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Doctor Resignation Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The next day, Jenny carefully knocked and walked in.

“Young lady.”

As I looked at the book, I raised my head and she said with a slightly surprised face.

“The Madam sent a gift.”


“Yes… She heard the young lady likes sweets.”

I don’t remember saying that.


Come to think of it, the first day I said that to Viscount Ferelmen. Surely the Duchess must have asked him what I liked.

“So the Madam sent you a strawberry shortcake.”

“Oh, is that so? Then I’ll eat well.”

“But the size…”

I almost fainted when I saw the tray Jenny was carefully pushing. I had never seen such a big cake in my life. I think everyone could eat a piece if they brought it to the daycare.

I opened a short note on the cake with trembling hands.

[I felt so refreshed this morning because I slept well.

I hear you have a sweet tooth. I sent you a little treat in hopes that you have a nice afternoon.

I’m trying to get the Head Dessert Chef at the Imperial Palace, so wait a bit.]

A small gift? The Chief Dessert Master of the Imperial Palace!?

No matter how rich Duchy Cerseus was, it was a shocking scale. I muttered with a puzzled look.

“I think I can eat this for three months and ten days.”

“If you don’t like it, she told me to return it to the kitchen immediately and fire the chef.”

“Oh no.”

I had met her not long ago, but it was true that the Duchess was extremely rare.

Anyway, I couldn’t eat it all by myself. I even felt like I had to eat it for a few days. I was contemplating for a moment, then clapped my hands and suddenly said.

“So, can I eat it with Erhan? It’s too much for me alone.”

Anyway, I’m sure he’s not doing anything in his room.

“The more you lie down, the more energy you lose and your body becomes flabby…”

I will have to approach him quickly in order to execute my plans.

There was a difference in status, so I had to wag my tail first.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

“Did my mother send you a cake?”

Erhan asked with his head bowed.


I handed Erhan a piece of cake and said, eating three bites.

“I helped her last night because she couldn’t sleep well.”



“…I can’t sleep well at night either.”

“That’s because you don’t move much and don’t see sunlight.”

I added calmly.

“Sir Erhan’s headache is a little different from Madam’s headache.”


“If you can’t sleep, would you like me to help you get a good night’s sleep?”

Erhan stared at me.

“You’re amazing.”


“You said that yesterday. You’ll be able to get recognition from my mother.”

“Oh, it’s not much.”

I replied casually.

“You can look at it in a context where I don’t lie.”


Erhan nodded as he ate the last piece of cake.

“I’ll listen to you. So make sure I can get a good night’s sleep tonight.”

“Shall we? Give me your hand for a second…”

Holding hands was the easiest way to check someone’s mana.

I took his hand without realizing it and was surprised.

“S-Sir Erhan?”

I jumped up and touched his forehead. I thought it was okay to talk casually and eat cake.

“Don’t you have a headache? Why didn’t you tell me when you had such a fever?

I thought I could tell if someone was sick just by looking at their complexion, but I didn’t notice it at all.


Erhan silently avoided my eyes.

“No way, are you afraid I’ll be disturbed… Like all the attendants?”

“My mother said I shouldn’t show my weakness to strangers easily.”

“But the young master is sick and young.”

I quickly lifted him up and laid him on the bed.

And I urgently asked the maid who was passing in the hall to bring me an antifebrile, all kinds of herbs, notes, and pens.

Lying on the bed, Erhan asked quietly.

“… Do you know why I’m sick?”

“To be honest, I don’t know.”

I tried my best to diagnose him, but I couldn’t find any disease. If it was an easy disease, Ferelmen would have noticed it by now.

Once every 30 minutes, I carefully documented his mana flow and the effects of various prescribed herbs.

Lying in bed and taking medicine relieved his tension, and the color he had been hiding began to appear on his face. In this condition, it was obvious that we would not be able to eat dinner.

I placed a cold washcloth on his forehead several times as the fever began to rise.

“…Come on. I’m fine with so much pain. It will get better soon.”

His eyes widened as he said the words as if it was normal, he seemed familiar with hiding this level of symptoms.

“It’s not about getting better, it’s about getting used to it. And when you get used to the disease, your body gets worse and worse.”

I said as I put my cold hand for washing the towel on his cheek.

“Go to sleep for now. And this pain is not good.”

“Anyway… you won’t be able to cure it.”

“But it’s going to be a little better now.”

“What’s the difference if I’m going to get sick again?”

“If I do my best, you’ll feel a little better.”

I grabbed his slender wrist and injected some fluid.

“I did my best as a genius, so you can’t help but recover.”


“I will definitely cure you, please believe in me.”

“Why should I?”

“Because I am worried about you. This is the true mission of a doctor.”

I smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

The injection had the effect of a sleeping pill, so he slowly began to blink.

Once his maddening mana is put to rest, his body would be much more relaxed.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

It was almost dawn when Erhan opened his eyes.

It was in the afternoon that he had tea time with Lise, who brought the cake, so he must have slept more than 12 hours.

The chronic headache that had been bothering him was gone and his head was clear.

He originally thought little of the people who came to the castle.

In particular, Ferelmen’s attendants resigned so much that he was even less interested in them.

He often felt that they were annoyed by his frequent illness, especially when they were measuring his fever or delivering medicine on Ferelmen’s errand.

So from some point on, he began to bear the pain alone without pressing the attendant’s bell. It wouldn’t get completely better anyway, and he didn’t want to show his weakness to strangers.

The Duchess was busy ruling the estate and raised him strictly, so he was used to being cautious rather than childish.

Of course, this time he didn’t expect much from the young attendant either …

When she approached him to play ball together, it was quite nice that she was his age.

But she was so affectionate that he thought it would be difficult and sad when she left.

The aforementioned girl of the same age was recognized by the fussy Ferelmen and won the heart of her mother who was like an iron fortress …

He was frankly pleased when Lise came with the cake. So he did not want to show the pain even more.

However, Lise immediately noticed that his condition was not good and immediately began to take action.

Erhan stared at her, sleeping with her face to the side of his bed.

‘The towel on my forehead was still cold. She must have nursed me all night.’

No attendant was by his side all night because of an ‘illness that would never heal.’ After administering the medicine prescribed by Ferelmen himself, they would only tell him to call them if anything happened and they would soon leave the room.

Erhan’s eyes turned to the note next to Lise. His condition, which changed every half hour, was well documented. Even the change in mana, the response to herbs, was very meticulously noted.

“If I do my best, you will feel a little better.”

Her words of doing her best to make him feel a little better rang true.

Erhan involuntarily stroked her tousled brown hair. It seemed that he had already given some affection to this new little helper.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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