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Doctor Resignation Chapter 12

Chapter 12

»»————- ♡ ————-««

It has been a week since I arrived at Cerceus’ mansion.

In the meantime, Erhan has been surprisingly healthy, except for the fact that he once collapsed due to dizziness and was seriously ill.

When Erhan broke out in a cold sweat, Ferelmen gave him a prescription and asked him to rest inside his room.

“This situation happens frequently.”

Erhan feels sedated by Ferelmen’s prescription and lies in bed with his eyes half closed.

However, I was not happy to see this child suffer.

“Tomorrow morning, you’ll be fine.”

As things unfolded at this time, I knew he was going to die.

Therefore, even if Ferelmen leaves this territory at this time, there is no telling when Erhan will be cured.

“Lise, you can go now. I will stay here.”

“I don’t agree, ma’am. Madam can retire and rest right now, as I heard that madam has an important task for tomorrow morning.”

I sat by Erhan’s bedside as I started soaking a towel to reduce his temperature.

“I am the doctor’s assistant. Last time, I also stayed up all night while I took care of the Young Master.”

The Duchess felt a little hesitant, but finally nodded and left the room after saying:

“Very well.”

So I stayed up all night by Erhan’s side.


Erhan suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with his face pale and wan. His midnight black eyes looked at me.

“Sleep, Master Erhan.”

I patted his hand as my green eyes looked at the precious boy.

“Today…this time and next time…will you still stay here?”

“Yes, I will stay by your side until you regain your health tomorrow.”

Eran held out his hand helplessly.

‘You look like a baby…’

I smiled as I held his hand.

“Yes, I’ll hold your hand. Go back to sleep.”


He closed his eyes again and muttered.

“…Stay here.”

“I will.”

Even though he was sleeping well, Erhan woke up several times that night just to make sure I was still there.

He had such a deep and lonely night.

I couldn’t find any other symptoms that night either.

The cause of his illness is still unknown.

Of course, this does not mean that there is no possible factor. Since I stayed up two nights taking care of him, Erhan began to open up to me.

And, Erhan was spending his decent lifestyle as I wanted.

So, every day we seemed to be living our life really well.

“Wow, Master Erhan, you seem to be faster than yesterday!”

I clapped my hands and looked on in amazement as I watched Erhan. He was running vigorously toward a huge aesthetic tree.

“Run! Run! You need to build up your immunity!”

No matter how different we were, I was in a position to make him talk more comfortably.

Erhan, who had run a few laps, sat next to me, trying to relax.

“I ran one more lap than yesterday.”

“How are you feeling? You feel good after moving often, don’t you?”

“Yes, I feel very refreshed.”

I wiped off his sweat and let him drink warm water.

During the break, I always prepared a nutritious sandwich for him.

It was for him to get used to eating healthier dishes and not refuse to eat.

“You have to eat everything without leaving leftovers. Then I’ll play with you.”

Fortunately, Erhan didn’t object to me feeding him.

“I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight too.”

“I guess sho.”

Erhan responded with a muzzle because his mouth was full.

I kept looking at him and he seemed cute no matter how much I thought about it.

I wasn’t really into kids, but there were a lot of kids that followed me around at the daycare.

I even wiped some of Erhan’s sweaty hair because I remembered how I took care of some kids while I was at the daycare.

Erhan looked at me with an excited smile and asked.

“But you said you were going to play with me. So I don’t want to go to bed early today.”

“You have to sleep early to be strong.”


Erhan’s eyes narrowed satisfyingly, perhaps at this moment.

“So you’re going to be with me tonight, are you?”


“You’re making me sleepy because you held my hand.”

It’s not that…

I got a little embarrassed.

I was just trying to help. Holding hands and closing his eyes helped him fall asleep quickly.

“Last night, when I was sick, you held my hand and I’m better.”

That’s not true…

It was because of Ferelmen’s prescription.

I tried to clarify that point, but Erhan was relentless.

“I feel like I’ve been feeling better lately.”

Erhan smiled and said:

“Even today, my dizziness is completely gone. I guess it’s because I slept soundly.”

“Well… I repeat, sleeping is a way to regain more energy, and getting enough sleep makes you healthier.”

