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FCC Chapter 6. Declare to the whole universe ! ! !

Declare to the whole universe ! ! !

 Bonus Chapter~


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Chapter 6

     Due to a well-known reason, the Star Network has been extremely lively these days. 

     [Ah, ah, help, why can’t I find the original shell-braking picture anywhere? The videos are all either 404 or canceled, how hateful! ] 


     [I have learned my lesson this time, and stored numerous back-ups ! The anthropomorphic drawings are really expressive! ]


     After the video of the fat chirp breaking the shell was directly taken off the shelves, almost all the cub-sucking1Admire the furries, or admire cute stuff enthusiasts who entered the pit 2To be addicted to something and be unable to come out, in this case they know there’s a risk of addiction but still browse through itfor the first time were crying. 


     Now the number of likes for the latest and most popular anthropomorphic image of the cub has directly exceeded 100,000. 

     This time it was no longer shell-braking, but the little guy had climbed out of the eggshell, hiding behind his parent’s thumb and peeking in the direction of the camera with a little curiosity and ignorance.


     Looking at him makes people inexplicably want to touch and hold him in their palms.……


     [Help, why do I have such a bad idea, in fact, I really want to rub this little cub till he cries QWQ]


     [Hey, although the picture is really cute, is he really as good-looking as you said? ]


     [That’s right…I finally saw a guy who is still a little sane, this is a descendant of the prince’s mansion! ! Please wake up! ]


     As the popularity continued to rise, the second and third batches of people who entered the pit obviously hesitated while sucking. 


     After all, how to put it, these pictures are too cute to be real, they are more like fairy tales. 


     [Prince’s Mansion? ? Seriously… I can still believe you if you said that this is a gentle cub of the feather clan. ]

     Once the topic turned to this topic, everyone’s attitude became a little nervous and cautious. 


    As we all know, the spiritual body awakened by the Prince’s Mansion has always been large carnivorous beasts!


     The kind that is extremely aggressive, with a terrifying temperament……


     [So this one is mutated? QWQ is a herbivorous type mixed into the carnivores ? ? ? ]


     [Help, it sounds so dangerous ! If this is true, then I’m worried about the cub…]


     However, when there were different opinions, an explosive post suddenly appeared on Star Network.


     [The strongest in Interstellar V: Don’t draw unrealistic things, my brother will only grow like this [screenshot 018234][Shell Breaking Birthday Picture.jpg]]


     Although he was still studying at the First Imperial Academy, but every year during the holidays, Qiu Yiming would be thrown to the Zerg battlefield by Qiu Chongshan to gain military skills, and his account also has accumulated a lot of fans. 


     It’s just that most of the content in the past was some military information forwarding. 


     The people who commented and liked first are basically Qiu Yiming’s group of best friends who were also from the Emperor Star.


     [Wow, it’s so cool, he deserves to be Yiming’s brother! ! The star of tomorrow’s battlefield! ]


     [Bring him over to train together next time, when will you come back to school this time, Yiming? ]


     [This younger brother is amazing at first glance, he has the style of his brother back then! [Thumbs up]]


     A group of buddies from Emperor Star blew rainbow farts at each other, with unconditional support and enthusiasm.


     However, after adding the kindergarten-level sketch, the netizens who came later instantly had a sense of separation like magic realism. 


    [Is there anyone from the department of Fine Arts, what is this painting? I can still recognize the face, but what are those two rows of grids below like corn cobs? ] 


     [Sorry, our art department won’t draw this kind of thing. But if I’m not mistaken, it’s not corn cobs, it’s probably abdominal muscles…] 


     After subtly researching it collectively for a long time, and having confirmed that both the account and the picture are real, some people just cracked. 


     [Am I the only one who thinks this face doesn’t fit with the muscular body at all? ? I’m blind, it really is a picture I don’t deserve to sit and look at! I will kneel down now! ! ]

     [Fk, so that was a rumor earlier? This one looks too cruel, right? ? Internet rumors hurt me! ! ]


     Sure enough, one shouldn’t have any unrealistic fantasies about the cubs of the Prince’s Mansion. 


     Obviously, now there’s another devil in the Prince’s Mansion. 


     [? ? ? ]


     [Impossible! ! ! This is just a doodle… in reality he doesn’t look like this at all! The cub is really cute and well-behaved! ]


     A small number of people who had seen the original video or live broadcast were almost dizzy with anger. 


     What’s even weirder is that all the official media of the Empire have kept silent, and no one dared to come out to publish previous videos or photos. 


     As if under some pressure, the account that originally streamed the video was directly canceled. 


     So much that only the two extreme shell-breaking pictures were left in the whole network! 


     # Prince’s Mansion Cub Shell-Braking Picture, which one do you believe? ? #


     The new topic directly became the top hot search after Qiu Yiming’s blog post was released. 



     “In an encouraging and kind manner, help the cub build his self-confidence?” 

    In the living room, a family of three fierce beasts sternly looked at the treatment list in their hands, making Claire, whose prototype was just a goat, a little nervous.

     “Cough, yes, in fact, the young master is very smart. As for the mental power…it may just develop a little later.” 


     “It is recommended that the young master gradually receive normal cub education in a step-by-step manner, which is also conducive to entering the cub school in the future. ”


     Nowadays, in the interstellar era, cub education is very developed, and almost every household will send their cubs to school early to open up their potential. 


