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Four Ways To Get A Wife – Chapter 1

Public Marriage Proposal (1)

Whatever, It’s Up To You

There are people who marry the partner chosen by their parents without ever meeting the other person before and live happily ever after. There are also couples who initially got married because they truly loved each other, but now they can’t bear to get divorced.

Men and women can understand each other, but it is impossible for husbands and wives to understand each other perfectly.

No matter how good her educational background is, how good her character is, and how beautiful her face is, try marrying her.

There will be other people who will be very different from when you were lovers.

That’s why it’s better to start ‘looking for a partner’ from the people around us first.

After all, there is no guarantee that you will get a better partner by looking far away.


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I. Public Marriage Proposal

“Yes, I will be there soon.”

Jung Won pedaled her bike vigorously while shouting through her earphones to the person on the phone.

The girl’s bicycle basket was full of flowers the size of an arm’s reach, flowers specially prepared by a horticulture professor from his greenhouse. It took 10 minutes by bicycle to get to the student cafeteria where she worked.

The sudden downpour of rain, like a hurricane in a tropical country, stopped in an instant. As the sun’s shy rays began to reveal themselves, all that remained were thin raindrops that flew in the wind like mist.

The fragrance of grass and soil carried by the humid air filled her lungs. Unlike the fragrance of the ferns in the greenhouse which was very humid, Jung Won liked the fresh fragrance that came after this rain.

Even until last week, the weather had been unpredictable. It was too cold for spring. Sometimes it even snowed. Then, all of a sudden, the weather warmed up and as if it had been waiting for the right time, the surrounding nature instantly turned into a soft green color. Soon, the mountains, fields, and hills will surely be filled with green grass and flowers.

Jung Won loved this kind of spring air, and after passing the turn of the path with the mossy stone wall, she would arrive at her favorite place. Jung Won stopped her bike for a moment and opened the hood of her raincoat. She looked at the wild grassland hill.

Hwaniwon, this was the place she thought was the most beautiful on this vast campus. Although signs of spring were still hard to find, there were bright yellow adonis flowers that had been blooming ever since the snow had fallen last week. The ginger plants around the fence are also showing their yellowish-green buds. Soon, white rock jasmine and Pseudostellaria heterophylla flowers will appear, signaling the arrival of spring. Maybe they will appear at the same time as the prince too.

Jung Won’s face turns red as if someone else knows her heart and she quickly looks around. No one knew that Kim Jae Hyun, the person she called the prince of the Department of Horticulture, was often in this place, other than in his research room.

When she first saw him at Hwaniwon, it felt as if there was a light shining from behind his back. Since then, Jung Won would sometimes glance at the Hwaniwon at times like this, when the sun was beginning to leave the hill.

Whether it was because of the rain, Jung Won couldn’t find any trace of her prince’s whereabouts and she exhaled in disappointment.

She was just about to turn around when her eyes caught a glimpse of someone on one side of the hill. That person was definitely not her prince. That person had foolishly trampled the flower field.

If it continued like that, the corydalis and katakuri flower buds that would turn this hill purple would die before they could bloom.


As if hearing her shout, the man stopped his steps and looked at Jung Won.


Jung Won only felt as if the man was looking at her.

The sunlight that usually shone warmly on her prince somehow looked like the light of hell’s door shining on the man’s back this time.

His face was not clearly visible.

“If you continue like that, the flowers will die.”

The man didn’t seem to hear Jung Won’s words.

Is he a new kid? No, a new kid wouldn’t dare to just go around. Whoever he is, he must be reported.

Just because the flowers are invisible, he can’t accidentally step on them. Jung Won hated to see the wildflowers that had survived the winter and the harsh spring winds die because of this one idiot.

She quickly tossed her bike and ran up the hill through the small path, trying not to step on the newly grown grass.

Meanwhile, the man kept stomping and destroying the flower field while hiding himself in the sunlight.

“Really that guy.”

Jung Won walked hurriedly while rebuilding the trampled grass with annoyance. Even some of the flower stalks that had bloomed were broken.

I wonder if some people are that stupid, Jung Won thought.

Seeing the broken flower stalks, Jung Won’s eyes are fiery and she stares at the man sharply.

Feeling the need to reprimand him, she walked faster and faster towards him when suddenly the water fountain for watering the field turned on automatically.

The sunlight and splashing water formed a small rainbow, and Jung Won, who had opened the hood of her raincoat, was forced to accept the waterfall-like spray on her head. The cold water cascading down her neck made her shiver from the cold.

Huh, Ajusshi1Term for middle-aged men must have forgotten to turn off the sprinklers because of the sudden rain.

