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Doctor Resignation Chapter 11

Chapter 11

»»————- ♡ ————-««

I locked myself in my room during my free time to study a new method of paternity testing.

If the results are easily obtained, this experiment would not be too difficult knowing that I have little knowledge about the test.

Once I am sure of the proportion of herbs in the paternity experiment test, I will go to Ferelmen to obtain additional herbs for further research.

“Can you give me some Etof petals?”

I obtained all the herbs needed for the experiment thanks to Jenny. But I thought I would try to get the petals by myself.

Because the petals could be used as poison if they were consumed for a long time.

That’s why I asked Ferelmen separately.

Besides, I was a newcomer and an outsider in the Duchy Cerseus. Of course, one would be wary of my request.


As I expected, Ferelmen firmly refused.

I was cold even as I was about to defend my own request.

“Now, you have two choices.”

“What is it?”

“Get lost right now and…”

But suddenly his eyes wavered. In fact, the Duchess was not in very good condition.

After the Duke’s death, the Duchess was sick almost every day. Erhan, who was the only son in the family, had an unknown illness. He was the only blood relative to inherit the Duchy of Cerseus.

“… Tell me your reason. But whatever it is, I won’t believe it and will probably waste my time.”

Ferelmen liked me because I was smart and exceeded his expectations. But I could not easily gain access to the lab as he distrusts me.

Well, it was natural for a doctor to provide good care to his patients. That’s why I don’t intend to hesitate in front of him and speak calmly.

I just have to give my all in this negotiation with Ferelmen.

“So, can you read my report first?”

I handed over a brief report that I had meticulously arranged. His scowling face hardened after reading the title of the report.

<Investigation on simplifying paternity testing>.

“As you can see from the contents, you will need to combine Efron paste and Syrika roots in a ratio of 3: 1. Then boil them in a jar for 80 hours before adding some Etof petals…”

Ferelmen was examining the report as he listened to my explanation. His eyes were focused on every text on every page.

“… We can also speed up the paternity test as the procedures are quite simple.”

“How on earth did you…”

“I was trying to match the amount of Etof petals to the end of this experiment. But if you don’t trust me, you can try to experience it yourself.”

Ferelmen seemed to understand everything from a simple report. It was a rather complicated and crude report, but he is smart.

However, this smart man couldn’t save Erhan either. My shoulders were heavy with all the burdens.

“This investigation…oh God.”

“Well, yes, I am a genius.”

The combination of the herbs indicated in the reports was unusual, but no further explanation is necessary.

Instead, Ferelmen simply shrugged and said nothing.

“I just did a little research because I thought it might be useful to you.”

He was blunt, cold, and not very nice. But if you look closer, he was just a pitiful person.

He lost his wife and his daughter. He also lost his close friend and stayed in the Duchy because he felt guilty about the Duke’s death. His mental health was not so good to the point that I felt sorry for him.

Ferelmen could not smile freely because he felt he had nothing.

But his arrogant and stubborn personality was still natural.

“I’m not doing this out of curiosity nor did I want any compensation.”

I said it calmly just to avoid misunderstanding.

“You gave me your daughter’s room, so I thought I wanted to help.”

Ferelman sighed as he put his palm to his forehead. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t know about his daughter’s incident.


I wanted to come out naturally after seeing him like that. Well, I didn’t expect him to apologize or thank me for the investigation.

However, he couldn’t bear to look me in the eye and must be regretting his choice right now.

“If I were you, of course I wouldn’t give my assistant the Etof petals carelessly.”

I was trying to comfort him, but I don’t think he understands.

“Then get some rest. I’ll keep working on this research.”

“Well … I think we can get better results if we study it more seriously.”

‘Please fall into the trap! Let me use your laboratory!’

“Your daughter’s room is too nice to use as a research field. Oh, of course I like the room very much.”

I added just in case he tried to take away my cozy and comfortable room.

Wasting no time, I rushed out of his office.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Ferelmen clicked his tongue once again as he read the contents of the report written by Lise.

