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Doctor Resignation Chapter 15

Chapter 15

»»————- ♡ ————-««

‘I think I’ve given enough hints to Jenny, why don’t you give me your lab yet!’

Erhan and I are having a snack inside the garden. I was sitting while biting my nails, feeling anxious as usual.

Ferelmen is about to leave the territory.

I was giving Erhan milk with a nutritious mixture when someone suddenly approached us politely.

“You are Miss Lise, aren’t you?”

It was a man, with light pink hair and a tall figure. He was giving me a very suave and polite impression.

“You are?”

“Sir Ferelmen had sent me to you. I heard from him that you prefer older friends.”

When did I…?

I was about to answer him when Erhan squeezed my hand tightly. His pair of midnight black eyes glittered and gave a cold impression.

“Oh, have you finished eating, Master? You should chat with this person for a while.”

I took the glass from him and turned to the person while Erhan was holding me tightly in one hand.

“Sir Ferelman sent me a friend?”

No, I think I already gave you a hint about something I really want. Why did you suddenly send me something useless?

“Greetings miss, my name is Diel Molekin. I have worked with Ferelmen for a long time. My master said my intelligence was guaranteed and I am eighteen years old.”

I wanted to say that I don’t need a friend. But then, Diel continues his speech as he is not done yet.

“Sir Ferelmen appointed me to build your personal laboratory with the utmost dedication.”

“Uh… Could I use his laboratory?”

“He wanted to turn your personal research field into a colorful and spacious room.”

I want to use his lab, but instead, he is building me a new lab?

The rich and the poor have different scales. I was a commoner to the core, so I hadn’t really thought about having my own lab.

Of course, there were no complaints about building a new private space for me. The very thought of it made me smile at Diel. His summer lake blue eyes continue to mesmerize me.

“Then, I’ll leave it to you.”

“I’ve already informed the Duchess, do you want the lab to be on the greenhouse site?”

“I would love that.”

“Then I will proceed with the interior, furnishings, and some necessary lab equipment, miss.”

“You must be going through a difficult time.”

“It’s my job.”

He replied with a shrug. His soft, innocent smile turned to me.

“And, of course, I was hired because you needed a smart friend around nineteen.”


“I’ll see you later. I’ll get back to you when we’re done discussing the plan to build the lab at the greenhouse site.”

“Of course.”

Since Ferelmen sent him to me, he must be very intelligent and dedicated to his work.

I nodded with a pleased expression. Originally, I heard that Ferelmen’s workers were perfect when it came to working.

It was possible for the upper office to accumulate a large profit even when Ferelmen was madly looking for his daughter.

Diel left after bowing politely to Erhan.

Thinking about the expensive equipment made me hum with excitement. Suddenly, I could feel my back burning as if I was being pricked by a sharp needle.

“Master Erhan?”

He was looking at me with an intense gaze as I looked back at him with confusion.

“Are you uncomfortable, are you sick?”


His pair of deep black eyes narrowed and suddenly turned sharp.

“Do you need a friend, Lise?”


“A smart friend of about nineteen years old?”

I felt a little hesitant about answering his serious question.

“Well…I don’t really need friends. But it’s true that I could use a smart friend of about nineteen.”

Erhan gripped my hand tightly after hearing my answer. His strength was enough to make me hurt a little.

“But why a nineteen years old person?”

Because that’s technically my mental age …

I started to move my hands from his strong grip because I felt self-conscious.

“So that we can communicate more easily if the person is older than me?”


I froze because I was fascinated by his bright dark irises. Interestingly, that pair of eyes were similar to the Duchess’s when she was angry.

“Do you like that kind of boy, Lise?”

“A boy I like…”

I tilted my head as I thought about my impression of Diel Molekin.

Obviously, he was a stranger to me. He still had nothing to do with me, so I was a little speechless by Erhan’s question.

I hesitated for a moment when my hands felt a strong grip. I quickly changed the subject.

“By the way, Master Erhan, could you please let go of my hand?”

“Lise is my closest person.”

“That’s right.”

“But do you need friends?”

“It’s good to have friends, but I don’t need them.”

“Am I not your friend, Lise?”


I finally managed to let go of his hand and my eyes were wide with his unconscious question.

“You are talking about a very important subject, Master Erhan. You are an aristocrat and the official heir to the Duchy Cerceus. I am a commoner. Friend? That’s nonsense.”