Damn. This was all because of that man.

Swallowing all the curses that almost came out of her mouth, Jung Won looked around, searching for the man with an annoyed look. However, the man had disappeared. There was only sunlight coming through the splashing water of the plant waterer.


Kyung Hwan University’s administrative staff escorted Director Kim Geon Hyeong, an unexpected participant in the committee meeting, to the meeting room with hurried steps.

They had gotten word that the director had arrived earlier. However, they were frantically looking for him all over campus because they couldn’t find him. He doesn’t know why Director Kim Geon Hyeong was attending this meeting.

Just like the previous committee meetings, today’s meeting was only about the recruitment of professors and the year-end report, whose documents had already been reported to him.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is that there should not be a single mistake or problem. The staff was even more worried because the meeting with the foreign university ended an hour later than scheduled.

Fortunately, Director Kim Geon Hyeong of Goryo Group didn’t make any comments and signed the documents. Then, he strode calmly out of the meeting room, still with his expressionless face.

Only after he left could the administrative staff and managers at the university breathe a sigh of relief.

Goryo Group’s Kim Geon Hyeong had always intimidated those around him.

If he became an enemy, then he would make his opponent feel uneasy for life and it could be said that he was one of those people who did not want to be met.

His reason for attending the committee meeting was not important. What was important was that he was now gone from this place.

It was already 1 hour and 10 minutes past the promised time.


The woman who had been waiting for Kim Geon Hyeong was now sitting in front of him irritably. Before Geon Hyeong could apologize, Shin Hee had already looked at him sharply with a face full of determination.

Shin Hee had been like this since childhood, not liking to be patient and wait for things. Seeing her nature that had not changed at all, Geon Hyeong secretly smiled bitterly.

Apparently, there are also those who do not change in this world. Nonetheless, right now there is someone who must change.

“Why are you late?”

“I had some business earlier.”

“Try to be reasonable. Maybe I can forgive you.”

“Never mind. I don’t need that.”

Geon Hyeong still replied flatly to Shin Hee who said sharply to him. He couldn’t make any excuses. After all, even if he said that he was looking for clues about his father, Shin Hee would not believe him.

Geon Hyeong unconsciously laughed bitterly again remembering how his father’s departure made him very desperate.

“What the heck. Why are you laughing? You think you’re great?”

“If you don’t like waiting for me, you should just leave.”

Getting such a perfunctory answer, Shin Hee’s gaze became even sharper. But that was the real reason for Geon Hyeong’s delay.

He expected Shin Hee to be impatient waiting for him and leave him. Therefore, he had deliberately spent time in that place.

“So, you really want to follow my father’s words?”

“You also want that, right?”

“Kim Geon Hyeong!”

The woman never thought that way. If only Kim Geon Hyeong had confessed his feelings for her, she could have ignored her father who was against their relationship. If only Kim Geon Hyeong had reached out to her, she was ready to follow him anywhere. But instead, he ignored her like this! Treating her coldly! Shin Hee really couldn’t figure it out.

“Don’t yell like that.”

“You shouldn’t make me yell like this. Do you think what you just said makes sense?”

Geon Hyeong did not laugh or get angry at Shin Hee’s emotional grumbling. His seemingly unconcerned face made Shin Hee feel even more upset.

“There’s nothing else you want to talk to me about? I told you that I’m going to marry another man, and that’s all you said to me?”

“That’s your own choice. I can’t get close to you anyway. That man is fine with me, I’m sure your father likes him.”

Shin Hee’s breath seemed to stop at Geon Hyeong’s sarcasm which was delivered still with his expressionless face.

He looked very confident.

Since then, even now, many people were against their relationship. For example, Mrs. Oh was worried that Geon Hyeong would gain power because of their marriage. Similarly, Shin Hee’s parents couldn’t accept the ‘out of wedlock child’ status.

Shin Hee’s mother has begged her and her father has said that he will break their family ties if Shin Hee insists.

Geon Hyeong did not force her to leave everything. When he was young, Shin Hee was the only woman who reached out to him. Now it was his turn to take care of this woman.

“So, you really want to part with me?”

“The one who asked us to break up was you.”

Geon Hyeong said bluntly under his breath, making Shin Hee’s anger and emotions rise to the top.

“That’s right. But you never tried to hold me back either!”

“I’m not sure I can fully take care of you.”

“Nonsense. It’s better if you take me away with you. Because then it would be like the Kim Geon Hyeong I know.”

Shin Hee was ready to run away with Geon Hyeong. However, Geon Hyeong just accepted their separation without any hesitation. Geon Hyeong knew exactly how this made Shin Hee even more emotional.

