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Doctor Resignation Chapter 14

Chapter 14

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Hearing my silence, a faint sigh of embarrassment escaped the Duchess’s mouth. I noticed that and quickly changed the subject.

“Please tell your maid to sweeten the scent of dandelion in your water bath. It can make your skin look much better and softer.”


“I am giving you a proper skin consultation that doesn’t affect your head or your stomach. I’m sure you haven’t had time to take care of your skin.”


“But ma’am, if a person looks in a mirror every day, the person will feel much better. They will feel motivated to start the day, which will be good for their mental health.”

Ferelmen is an indifferent and cold person. It was a little obvious that he was not paying enough attention to the beauty of the young Duchess.

The Duchess nodded her head and said she would try to pay attention next time. She took a sip of tea and smiled ever so slightly.

“I hear you’ve been taking good care of Erhan lately. You’re managing his daily routine and keeping them as habits.”

“That is true.”

I nodded my head.

“Exercising and sleeping are important for immunity, so you should adopt these good habits from an early age.”

In the meantime, I slowly trained him to do some exercise to build up his physical strength so that he could develop muscles.

“Thank you very much. I am very grateful to you about the last snake incident…”

The Duchess sighed.

“He doesn’t listen to me very well. In fact, Erhan is still young. I was too busy and my son was sick so often that I didn’t have a chance to form a bond with him.”


“Meanwhile, I … I wanted to be strong, so I kept saying I shouldn’t be weak, but now I don’t know how to approach him.”

“I can help you, ma’am.”

I said calmly, picking up a decently colored macaron.

“I have nothing to do outside the Duchy, so I’ll take good care of it. I’m the same age as Erhan, but I don’t know why he trusts me so much.”

The Duchess clicked her tongue as she looked at my dress while drinking tea.

“Are all those clothes bought by Ferelman? It’s luxurious, but it’s a bit different from the current trend.”

I shrugged and replied on behalf of Ferelmen.

“No, the dresses were for his daughter. He threw them at me.”


The Duchess’s expression hardened and strangely turned cold.

“That’s what a very inconsiderate person always does.”

Her voice was strangely sharp and cold.

Wait a minute… Weren’t the two of them close, recognizing each other within this territory?

“Leave your time open tomorrow afternoon.”


“No. I’ll send all the boutique reps in the capital with the season’s catalog to Jenny, so pick your favorite. I’ll call you right away.”

»»————- ♡ ————-««

“Did you have a nice moment during the meal, miss?” (Jenny).


It’s been a long time since I arrived at Cerceus Manor.

I responded to Jenny’s careful question with a hint of insincerity.

“It’s all delicious. It’s very nourishing and the kitchen listens to my every request.”

“What about your clothes?”

“It’s all good, I guess. Honestly, it’s not comparable to what I wore in the nursery.”

“But the Duchess sent the catalog…”

“I think I’ll follow yours and Monsieur’s fashion taste.”

I had gone through a mountain of catalogs and had chosen a tailor who could make the most comfortable clothes that would help me move freely.

This didn’t seem to be important, but I didn’t know why Jenny was so anxious.

“Do you need anything else?”

“No, everything is fine.”

Both the clothes and the meals were not comparable to an orphanage, and the problem was that I still hadn’t correctly identified Erhan’s chronic illness.

So far, nothing was noticeable even though I looked carefully at the medical journals and post-prescription responses.

Although I was with Erhan quite often, I could not find the cause.

He was healthy only from the point of view instead of being completely healthy.

If all the hard work was invested in him, everyone would be looking at Erhan with great anticipation.

I have to make him like me more until Wederick comes to visit next month.

Wederick and Baron Ishid always visited the duchy once a month.

Since then, the Baron asked the Duchess to appoint Wederick as Erhan’s playmate. Seeing that her son was lonely and frail, she agreed to his proposal.

Perhaps they were planning for people to be spies within the Duchy.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that. Besides, the paternity test proposal was delivered to Ferelman, so I didn’t have time to pay more attention.

I was waiting for him to allow me to use his lab as a reward.

So I couldn’t listen to Jenny’s inane questions.

To be honest, Ferelman knew he would give her the key to the lab so she could fully experience the new paternity testing method.

However, I thought I did enough in the report, but nothing has been reported yet.

Even when he met me, he just looked at me with his gray eyes and a complicated expression. Then, he ended up sharing some medical journals before leaving me.

“We’ll miss him.”