When I explained, I noticed the disappointment on his face. Seeing that, I gently fed him a strawberry.

“We are much more than friends.”


“Of course.”

Wederick will be back soon.

I spoke sternly and couldn’t help but be cautious about his arrival soon.

“Much more than friends? More than blood relations…That’s our relationship.”

“You promise.”


I nodded my head after seeing his reaction.

” You shouldn’t change, Master Erhan.”

“Yes, but…”

Erhan muttered under his breath and lowered his gaze.

“I want to grow tall.”

Oh my God!

I felt like screaming from the heart right now!

“I want to be smart.”

‘That’s a good idea!’

I couldn’t express my feelings right now, but I felt like crying with pride.

“Even if I’m not nineteen, I’ll act and become nineteen.”

His grumpy way of talking was so cute.

I never thought he was cute when I saw him as a kid before I came back, but when I looked at his long eyelashes and soft cheeks, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Maybe it was because I was raising him all this time.

Even his sulky, sullen expression was somewhat childish and he could barely restrain himself from wanting something.

“Then do as I say.”

I gave him another strawberry since the fruit was known to be good for growing, but I also gave him some sour vegetables.

Erhan, who would be upset about being able to eat bitter things, took the vegetables without complaint.

“Eat the foods I recommend, exercise harder and get a good night’s sleep on time. Also, you need a more professional person to work out with.”

“I don’t need them unless it’s Lise.”

“Sure, but the Knights will be more useful than me if you want to get tall and strong faster.”

“What about being smart?”

“Of course, it’s not enough to read a few books with me at night.”

I had a lot of medical knowledge, but I didn’t know much about the culture of the aristocracy.

Of course, this was also an area to be entrusted to some experts, such as personal tutors.

“It would be nice if the tutor would help him and assist him in understanding all the books he reads.”

Still, Erhan was smaller than me.

It was cute to see him bow his head, and I felt sorry for him for giving me affection so easily.

Looking at his red, juicy lips, I swallowed a victorious smile.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

A few days later, Ferelmen left to find his daughter traveling to Irvia.

“I’ll be back in three months.”


The Duchess nodded as if that didn’t affect her.

“I hope you find your daughter and travel safely.”

Usually, the Duchess expressed her discomfort and disapproval of him. She used to ask him to return sooner.

But this time, she showed no discouragement and stroked my brown hair.

“I have Lise here.”

The Duchess had never personally accompanied Ferelmen as she did today. It was surprising that she looked much better after I gave her a prescription.

That’s because I add a slightly more detailed recipe than Ferelmen.

“Good luck with your trip.”

Erhan took my hand and said goodbye.

The skinny little boy was much stronger after eating and getting a good night’s sleep. The change was quite obvious as he was still young. Of course, he gained some weight which was necessary for that age.

“Send a messenger if anything happens. I’ll be right back. It’s natural for some mistakes to happen.”

“Yes, sir.”

I nodded my head after he gave me some stern advice.

“Have a safe trip.”

“What are you talking about?”

Ferelmen frowned after hearing my sincere wish.

“You have to see me off at the port.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re my assistant, Lise.”

Erhan took a step forward as he spoke in confusion.

“But an assistant has never …”

“I’d like to order something for her.”

Ferelmen said stiffly.

“Follow me along with Diel. We’ll pass a convenience store on our way.”

My lab prep in the greenhouses was well prepared under Diel’s command.

Diel, who was standing next to Ferelmen, smiled gently as he approached me.

“I believe Monsieur wanted to give a gift, Miss Lise. Let us leave together.”

“Stop talking, Diel.”

“Do you know how to choose lab equipment? I’m accompanying her because I don’t trust you.”

“Oh, of course.”

It wouldn’t be so bad to buy some lab apparatus with Ferelmen’s money.

‘I’ll choose the most first-class one I can get.’

I turned to Erhan, who was still holding my hand tightly, and spoke softly.

“I’ll be right back, Master Erhan.”


Erhan lowered his gaze as he let go of me.

The pair of careful black irises turned to Diel alertly before he looked back at me.

“I’ll trust you, Lise.”

‘Wh…what the hell…?’

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Thank you, everyone, for reading this. This will be the last chapter that I will translate. The first translator of this novel will continue translating this. Please look forward to their updates. It was nice meeting you all~!


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