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Chapter 6

Are you okay?

“Mom, do want you help?”

“You can wipe ground.” The mother replied quickly, like instinct,and then abruptly said, “Forget it, don’t wipe, I’ll do it myself.”

“Huh? What are you thinking? Do you think I’m not doing it cleanly?” Mo Xueyao pouted and became angry. Since she didn’t want him to wipe, he insisted on wiping.

Picking up a rag, laying it on the ground and wiping it seriously. In fact, the house doesn’t even have a floor, only tiles in the kitchen and toilet. The living room and the floor of the room are just painted with a layer of dark red paint.

Mo Xueyao wiped seriously and the ground suddenly seemed to be waxed. Just when he was finally finished with this matter, his mother had already done a lot of things.

“Husband, dry your clothes.” The mother said while eating breakfast quickly. It only took three minutes for her to finish the bowl of porridge.

Obviously, it tasted a little hot to Mo Xueyao…

“I’m going out.”

“It’s so early today?”

“Go to work early, get off work early.” Mother replied, pushed open the door and walked out and then hurried downstairs.

Mo Xueyao held the white porridge that had been stained with a little vegetable oil and looked at his father who had not finished drying his clothes on the balcony: “Dad, come to eat!”

“right away.”

Breakfast is not rich. The staple food is white porridge, and the dishes are dried mold, salted duck eggs and poached eggs for one person. Not to mention rich, it can even be said to be very simple.

But Mo Xueyao was very used to it. Although he said that he couldn’t find any taste in this kind of breakfast, if he just swallowed it mechanically to feed his stomach, there would be no problem.

“Xiaoyao, just let me wash the bowl.”

“What happened today, being so good to me?” Mo Xueyao looked suspicious, “Are you planning something strange?”

“What strange things can happen? Can your parents hurt you?” Father flicked Mo Xueyao’s forehead, “Okay, hurry up and do your homework, it’s the last stage of summer vacation, how much have you written?”

“I’m almost finished, what are you worried about? Can you ask the teacher to come to the house to make trouble?” Mo Xueyao scratched his cheek, “Well, but I’m not going to stay at home today.”

“Where are you going then?”

“I’m going to – Xinhua Bookstore! At least there is air conditioning there. The temperature today is 39 degrees Celsius. Daddy, you can do better by staying at home!”

Mo Xueyao said, put on his clothes, casually put on canvas shoes and left the house.

“Oh, be careful on the road, come back early.”

“Got it! Dad, why are you as long-winded as mom?” Mo Xueyao rolled her eyes, slammed the iron door outside, and walked down the stairs.

Mo Xueyao’s house is on the sixth floor, which is the top floor of this residential building, and on the fifth floor lives a family that sets fried food stalls, that is, a small mobile shop that sells fried pork chops, fried tenderloin, and stinky tofu.

Because this house sells stinky tofu, he can smell the smell of stinky tofu when he walks past this house. The son of the owner is also much older than Mo Xueyao. He is already in college this year, and he heard that his family earns a lot of money. Last time, he saw the son calling with a new Nokia mobile phone.

Mo Xueyao couldn’t help but think about it for a while, just thinking about it made him feel very envious. All the way downstairs, the flower beds next to the road are unattended, and a lot of weeds have grown. If you have a rabbit, it must be very easy to raise , just let it go here to graze every day.

Mo Xueyao, who had no experience in caring for rabbits, thought in his heart. In fact, he has been thinking about having pets for a long time. It’s a pity that the family is small and poor, and there is really not that much spare money.

“If only I was born in a rich family.” Many times, he would have such fantasies. Think about the pocket money – one hundred yuan a day! Then you can buy whatever you want. For example, the remote control car in the store at the door – although he will start high school in September, he still has a soft spot for this kind of thing.

Well, and you can save up some money to buy pirated game consoles! The kind with black and white screens. Of course, the proper name for such a thing is called a ‘learning machine’. Although Mo Xueyao had never seen anyone ‘learning’ with this thing. Most of them are holding the game and having fun. Mo Xueyao rode the bicycle and was about to leave the back door of the community, but heard simeone greeting him.

“Yo, Xiaoyao–!”

“Ah, uncle.” Mo Xueyao heard the sound and smelled the scent of oil flowers and chili cumin.

“Go out to play?”

“Go to Xinhua Bookstore.”

“Yo, do you love studying so much?”

“Haah…it’s nothing, it’s actually just blowing the air conditioner.”

“Have you eaten breakfast?”

“Eat, eat,” Mo Xueyao replied quickly.

“How about a string of stinky tofu?”

“Uh… no need.” Mo Xueyao swallowed.