After I explained, I couldn’t help myself. I worked so hard to get him to trust me, so I should be able to do so much …

“Okay, I’ll be with you tonight until you go to sleep.”

These conversations were repeated over and over again. Maybe tomorrow we will be back to square one.

I didn’t think it would matter if he slept alone, but Erhan insisted that I should be by his side.

“Not just tonight, but continuously.”

“…Well, s-sure.”

I replied lightly.

I thought a child would feel good if he slept well after suffering from insomnia for a long time.

“But you still need to go to bed earlier.”

‘That way, you’ll be taller and stronger.’

He seemed to have a better build and a richer expression than I had first seen him.

‘If you raise him right, he’ll look great.’

I was lost in thought when I saw him drinking water.

I’m trying to achieve a humane peace like this, and I thought it would be nice to indulge a little personal greed.

Erhan, who I last saw before returning, was so unattractive that he wasn’t worth raising.

So, if you’re going to be healthy, I’ll make it up to my liking …

‘Your physique is splendid, so I think you can grow more. I like a more muscular body. Then tall and strong … Your voice should be a little lower when you are in the puberty phase, right? The lower it is, the cooler it will be, so you should take care of your throat. I’ll have to ask them to put some lemon in the sandwich with some good herbs.’

The image of a young man with slightly decadent, beautiful black hair faded.

I had a very good memory, but I couldn’t understand why I suddenly had a secondary image of my ideal type.

‘Have I ever seen a patient like that before I came back? That’s strange. I’ll be able to remember someone so handsome.’

When I looked at thirteen-year-old Erhan, I laughed to myself.

“Is hiking also exercise?”

Suddenly, Eran asked me a question and I quickly erased the false idea.

“Of course.”

“Then, can I go to the hill behind the castle tomorrow?”

“Great. You wanted to go there?”


“Yes, I’m going tomorrow.”

His young face, smiling reassuringly, was full of excitement.

I stroked his cheek and smiled happily.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Behind the castle, there was a small hill near the mountain instead of a mountain.

“Erhan, are you all right?”


I could see him gasp, but he shrugged and walked.

Two gentlemen were escorting us from behind.

“You wanted to come here?”

“Wederick said there were a lot of cherries here.”

“Oh, really?”

I walked beside him with my hands clasped. My eyes were bright and excited when I heard about the berries.

“Then I’ll have to pick a lot.”

He spoke casually as if he knew.

“I thought you’d like it.”


“Last time you had dinner, you saved on fruit desserts.”

“I’m from an orphanage…I save it when it’s good.”

The sky was blue with a hint of fluffy white clouds as the weather was pleasant. Birdsong was heard here and there.

Erhan’s hand, holding mine tightly, was warm. The way we walked as we listened to the birds singing and twirling was peaceful.

“I’ve never been on a picnic as relaxed as this before.”

Walking up the hillside, we decided to snack for a while.

We sat side by side in the sunny spot while the guards prepared the picnic basket.


“That’s great.”

Erhan reached over and handed me another cherry, and I didn’t refuse to eat it cold.

“Even if it’s hard, it feels good to look at the sunlight and move my body.”

“I’m right, aren’t I?”

I smiled and let him mend the bunch of cherries.

“I picked the hatching leaves as they came up. It will help you grow if you eat it. Eat these herbs.”

“…This looks strange.”

“But you said you would do everything I told you to do.”

He took a bite of the herbs and threw it up as if it had no taste.

“It’s bitter. It doesn’t taste good.”

“Oh, don’t just answer and eat.”

I reassured him by forcing him to eat the leaves.

“Instead, I’ll play the flute and make a ring out of flowers.”

“What’s that?”

“We always do that when we go out to play.”

That’s when I got distracted for a while by finding some grass flowers and inappropriate grass.

I heard the snacks were ready, turned my head, and saw a snake approaching Erhan’s ankle.

“Master Erhan!”

I dropped the flowers from the grass in surprise and ran toward him.

If it had a red body and black spots, it must be a slightly toxic Erbonian snake.

If the weak Erhan was bitten, it would cause a big problem.

Without time to think, I hastily hugged him and turned around.


I felt a bitter pain in my ankle.

It wasn’t long before my vision began to feel blurry.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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