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Doctor Resignation Chapter 13

Chapter 13

»»————- ♡ ————-««

“Lise? Lise!”

The first thing that appeared in my sight after I lost consciousness was a pair of glossy black eyes soaked with tears.

“…Master Erhan?”

“A-are you okay?”


I put my hand on my head as I stood up forcefully. I cleared my throat because I felt dry.

“…It’s been two days.”

Erhan looked at me with trembling eyes soaked with tears.

Seeing that I couldn’t even say anything, it was obvious that he thought this was all his fault to begin with.

Phew, but it wasn’t.

Somehow I felt sorry for him.

A pair of thin but firm arms hugged me warmly. I was shaking because I could feel him sobbing.

“…I was worried.”

I patted his back to comfort him.

It was a bit impressive and outstanding because his hug was strong unlike his weak physique.

“Erborn’s snake venom can be cured in two days if treated well. I’m sure Ferelman gave me a very good prescription.”

I forced it apart as it was a bit suffocating and smiled.

“That’s true, but…I was so nervous. I’m afraid you’ll never open your eyes again, why did you get bitten instead of me?”

“I’m healthy, so I can be cured after receiving simple medicine, but Master Erhan has a chronic illness and it’s difficult to use herbs. It’s better to be bitten instead of you.”

However, Erhan did not seem to be convinced by my reasoning.

“Lise, please don’t ever do that again. Promise me.”

His eyes were trembling as if he was so scared. He squeezed my right hand nervously.

“I can’t promise you. Master Erhan’s health is my top priority.”

I turned my head with a very firm reply.


As Erhan was about to say something, the door to the room opened and Ferelman and the Duchess walked in.

Her reaction was one of discontent and she even frowned.

“It’s a reasonable option to be bitten since you don’t have any chronic illness…”

Ferelman sighed and checked my condition. He looked at me and spoke softly.

“But what if it wasn’t an Erbonian snake, but a more virulent and deadly snake …?”

“I didn’t think so because I’m sure it’s an Erbonian snake.”

I spoke coolly and confidently.

“I think they treat me well because my head was less dizzy and my mouth felt dry, my lord.”

“You think I can’t do this basic treatment?”

“I believed in you, that’s why I was bitten instead.”

The Duchess couldn’t say a word as she stroked my head and sighed.

She only murmured.

“I can’t thank you enough and I’m sorry.”

As Ferelman said, it would have been much more difficult if the poison had been transferred to Erhan, who had an unidentified disease.

Wederick said it was a good place to go.

Erbonian snakes live in colonies. Seeing that the mountain has a hole in it means that the hill is home to the Erbonian colony.

Maybe it’s just one of the traps he’s set for Erhan.

In any case, Wederick was up to no good.

“Now you’ve come to your senses and I have to let you rest.”

Ferelmen said after checking on me. He dragged Erhan, who was strangely clinging to me.

“She needs a good rest, so let’s all go out.”


I nodded.

“Can I have a sleeping pill, please? With the moonlit flowers.”

“I’ve already prepared it.”

After taking the sleeping pills Ferelman gave me, I fell asleep in the quiet room where everyone was leaving.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

A dream hit me because its scenery was a bit hazy. The background was blurry, so I didn’t know where the place was.


A strikingly handsome man with a pair of midnight black eyes was hugging me from behind.

“What if you catch a cold, Lise? You didn’t even dry your hair in the middle of winter.”

My hair in that dream was long and curly. It was still brown and those emerald green eyes shone brightly.

My hair in that dream was long and curly. It was still brown and those emerald green eyes shone brightly.

“I’m a former assistant on this estate. Of course it bothers me to see workers dawdle.”

“But if you get even a little sick, I’ll be worried.”

A gentle but soothing touch swept my hair up to my ears from behind. It was warm and comforting.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll do it for you.”

He began to put some oil in my hair. It was a scented hair oil.

His touch was soothing and his hands ran through my long curly brown hair all the way down. It was so comfortable it made me feel faint.


But strangely, every time his long but firm fingers touched my ears and neck, I felt strangely calm.

“Is it just my feeling?”

Then the man asked softly.

“Is there something else bothering you?”


“I’ll do everything for you, Lise. So you won’t be upset.”

His face was so close I could feel his hot breath tickling my ears.

“Isn’t it annoying to wash?”


I shook my head slightly at him and his thumb suddenly went to my neck. I flinched as my collarbone was pressed.

I touched his hands.

He smiled as he shrugged his shoulders with a strange reaction.

“Why did you have such a strange thought?”

“…That’s what I was referring to. But I didn’t think it was strange.”

“Hold still, so you don’t have to feel tired.”

I was so dumbfounded that I clicked my tongue as he began to touch my ears with his slippery palms to see if there were still oils in there.

“I’ve imagined a lot of things too.”

“Really, you!”

When I turned around again and tried to hit him on his chest, he quickly grabbed my skinny little hand and touched his cheek.

“When you hit my chest, your hand will hurt because it’s hard. Hit me here.”

I was dumbfounded.

What, this guy is so weird…..

It was a sweet moment, but somehow there’s some kind of tension while I’m with him.

“Don’t ever get sick, Lise … I don’t want to experience something worse.”

“What kind of worse experience?”

“The experience of my world collapsing.”

His muscular body moved closer to me as his firm but large hands wrapped around my small body.

“The moment I met you, you became my world.”

“But wasn’t that long ago?”

“I never hated having a chronic illness so much … until I met you.”

He wasn’t wrong to say that.

Your body is as beautiful as your face… I think I’m a little crazy, but that’s about it.

I woke up from my sleep with these peculiar dreams.

And when I fell asleep again, I completely forgot the dream.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

I recovered quickly because Ferelman has been giving me the right prescription.

I was lying down while thinking about the research, but I didn’t get any results. But the people doing the experiment have gained full confidence.

First of all, I had no idea that I would be bitten by a snake, but it was a good thing.

Ferelman said he would leave me in the Duchy and go to Irvia, in the far south, to find his daughter.

The Duchess and Erhan were in complete agreement that I would be their physician for a while.

I quickly returned to my seat.

In the meantime, I was unable to spend my time with Erhan.

I prescribed the Duchess a headache pill once and a stomach ache pill once and was invited to a tea time out of the blue.

Neither the Duchess nor I said anything to each other, so it was not a pleasant tea time.

However, sweet dishes, so colorful, filled the table. My eyes went wide.

“Do the desserts suit your taste, Lise?”


“It’s from a different chef and they were very ambitious in preparing them.”

The Duchess spoke in a solemn tone.

“If you pick your favorite, I’ll hire the chef.”

“He got his own job anyway…”

“I’ll give you double the annual salary.”

I opened my mouth wide.

The rumor that the Duchess had the wealth of the imperial family must have been true.

Well, that’s why Baron Ishid and Wederick will work to get their hands on the wealth from now on just to devour it all.

It was a pity that Wederick was not taming Erhan to be healthy.

And now I leave this land to the rebels…

If they were rebels, I should have planned it, which made me sigh heavily.

“Isn’t that fair?”

The Duchess asked me while tilting her head as if she misunderstood my complicated expression.

“This is a completely blind test.”

“Blind test is not a problem…shouldn’t I try to see their talent to serve a variety of dishes besides sweets to hire an expensive chef?”

“If they can’t do anything else, you can ask them to prepare your own personal dessert.”

The Duchess spoke lightly.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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