people around him who were certain he was not a member of the Kim Family.

“Oh yeah, even though it’s none of my business, did you eat?”


“Because there are some people who, if their stomach is empty, their brain is also empty; if it’s not because of that, I’m not sure why a seemingly fine person like you could do such an embarrassing thing.”

The woman who had instantly made Geon Hyeong into an empty-brained and shameless person walked confidently out of the room and slammed the door shut.

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