“Until now, I’ve never escaped like that. I can’t run away either. Even if it’s for Yoo Shin Hee’s sake, that won’t change.”

“What do you mean? So, I’m not your first? You’re not satisfied with just having me?”

Geon Hyeong placed his coffee cup gently onto the table. This man always acted neatly and calmly in everything. Just like this moment. His gaze at Shin Hee did not tremble at all.


Geon Hyeong who replied softly looked earnest.

This person, have his feelings changed?

Has the love he had back then just disappeared?

It was hard to believe that there was something more important than Yoo Shin Hee to Kim Geon Hyeong. It’s up to others, but this can’t happen to Kim Geon Hyeong.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it if I marry that man?”

“Of course.”

“Alright. I’ll marry him. Then, what kind of woman will you marry?”

“For sure, it won’t be Yoo Shin Hee.”

He said firmly while looking at Shin Hee straight.

Oh my. Geon Hyeong really meant it. He had given up and let Shin Hee go. He had left the woman who wasn’t ready for this breakup at all. That woman never imagined her life without this man.

Meanwhile, that man must have been like that too. No, he must have known it would be like this. She had believed in maintaining their relationship despite her father’s strong opposition. However, how sad and futile their love was.

Shin Hee regained her shattered pride.

“Do you think you can find a better woman than me?”

“Well, you’re actually not very ‘good’ either. Right now, I want to avoid a woman who likes to act as she pleases and gets angry a lot.”

Geon Hyeong looked at Shin Hee calmly.

Shin Hee felt even more incredulous at Geon Hyeong’s answer.

This is just an excuse. There must be another reason.

Realizing this, Shin Hee gave Geon Hyeong a sharp look while Geon Hyeong lifted his coffee cup back with an unchanged expression on his face.

All this time, Geon Hyeong had never been angry at Shin Hee’s attitude. He never argued when Shin Hee was angry at him. He used to be the man who always fulfilled her every whim. But now, he said that was the reason why he wanted to separate?

For the first time, Shin Hee couldn’t understand Geon Hyeong.

“Okay. A woman who is quiet and never gets angry. Then, what else? Do you want a woman who’s also a lot younger?”

“No. If she’s too young, I’ll tire myself out.”

“Hm, if she doesn’t have a job, she’ll be too focused on you. Especially if you’re sick, you’ll be on your own. But if her quality is much better than mine, then you’ll look down on me, that’s also a no-no.”

After struggling to calm down, Shin Hee mentioned the characteristics of a woman that Geon Hyeong liked. Up until now, the only woman who fit Geon Hyeong’s taste was Yoo Shin Hee. So, now he wants to find another woman?

Okay, I’ll find a woman like that. Then, go ahead and have a relationship with that woman. Let’s see if he can really forget me. Is there any woman better than Yoo Shin Hee for Kim Geon Hyeong? Go ahead and search all over the world.

Shin Hee is confident that Geon Hyeong won’t be able to find such a woman and will eventually come back to her. Shin Hee knew she just needed to wait until he could think clearly again.

“Never mind. That’s not the important issue right now.”

“Nope. This matter is very important to me. I want to find you another suitable woman. A woman who is 25 to 30 years old, physically fit, neat in appearance, reasonably smart, and has a reasonably good job. Is this it?”

“A woman who doesn’t get jealous and forbids me from doing things. Also not greedy. Oh yeah, I don’t like stupid women either.”

Geon Hyeong stated his additional requirements firmly and smiled slightly. However, Shin Hee knew that he wasn’t really smiling. Things did change over time. This man was not the Kim Geon Hyeong that Shin Hee knew back then.

As a child, he was a sweet boy. Polite to other girls. Always responded warmly to all her jokes. Shin Hee always liked everything about him, but now he left her.

Kim Geon Hyeong, don’t you realize how much I want to be with you again? Shin Hee seems to want to show Geon Hyeong again how valuable she is.

“Alright. I’ll find a woman like that.”


Shin Hee stood up and stared at Geon Hyeong who seemed to have no intention of withdrawing his words.

Geon Hyeong stared at Shin Hee’s figure, leaving him alone.

Well, it seems like this is enough.

He used to think that as long as Shin Hee’s heart was still there for him, he wouldn’t care about anyone’s opposition either.

If only Shin Hee’s mother had not pleaded with a face as if she was willing to kneel before him, perhaps he would have held Shin Hee’s hand and left with her from this place.

However, Shin Hee was not like him.

She is a cheerful woman who has never been hurt. It seemed like there should be at least one person in the world who was like that all their life.

The woman had now disappeared from his sight and he was sure that this kind of love problem would not come into his life a second time.

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