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Funding And Preparation

Mo Xueyao, who had not slept all night, only fell asleep when it was almost dawn. But after sleeping for two or three hours, he was woken up by his mother. The time shown on the clock is eight o’clock. Logically speaking, the mother should go out now. She has a cleaning job and a cooking job. The scattered housekeeping work together is her whole day’s life.

“Xiaoyao, Xiaoyao, have breakfast.”

Mo Xueyao was shocked and sat up from the bed.

“What’s the matter, Mom is so gentle all of a sudden today… I’m not used to it…” He muttered, and walked out of the room wearing the pants.

“Xiaoyao, why did you come out without wearing pants?”

“What are you afraid of… Anyway…”

Just when Mo Xueyao was about to blurt out the next few words, the living room that was a little noisy just now fell into silence. Even the morning news on the TV seemed like a voice from another world.

“Uh…” Mo Xueyao realized something, licked his lips in embarrassment, returned to his room, and put on his knee-length shorts.

The atmosphere returned immediately.

“Sit down, today’s breakfast is very rich, there are egg cakes, glutinous rice cakes, and bean paste small steamed buns.” Mother said with a smile.

Mo Xueyao sat down on the chair with his head down, feeling as if he was the last one in the class after taking the exam. Because he found that the note written last night had been passive, it was originally placed on the table, but now it is placed on the window sill, father and mother have no reason not to look at it.

“Eat more, Xiaoyao.” The mother handed the white porridge to Mo Xueyao and sat down with a bowl.

Father, who usually likes to sit in front of the TV to eat, is also siting seriously in front of this somewhat old wooden round table.

The three of them are like ‘you look at me, I look at you,’ such a formal breakfast seems to be uncomfortable for everyone.

“Xiaoyao ah…”


“The meaning of this note…is…” The mother also seemed a little awkward.

“Uh… just… um… um…” Mo Xueyao lowered his head hesitantly, and dipped the rice in the porridge with his chopsticks bit by bit and sent it to his mouth.

But if I eat like this, I don’t know how long it will take to finish this bowl of porridge.

“Looks like you decided to be a girl.” It was the father who said this sentence in one breath, breaking the deadlock.

“Ah, I… I don’t want to be a girl, it’s just… I just think about it, after thinking about it… I think… I think it’s better for you to make the decision…”

“Well, good.” Father nodded, “Then contact the doctor and prepare a time for surgery.”

“Yes.” Mother agreed briefly.

Mo Xueyao breathed a sigh of relief for some reason. This is probably the first such difficult decision in his life. In fact, if you face the problem head-on, you will not feel entangled. It was like a soldier who knew that he was going to die—Mo Xueyao’s mood was probably similar to this.

The next topic seemed to suddenly become natural. They had raised their son for 16 years, but now, the father and mother actually started chatting about the life of Mo Xueyao as a girl in the future.

The speed of the switch made him a little stunned. The most important thing is that the mother seems to have some expectations. Do you want a daughter so much…

“Husband, do you think Xiaoyao looks good with a single ponytail or a shawl?”

“Well… I think it looks better in a single ponytail.”

“At that time, I will prepare girls’ clothes for Xiaoyao.”

“Haha, you can buy skirts! Xiaoyao, do you remember that your mother made you wear skirts when you were young?”

“When did it happen…” Mo Xueyao asked helplessly.

“Haha, in kindergarten, at that time, hey, that’s really, was incredible.” Father laughed, “I don’t know what happened to you that day, you saw your mother there. When she uses lipstick, you shout about using it, and when you see your mother wearing a skirt, you want to wear it too, and then I bought one for you that day, and the next day you wore it to kindergarten, hahaha… After coming back, after coming back you asked us, how are you different from other girls…”

“Hey!” Mo Xueyao’s face flushed, “How could such a thing happen! I don’t remember it at all!”

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, can’t you wear it openly in the future?”

“…” Mo Xueyao sighed, “To be honest, I don’t want to be a girl at all…”

On the same day, Mo Xueyao’s parents contacted the doctor and learned that he would basically be hospitalized for about a month after the operation. After all, this is a matter of using a knife on the body, and it cannot be sloppy. You can only be discharged from the hospital after healing is good.

Because ‘he’ is a girl, after being discharged from the hospital, you can live like a girl except for some things to pay attention to. But this month of hospitalization has made them worry.

They called No. 14 Middle School to ask for leave, but got a reply that they couldn’t ask for a leave so long. It is now the end of the summer vacation, and if Mo Xueyao had to rest for a month, he will not be able to go to school until October.

The Fourteenth Middle School, a key high school, does not allow this to happen, even if there is any reason. Even if the parents told the whole story to the other party, the other party just rejected it almost inhumanly.

Of course, there are reasons.

The learning progress of key high schools is very fast, and there is a lot of content to learn. If you don’t come to school for a month, you can’t keep up. Even if you have time for self-study, it is difficult to keep up with the school’s curriculum and progress.