“Umm… since you already ate and wore something decent, do you have other things you like? Oh, you read medical books almost every day, so do you like books?”

“It’s good to read medical books. But there are enough of them here, so I don’t need any more.”

“Do you need a friend your age? Seeing that you’ve approached Master Erhan…”


I didn’t need another thirteen-year-old brat.

I shook my head firmly.

“To be honest, I don’t really interact with people my age or that sort of thing. I’m of a high mental age. If I wanted a friend, would the person be a smart kid who’s nineteen?”

I didn’t need a friend like that. I only blurted out because I felt I had to respond to Jenny.

After answering insincerely, I calmly cut her off.

“There’s nothing really uncomfortable and nothing I need. So you don’t have to take too much care of me.”

Jenny’s face almost became complicated as I turned and asked her to leave.

Only then did I realize something was odd and I frowned deeply.

“So tell me, what are you doing?”


Jenny sighed and hesitated. But finally she spoke.

“Sir Ferelman has personally asked me to find things you likes…”

“Why is that?”

“I thought he wanted to apologize for suspecting you and thank you sincerely.”

“Then he can do it himself, can’t he?”

“…I mean he’s not the type.”

“That’s true.”

I nodded, thinking of the blunt face that wouldn’t even react if you poked it with a needle.

But I needed to get my answer across.

“What I like is my research proposal.”

I smiled at Jenny.

“Well, I think a lab with lots of different herbs would be excellent for my research.”

‘Please, please let me use your lab!’

I just hope it delivers well.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Arga was lost in thought after Jenny explained everything.

If he was being honest, he wanted her to study more about paternity testing and get more definitive results.

However, Arga was so embarrassed that he was at a loss for words. He was the one who turned her down coldly at first.

Lise was bitten by a snake instead of Erhan, and he was guilty because he had suspected her.

So he tried to find out what else Lise liked …

“She wanted a lab.”

Arga fell into a deep inner anguish.

It was obvious that she wanted to investigate more about the new paternity method. She was looking forward to it.

‘Of course it’s for that purpose, but I really want to do something for her …’

He was annoyed that the Duchess had sent her a large catalog and a famous tailor for Lise.

He did not know that the formal and coarse Duchess would be so kind to a little girl.

“Anything else?”

“Well…I heard her say something else.”

Jenny added, but she wasn’t sure with the insincere request.

“She didn’t like any friends her own age and preferred to have older friends around nineteen.”

“Oh, sure then.”

“Yes, she’s smart, so she’ll need some knowledgeable acquaintances. Master Erhan had been sick since he was a child, so he didn’t have the proper education.”

“I was sick once before, but they used to call me a genius. Heh.”

Arga said with a proud reaction and turned away from Jenny. Then he suddenly remembered.

Standing next to him was Diel, a boy he raised since he was a child.

“You’re eighteen, aren’t you?”

Diel had these ominous thoughts but finally nodded.

“I’m sure he’s smart…”


The pink-haired boy smiled awkwardly and answered slowly.

“Thank you?”

“I didn’t compliment you, so don’t thank me.”

Arga said coolly and then smiled broadly.

“I’m going to Irvia soon. I don’t suppose you have anything to do, do you?”

“I can always do my own homework, my lord.”

Diel has a lean, muscular figure for a boy of eighteen. His face is mature for a boy.

He was a commoner who had worked alongside Ferelmen since he was young and was intelligent enough to be recognized by Ferelman.

He is also much taller than his age and has a kind impression.

Of course, the boy feels a little bit bad and shudders because Ferelmen keeps looking at him.

Arga smiled and said:

“If the Duchess will send her a tailor to give her some dresses …”

“Oh, come on, sir!”

I can send Diel and give her a lab.

Diel’s dream of enjoying his vacation while Ferelmen went to Irvil vanished.

“I don’t know if I can find out what she’s thinking right now.”

“While I’m gone to Irvia, I want you to build the best laboratory for Lise, which is colorful, spacious, and equipped with all kinds of experimental equipment.”

“What, you can give her your lab!”

“Lise’s research field should be much more comfortable than my laboratory.”

“Sir… this is the Duchy of Cerseus. You can’t just build a lab room out of nothing.”

“Does it matter? Get permission from the Duchess.”

“…Yes, sir.”

Diel was sick and tired of the authority to build a laboratory in another castle.

Ferelmen lifted his chin and added, looking at Diel with an absurd expression.

“And be a very close friend to Lise while you prepare for the lab.”

Diel nodded sullenly.

He had no choice anyway.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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