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Doctor Resignation Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The next morning, Ferelman handed me some medical journals.

“We will be greeting the Duchess and Young Master Erhan this afternoon. Therefore, please read and understand all the information.”

Jenny gasped at the ridiculous amount of newspapers piling up on the desk.

“M-my oh sir… this is quite enough, sir. You should have delivered this to Miss Lise yesterday.”

“I did not.”

Then, I interrupted them in a leisurely manner of speaking.

“This is possible.”

Jenny picked out some nice clothes and braided my hair as I began to look through the medical record carefully.

“This is too much.”

Jenny said.

“I would never ask a thirteen-year-old assistant to memorize medical records like this.”

“Of course, Jenny.”

I answered lightly.

“We couldn’t just pass on the Duchess’ personal information to an assistant.”

“Why would I…”

“I’m going to stay here as an employee. At least six years? I think you’ve noticed.”

Then I calmly began to read the next medical journal.

The Duchess was suffering from chronic headaches and intermittent stomach pains.

This was due to stress. Moreover, Ferelman himself gave her a very appropriate prescription whenever she suffered from headaches.

He sure is a good doctor. He was different from the doctors I knew before I went back to the past.

But why did he die suddenly in six years? The prescription itself is already appropriate.

Of course, there was a bigger problem.

It was Erhan Iliad Cerseus.

It is said that he sometimes suffered from a high fever accompanying a seizure. In addition, stomachache, headache, and unidentified toothache.

Of course, on all occasions, Ferelman had tried to save Erhan and had treated him well, but it was only temporary because Ferelman did not know the cause of his suffering.

Ferelman was too busy with the search for his little girl, so it was not possible for him to stay with him every day. Maybe I could find out what his factor was if I looked closely.

That was my first, unconditional goal.

“Then, somehow, we can develop a cure. Six years is enough.”

To make it possible, I had to do some research. I also studied some herbs and others needed for research. I also needed Ferelman’s support.

If I said I knew how the future would unfold, I would be thrown out and labeled crazy.

I need to be able to use Ferelmen’s lab as much as I can. At least when he goes out to run some errands.

If I am recognized for my skill, he would trust me to take care of the medical faction in the Duchy Cerseus. I would also apply for a leave of absence and look for his daughter.

I will also have some advantages and I can use his laboratory to develop something new. I can also use all kinds of materials and devices for my research.

That’s the second goal – make the lab accessible.

After interpreting and understanding all the medical records, I was determined to unravel the mystery.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

“This is my new assistant, your excellency.”

Ferelmen introduced me without particular and unnecessary information.

I greeted the two high aristocrats with good manners. Fortunately, I asked Jenny not to primp me a bit.

“I am Lise Estelle. I look forward to your kind cooperation, my Duchess and young master.”

“This is quite unexpected.” (Isabel)

Isabel Cecilia Cerseus is the Duchess of Cerseus. She did not look well.

However, she appeared to be much younger in her late 30’s. She has shiny, platinum silver hair and a pair of midnight black eyes.

Interestingly, the coldness in her eyes was quite similar to Erhan’s.

Ferelman didn’t point her out much. She had a small expression, much like her cold-hearted personality.

“I can’t believe you introduced me to a new assistant after three days. Didn’t they quit before they showed up?”

The Duchess stared at me before continuing.

“And you look quite young.”

“She’s thirteen.”

Ferelman replied after taking a sip of tea.

“She’s of an age where intelligence is not necessarily proportional. I almost finished my current medical knowledge when I was thirteen.”

I nodded my head.

He looked like he was going to cut me himself, but I wasn’t too bothered.

“Me too.”

Erhan, who was sitting next to the duchess, smiled slightly at me.

I always tell the truth, but neither Jenny nor Erhan could understand why he was laughing.


The Duchess’s look at me showed signs of being untrustworthy and unapproved.

Of course, it wasn’t something I didn’t understand. Even Ferelman, Erhan, and Jenny had that look when they first saw me.


The Duchess lowered her gaze.

“So you’re the assistant. Your talent for being a doctor…I was wondering if you’re doing well.”

“I’m good at anything, your excellency.”


“I don’t have much patience for stupidity.”

I understood the words and nodded silently.

Ferelman changed the subject without much expression.

“Is there something you’ve been meaning to ask?”

“It’s not that, I just get some headaches every day and my stomach hurts when I drink milk.”


Ferelmen called my name.

“Please prescribe the medicine.”

I answered clearly.

“As you usually prescribe, you can add oasis herb and daeron root to use as medicine. Why don’t you avoid dairy products as much as you can? And if you can’t, would you mind using a witch’s petal?”

“But if the headache doesn’t stop?”

“Please use this cerellonia therapy.”

Ferelman nodded and looked at Erhan.

“Is everything alright with you, young master?”


“Try to control your diet and exercise. Are you doing well with that?”


I shook my head inwardly.

I knew he never made any effort. He seemed to be in the habit of lying to Ferelman.

“Lise, what are you going to do if the young master suddenly falls?”

“It depends on the symptoms, but I will follow the basic policy of the Zebelion Manual and contact you immediately since the cause is unknown.”

“Yes, well done.”

After studying the medical record this morning, I felt that both Ferelman and I have the same prescription for patients.

Perhaps it is because we have the same opinion about the disease.

Ferelmen unconsciously raised his mouth, but I could tell after watching him for the past three days.

It was clear that he rather liked my answer.

“From now on, we are going to have Lise as a doctor for a while. If you feel uncomfortable, Your Excellency, contact Lise.”

“… What?”

The Duchess frowned.

“A 13-year-old assistant… She only has 3 days of experience. Are you saying she will be the one to treat the Duchess?”

There was a sharpness expressed in her tone. Her voice was full of anxiety and coldness ran down my back.

“I will watch her until I am confident enough for her to handle everything … Until I trust her completely.”

Ferelman said firmly.

“I’m thinking of visiting the Irvia region.”

Irvia was a southern region where people had to cross the sea quite far by boat.

Seeing that the Duchess could not say anything, it seemed that he was going to find his daughter.

They said that both the Duchess and Ferelmen had a contract that included finding his daughter.

“I will deal with it, for now, Your Grace. But if you don’t trust her, let me know. I will try to stay longer and delay my departure.”


There was a moment’s silence.

The Duchess was forced to nod.

“I understand the situation because I was once in that situation, Sir Ferelmen.”

But it was a voice with a cold wind as if she could never trust me. She doesn’t look at me either, as I was getting goosebumps with the current atmosphere.

“It’s a pity, your excellency. To be honest, it’s understandable. Whatever happens, I will try to devote all my efforts as a physician to the Duchy. I completely understand your concerns, but trust me for a while.” (Lise)

No matter how cold the Duchess was, she was not particularly worried.

This was because I had no reason to lose faith in the Duchess because of my current ability. I was more competent than she thought.

“I am quite talented in medicine.”


The Duchess sighed as if to stop talking and give up completely.

I’m just saying the right thing, but confidence was something I had to build with my skills anyway.

Instead of persuading her any longer, I made another plan in my mind.

Ferelman plans to go to Irvia soon to find his daughter.

Irvia is quite far away and it will take a long time to perform a paternity test there.

Besides, I can study at my leisure if I get permission to evaluate the lab.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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