His previous assistants struggled to get close to him. Indeed, he was famous for his medical skills throughout the continent. But, unfortunately, he was unable to investigate further due to the disappearance of his wife and daughter.

He was distracted because the Duchess asked him to stay. If it wasn’t his fault, he wouldn’t choose to stay.

But Lise was different.

She was the youngest but the most knowledgeable in the medical field. She didn’t act weak and cute.

Lise showed her ability in her own way which made her different from his previous assistants.

Their thoughts were strangely similar and made them communicate more easily even though they were not close.


“Yes, sir.”

Jenny was a servant who had been with him since he was born. Somehow it was a little satisfying after seeing Jenny grow attached to Lise.

The situation in the Duchy was bad as there were not enough people to be placed in any given area. Also, the doctor’s office had very few workers.

But, a talented girl appeared at the right time.

It was true that Lise was a medical expert, but he couldn’t help but be wary of her existence.

“Have you seen anything suspicious in the meantime?”


“There was a rather unusual day.”

“What is it?”

“She simply wrote in her one notebook she brought here from the first day. She fills it out while she looks after the young master.”

Arga took the paper Jenny gave and began to read it.

“Just in case, I copied everything, but I don’t know what it means…surely, there was nothing out of the ordinary.”


Arga frowned as he quickly glanced at Jenny’s copy of the log.

Lise didn’t use any herbs that could be dangerous. Besides, she was trying all kinds of appropriate treatments.

The records she wrote were detailed and meticulous. She uses mana injection, which requires careful control with the correct amount.

Arga unknowingly sighed and muttered at the record. He never felt relieved as he did now.

“I think you can stop looking at it.”

Her skills were not only good, but her records seemed to be very detailed and organized.

The results were a success and could not be achieved if Lise was not honest in giving the prescription.

She tried all these methods and spent every night but did not report back to me?

He felt that she was not trying to show off, but was sincerely prescribing medication to her patients.

He cleared his throat and spoke haughtily.

“Send Lise some cake. Please pass the message along, thank you. Sorry to be suspicious.”

As expected, Jenny looked surprised as she hesitated while confused.

Ferelman turned his head away from her confused look and frowned.

“I have something to do. I really don’t care about her. Please don’t think anything strange.”

“Uh… Sure…”

“I still think my daughter is my top priority. Even if Lise is using my daughter’s room, I don’t want to be particularly nice to her.”

“Of course, sir.”

Jenny shook her head quickly.

“But, I don’t think you should give her a cake.”

“Then what else?”

“Actually, yesterday the Duchess had sent her a huge strawberry shortcake.”

Ferelmen gasped as his mouth opened wide. He thought he’d misheard, but Jenny definitely wasn’t kidding.


Then he remembered the Duchess asking him about Lise’s favorite a few days ago.

He remembered her saying ‘something sweet’. Besides, the pudding they ate at the first formal lunch was sweet, so he thought she would love sugary dishes.

So that’s the reason!

Unknowingly, he took her hand and frowned.

“I heard the lady had a headache at night. I guess she really liked the way Lise had treated her.”

He glimpsed the Duchess’s condition in Lise’s medical journal.

After considering the proper prescription and the injection of mana, he thought the treatment was excellent and perfect.

Of course, putting mana is a delicate task, but he was a little impressed that it made the Duchess feel satisfied.

“So, a three-tiered cake filled with strawberries… no matter how sweet the cake I bought is, she won’t be craving it today.”

Ferelman’s expression became more serious.

Jenny was a little surprised by the subsequent murmur.

“…I shouldn’t have thought of this.”



Ferelman lifted his glasses with a more serious look than ever.

“What else does Lise like? Find out.”

“But if you ask her yourself…”

“She’ll misunderstand if I ask her. Well, she’d think I like her and favor her.”


“Find out. There must be something else she likes better than cake.”

“I’ll follow your orders, sir.”


Jenny was about to leave, but Ferelman quickly called her back.

“There’s one more thing to watch out for.”

“Please speak.”

“Never let the Duchess know about this and keep it a secret.”


Jenny was going to say something, but shook her head and silently walked out after shaking her head.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

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