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Doctor Resignation Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Then we’ll be on our way.” (Ferelmen)

The Duchess was busy managing the land anyway, so we made our stay end quickly. She could not stop Ferelmen’s private plans but expressed her disapproval by not responding to our farewell greetings.

Viscount Ferelmen, Erhan, and I were forced to leave together.

As soon as Ferelmen left the Duchess’s room, he greeted Erhan curtly and disappeared somewhere. Erhan and I returned to our respective rooms.

I said goodbye to him and tried to enter my room, but he looked at me and smiled.

“It is true that Viscount Ferelmen likes you.”

“Of course.”

When I saw Erhan from afar when I was nineteen, I never thought he was handsome at all.

However, the more I looked at thirteen-year-old Erhan, the more I found him strangely cute and handsome.

He looked like the Duchess. His long, curved eyes, dark eyebrows, black hair and delicate white face were quite stunning.

“I told you. I’m not lying.”

When I entered the room, I stroked Erhan’s head without realizing it.

“I heard from Jenny earlier that there’s a doorbell in your room that connects to the one in my room. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, be sure to ring the doorbell. I’ll be there.”


He sighed lightly.

“My mother is wary of others. She’s a bit cold, she’s like that to me too. She has become more sensitive after my father’s death, I understand if you are offended by her cold words.”

“It’s better to be suspicious than less prepared. I was not offended.”

I responded calmly because I thought it was nothing special.

“In the end, she will eventually see my great abilities and recognize me.”

Erhan looked at me with his black eyes and nodded.

“Yes. If you really don’t lie as you say, that’s what will happen. I’ll wait and see.”

When he was with Wederick, he was like a baby who hasn’t grown up yet but he could speak with more dignity than I initially thought.

I smiled slightly as I watched Erhan’s back walking proudly to his room after lifting his chin.

“Master Erhan, you have to eat everything tonight too! That’s a promise! I assure you, no one will think it’s funny or look down on you!”

Erhan turned around and nodded slightly, and I laughed with satisfaction.

Since that’s already the case, I’ll raise him to the fullest.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

When I entered the room, I was lost in thought.

I became assistant to the Viscount of Ferelmen.

It was an exceptional case to be accepted as an assistant and to have full authority over medical treatment in only three days.

However, getting free access to the laboratory was another problem.

Still, from the above conversation, I discovered what I needed to make this strategy work.

‘I will develop a paternity test.’

At this time, almost 10 different tests must be performed to verify paternity. In addition, each test is quite complicated and time-consuming.

But I know that in six years a new method of paternity testing will come out. The new version is about three days faster by reducing 10 tests to 7, but not quite sure how they did it.

Maybe … if I combine Efron weed with Syrika roots.

I only read it in newspaper articles and never reproduced them myself. However, I thought I could reproduce it if I experimented with it a few times.

‘If I can do the slightly faster version of the test that provides the results in 10 days and give him the result, he might let me use the lab when I tell him I will try to create an even faster method for parental testing.’

I asked Jenny to bring me some Efron grasses, Syrika roots and simple experimental instruments. I spent the whole afternoon alone and started researching.

It was a simple enough task that I just needed to get the combination right, but of course, I needed some trial and error.

I thought I had to figure it out quickly, so I plunged into my research, filling my dinner with bread alone.

Meanwhile, the sun set, and the moon tilted.

“Almost there…I think I’ve got it now.”

The entire Duchy mansion went dark in the night.

I was still struggling with the Syrika roots when suddenly the bell rang next to my bed.

According to the maid in charge of magic items, if the bell rings green, it is a call from Ferelmen and if it rings blue, it is a call from Erhan.

And if it rings red, it’s the Duchess’s call.

I stopped studying and stood up with a nervous look on my face.

The bell was red.

‘Madam? In the middle of the night?’

The Duchess’s cold face came to mind.

She is not a particular opponent I would want to face in the middle of the night, but now was not the time to run.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

“My head hurts.”

The Duchess said, pointing to her forehead with a grimace.

She exclaimed with a look of indifference.

“Give me some painkillers.”

“Do you have a migraine on the right side as usual? Or are you suffering from a throbbing pain?”

The Duchess glared at me.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s all in the medical record. And the more detailed the symptoms I know, the better I can give treatment.”

At my response, she sighed.

“I have a throbbing pain.”


I handed her one of the two medicines I had prepared, the Duchess drank at once and then leaned back.

Holding the medicine bottle, I sat down next to the bed and held her hand still. The Duchess looked at me in astonishment.

“You’re not going?”

“I’ll stay until you go to sleep.”

I held her hand tightly and smiled slightly.

“If you inject mana directly like this when you have a headache, it will give you a slight somnifacient effect.”

(PR: somnifacient inducing sleep: hypnotic sense).


“Viscount Ferelmen is a man, so he would not have given you this prescription.”

The Duchess stared at me but did not let go of my hand. A time of silence passed and her eyes began to slowly close.

“You’re not afraid of me?”

“I’m not.”

Whenever subjects from the Duchy arrived and demanded a verdict, or when employees made a mistake, she always showed a passive expression.

Besides, everyone used to avoid the Duchess because she always had a cold face. But…

“I’m sure I can do my job well, so why should I be afraid of the Duchess?”

There is no reason for me to be afraid.


“In the end, the Duchess will trust me.”

I gently stroked her hand.

Since a doctor was not a magician, it was not possible to use magic directly.

However, an outstanding physician could diagnose or manipulate the flow of mana in the human body.

In particular, injecting mana was a very delicate task. It could not be done unless the person was a good physician.

‘For example, like me.’

Murmured the Duchess in a slightly drunken voice.

“It’s been a long time.”


“Holding someone’s hand and falling asleep.”

I replied softly, injecting her with warm mana.

“It’s my first time.” (Lise)


“Holding someone’s hand in their room and waiting for them to fall asleep.”


“I grew up in a daycare.”

Before I went back in time, even when I was working in a clinic and gaining medical knowledge, I never went to someone’s house for a business trip.

So, it was the first time I waited for someone to go to sleep.

At daycare, everyone gathered to sleep, and since everyone worked all day, we were so exhausted that we passed out in bed.

Of course, I was curious about my parents, but I thought they were smart people no matter who they were. Otherwise, I couldn’t have been so smart.

‘But why did those smart people lose me?’

I didn’t know if I was lost or if they died young.

I could live well without my parents, but, of course, I couldn’t help but wonder.

‘I wish I could find them this time.’

I would grow up fine no matter what, so if they were still alive, I could be kind to them, without blaming them.

And even if it fails, I was going to start a new family and become a good mother myself.


The Duchess murmured in a slightly sleepy voice. It was the first time she had said my name, so I was a little surprised.

Earlier in the afternoon, she didn’t even call her own son, Erhan.


“You don’t even know your parents’ faces?”

“Yes, I’d like to have a family too.”

I replied calmly.


There was silence again and the Duchess murmured in a whisper. It was definitely a voice that was falling asleep.

“Thank you. I’m falling asleep.”

“Of course. Because it’s a prescription that has a drowsy effect.”

“…It’s been a long time.”

Having said that, the Duchess dropped her head completely.

Before I knew it, she gripped my hand tightly. Perhaps she would wake up tomorrow and have a very clear head.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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