“Haha, come on, it’s just fried.” The latter laughed and handed Mo Xueyao a string of fried stinky tofu, “How about the sweet and spicy sauce?”

“Uh… I really don’t need it.” Mo Xueyao inadvertently wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth.

But the latter grabbed his arm very strongly and shoved the wooden sign of stinky tofu into his hand.

“Eat, eat, be careful on the road!”

“Ah, good.” Mo Xueyao happily took the stinky tofu. In order to avoid eating too fast and not being able to taste the deliciousness, he ate it in small bites.

Holding it in one hand, riding the bike with the other, swaying through several traffic lights before finally finishing eating. The Xinhua Bookstore was far from home, and Mo Xueyao was not in a hurry, because it was useless to arrive early because the bookstore had not yet opened.

It is also good to see the scenery along the way, after all, the morning is a rare cool time in summer.

——Although it’s not too cold to go anywhere.

There are many people queuing in front of the biscuits stall on the roadside. It only sells ordinary biscuits and fried dough sticks, and even soy milk has to be bought at the nearby store specializing in soy milk. Mo Xueyao remembered that when he was in school, if his mother couldn’t make breakfast in time every morning, he could happily take the money and go out to buy breakfast.

Yes, it’s more fun to go out for breakfast. Because this is rarely the case. At that time, I would spend 50 cents on a pair of sesame fritters, and then go to the next shop and spend 50 cents on a bag of soy milk.

Yes, it is packed in a thin plastic bag. This is to save the finished product. You can pour it into a bowl when you drink it, or you can drink it directly through a straw.

If the road is too bumpy, accidents can also happen—like a broken soy milk bag that makes the basket sticky.

Therefore, Mo Xueyao usually chooses to drink directly on the road. Although I will be thirsty when I eat sesame fritters, um, it’s better than wasting it. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help touching his pocket. Well, no money with me today. Otherwise, he still wants to buy a bag of sweet soy milk to drink. After all, I just ate fried stinky tofu and happened to be a little thirsty.

The sun was rising and the weather was getting hot again. When Mo Xueyao arrived at the entrance of Xinhua Bookstore, there were already many bicycles parked. He found a corner against the pillar, carefully locked the car, and then walked to the front of the store.

There were already a lot of people waiting at the door. All of them were about his age. It is estimated that I also came to enjoy the coolness and read a book. Children of this era, if there are no friends around, there are really not many ways of entertainment in summer vacation. Visiting Xinhua Bookstore to read your favorite books is one of the ‘entertainment’.

Not long after, the store opened, and everyone rushed in. Most of them ran to the third floor, because there were a lot of popular novels sold there. On the other hand, Mo Xueyao ran to the second floor, where most of the books sold here were popular science books or science fiction. For example, the unsolved mysteries of the world, there are many versions, and it seems that you will not get tired of watching them!

Mo Xueyao sat on the ground, the air conditioner was fully on, he carefully searched for books for half an hour, picked up three or four books in a row, and then read them with relish.

In the bookstore, you can’t see anything from the outside world.

The time seemed to change very quickly. When he read all the books he found today and looked up to see the big clock, he realized that it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. He didn’t even eat lunch, and he didn’t feel hungry when he was reading, but now his stomach was growling.

“Ah—” Mo Xueyao stretched out, put all the books he brought back to their original positions, and walked out of the bookstore staggeringly.

It may be because of insufficient blood supply to the head due to sitting for too long, Mo Xueyao felt a little headache, and there seemed to be a tendon throbbing in his temples.

“Uh…a headache…” He patted his head, as if towould drive away the pain.

However this did nothing. Under the orange glow of the evening sunset, Mo Xueyao staggered onto his bicycle. As soon as he got on it, he almost hit the pillar because of the headache, which made him sweat out of fear.

“It looks like I have to ride slower today… uh… um… the headache is getting worse and worse, is it because I didn’t eat lunch? No, it should be a stomachache…”

Mo Xueyao muttered to himself, unable to concentrate. The bicycle moved forward slowly, but he frequently scratched his head with his hands. The symptoms are only temporarily relieved when scratching, but once he stops, it will still be very uncomfortable.

Just as Mo Xueyao was fighting with the headache, the bicycle couldn’t hold it anymore and swung to the side. He only heard a harsh braking sound, which made him lose his balance for a while and fell to the ground.

His head slammed on the ground, neither light nor heavy, and for a while he felt that the world was spinning, and he couldn’t even see what was in front of him. A man’s anxious voice could only be heard not far away: “Are you alright?”

It looks… like it’s all right?

Mo Xueyao replied in his heart.

The head doesn’t seem to hurt anymore.

But consciousness… began to blur.


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