If you can’t keep up with the progress, you will always be left behind and become the tail of the crane, and the students will also feel frustrated because of this, which will delay them.

In this case, it is better to go to an ordinary high school. At least the pressure of study is not so great. You can study by yourself and go to school in a month. You can keep up with the progress if you work hard.

But after all, No. 14 High School was the top five high schools in H City, and this was the school that Mo Xueyao worked hard to get into. If you switch to a regular high school, wouldn’t your efforts be in vain?

For this matter, they went to the principal’s house with gifts that afternoon, but they still got a refusal as answer. In the end, they just got a promise to transfer Mo Xueyao to a regular high school, and ask for a month long vacation.

“Xiaoyao, I’m sorry, Dad is useless, I can only let you go to a normal high school…” That night, the father who came back said very disappointedly.

“Forget it, it’s alright? They’re all high school in City H, so it won’t be too bad.” Mo Xueyao smiled and comforted.

In fact, he himself regrets it. But he can’t show it.

“Speaking of which, which high school will I go to?” Mo Xueyao asked again.

“It’s Yukong High School.” Mother replied.

“Uh… I heard that the recent enrollment rate there doesn’t seem to be very high.”

“Yeah, and there will be a new principal in the second half of this year. This is using you as guinea pigs.” My father took out a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, bit it open with his mouth, and drank it ‘gullu’. “Fortunately, we managed to secure a place for you in a key class, and I heard that although the school is still a little off from the middle, the school’s security is very good, and there is no campus bullying.”

This is probably the focus of choosing Yukong High School. Compared with his studies, his parents were more worried that Mo Xueyao, who was not suited to the girl’s life would be isolated or even bullied by other students.


Corrective surgery is not something that can be done all at once. It is necessary to make an appointment at the hospital, and various applications for medical fee reduction and exemption should also be submitted in advance to facilitate the review.

The surgery fee should also be prepared in advance. So mother and father went to the godfather’s house the next day after discussing for one night. Of course, they also brought Mo Xueyao.

“Haha, I know why you are here today.” At the dinner table, the godfather said with a hearty smile, he was obviously a fat uncle, but his voice was still like a teenager.

“What you said, it’s still the section chief.” On the side, the godfather’s wife gave him a blank look.

“Cough, don’t get me wrong, that’s not what I meant.”

“We’ve been friends for so many years, of course we know what your character is like.” Father held up the beer, “Come on, A Liang, I’ll give you a toast!”

“Bang.” The wine glasses collided with each other, making a crisp sound.

Yu Liang’s daughter was clinging to Mo Xueyao and sat directly on his lap, looking very intimate. In fact, Mo Xueyao also really wanted a younger sister…

“Has it been decided?”

“Yes, the decision is made, and it will be done at the Changzheng Hospital in Magic city.”

The magic capital is also the S city, and the ‘magic capital’ is the nickname given to it by many people.

“Okay, have the medical expenses been determined?”

“Not yet, but it should be about 50,000 yuan.”

“Okay, there’s no need to be polite between us, come.” Godfather took out a check directly from his pocket, “Just take the check and go to ICBC to get the money. The password for the check is my mobile phone number. ”

“Hey, don’t move around, I’ll give you what you want to eat…” The adults were talking about big things, and the children were talking about small things. Here, Mo Xueyao was pressing on Yu Liang’s daughter who was moving around, whispering. said.

“Brother, I want to eat that, hairy crab!”

“Crab claws?”


“it is good……”

Yu Liang took a sip of wine, looked at Mo Xueyao and his daughter with a smile on his face, and said, “I’ll lend you the money, if you can to pay it back in part, or you can pay it back all at once, don’t worry about paying it back, you can pay it back when you have money. Also, the IOU is not…”

Just as he was about to continue speaking, the wife beside him smiled and put her hand on his thigh. This suddenly made him seem to be choking. It seems a little awkward.

“Ah, this IOU is definitely going to be written, your brother is going to settle the account.” Mo Xueyao’s father hurriedly said, “Do you have a pen and paper? Let’s write it now.”

“Actually, you don’t need to borrow so much…” The mother said in a low voice.

“It’s okay, there’s more, if you still lack it, just use it yourself. If you don’t lack it, just bring it back to me, and then you can leave the rest.” Yu Liang waved his hand, “Ha, I’m the section chief. , don’t worry about whether I will run out of money.”

“Thank your godfather too?” Mother gently pushed Mo Xueyao’s arm and reminded in a low voice.

“Um…Thank you godfather…”

“Come on, let’s toast together, to celebrate Xiaoyao’s upcoming new life!”


It was the crisp sound of glasses slamming together.

The atmosphere of the dinner seemed to be positive and upbeat.

This gave Mo Xueyao the illusion that he was admitted to a prestigious university…


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