     It’s just that Claire remembered Qiuqiu’s appearance and was a little worried. 


     “Isn’t there a junior department in the academy? I’m in the senior department. From now on, I’ll take my younger brother to school every day.” 

     Qiu Yiming swiped his post, and when he saw the warm invitation from the friends below, he was immediately in high spirits. 


     He’s also a person with a younger brother now! He must show him to the group of friends one by one, so that they can all envy it. 


     “Second young master, the junior department of the First Imperial Academy, is generally for carnivorous beasts”


     Claire had to interrupt Qiu Yiming’s beautiful fantasy. 


     Almost all those who can send their children to the junior department of the First Imperial Academy are from the fierce beast families on the Emperor Star.……


     Those arrogant carnivorous beast cubs are naughty and stubborn and don’t care about anything.


     Sending over a herbivore with such a good temperament, what if he is bullied by those little dudes? ? ? 


     “Schooling is indeed a problem. ”


 The eldest brother, Qiu Jingyu put down the information sheet in his hand, nodded and thought.


     The number of herbivorous kindergartens on Emperor Star is relatively small. 


    But if you carefully filter it, it’s not impossible to find the right one. 


     It’s just that if the little guy finds out that the school he goes to is different from everyone in the family, will it affect him? 

  /See the original translation at Universal Novel / Translations by Gline Shaou/

     “No, why can’t our little boy become a beast? It stands to reason that the oracle did state that he is a beast. ”


     Qiu Chongshan couldn’t help patting the table when he thought of the little guy’s expectant look.


     If he’s really a herbivore, how sad would he be when he grows up? ? ? 


     “My lord, in fact, I am also really confused about this. Indeed, I have never seen such a spiritual body. ”


     “There is another way to verify, but it requires a feather from the young master. ”


     Claire was actually equally worried about this matter. 


     Although their contact time was short, for some reason, it can be seen that the little guy really wants to be a beast. 


     A feather? 


     “Tuk Tuk! ”


     At this moment, there was a subtle tap on the door. 


     Faintly followed by a bunch of noise and exclamations, as if a large group of people was chasing after something. 


     In an instant, a room full of fierce beasts frowned and looked over. The Prince’s Mansion which had well-trained staff, never allowed any sort of chaos to happen.……




     Just as Qiu Yiming turned his head impatiently to check the situation, a milky golden figure flew in between the two gilt doors that were slowly pushed open. 


     “Chirp, chirp~! ”


     There was a chirping sound with indescribable excitement, accompanied by a small dumpling with its wings spread rushing over excitedly. 


    The appearance of flying with open wings is unexpectedly cute. 


     The edges of the fluffy wings are almost translucent, like a chubby little fan, but the feathers are distinct and elegant! 


     In an instant, a room full of guardians was pleasantly surprised. 




     It’s just that at the moment of landing, the little guy suddenly looked a little rusty and panicked, and his wings slowed down and was about to fall off. 


     “D*mn it–! ”


     Qiu Yiming, who was the first to turn his head, didn’t even have time to completely turn his body, and rushed over subconsciously. 




     “Tweet! ”


     The milky golden Q-bomb perfectly planted in the palm of Qiu Yiming’s raised hand. 


     Twisting his body, Qiu Qiu turned over from the palm with a little blushing, and after smoothing the flattened fluff with his short beak, he looked up at Qiu Yiming a little apologetically and shyly.


     “Eigu~! ”3Supposed to be Er-ge; second brother in Chinese


     Second brother! 


     There is still a bit of babbling, but this time it was so clear that everyone in the room could hear it! 


     Even the staff who had just chased and escorted him all the way grabbed the door frame in surprise and watched this scene panting. 


     Oh, my god, not only did he fly so far for the first time, but now he can speak! ! ! 


     Qiu Yiming stared at the little dumpling in his palm who was looking forward to the praise, but the murmur just now always echoed in his ears. 


     “Did I hear it right… did you just call me? ! ”


     Holding the small dumpling in his palm in disbelief, Qiu Yiming asked the room full of people in a daze for the first time in his life. 


    The staff outside the door nodded fiercely one after another, equally unbelievable , but this really happened! 


     Qiu Qiu couldn’t help but tilted his head at a loss, and hesitated for a while. 


     His speaking seems to be non-standard QWQ? ? ? 


     But the primary gift package can only light up the primary skill points……


     “Eigu? Eigu! ……chirp, chirp! ! ”


     Qiu Qiu shook his wings, couldn’t help but raised his neck and continued to shout a few words seriously, trying to make second brother hear clearly. 


     It’s just that this time, before he finished speaking, he started chirping in panic. 

     Qiu Yiming wanted to tighten his grip but was reluctant to use force, and finally he could only carefully hold him in the palm and turn around. 


     “D*mn, my brother called me second brother! ! ! ! ”


     Qiu Yiming, who was instantly elated, could not wait to hold his brother in his hand and rush out of the door, rushing to the central city of Emperor Star in one breath, and to directly declare to the whole universe ! ! ! 


     Can anyone not be over the top like this? ? ? 


     “Especially declare to the beasts! !! No matter what, he also have a younger brother! ! ! 


     “Chirp–! ? ”


     Only Qiu Qiu, who was a mess with the wind, was left at a loss and tried to ask for help. 


     Help, help, I seem to have been kidnapped by my second brother… QAQ



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