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Chapter 5


“Mom…what are you joking all of a sudden…”

“Well, it’s nothing.” Yang Xiaoyu shook her head, “Just looking at you, your skin is white and tender, and you are still so petite. Did you make a mistake at the time, you should be made a girl.”

“It’s my fault that I’m short! It’s that I am is not well nourished, and mom, you are so short!” Mo Xueyao complained, “The skin is white, it’s easy, when the military training of the first high school is over, it will change. I will have a manly wheat-colored skin, hahaha~”

Maybe I will grow taller by then!

Mo Xueyao thought happily in his heart, the image of a sunny young man with wheat-colored complexion already appeared in his mind, and he didn’t need to be too tall, just 1.72 meters – he was never a greedy person.

Mother smiled and said nothing.

The bus was without air conditioning. Fortunately, with the windows open at night, the wind was still relatively cool, and Mo Xueyao also liked this kind of wind. He was looking forward to buying a motorcycle for a ride when he got to work. It’s best to sit with a beautiful girl in the back, and then let the girl hug yourself, so that you can use your back to rub on two balls of softness…

Ah, it’s beautiful to think about!

Mo Xueyao, who didn’t know what happened, returned home with his mother, Yang Xiaoyu.

Father came back early and was watching the evening news while sitting in front of air conditioner fan. It is the kind of news that is spoken in dialect. Compared with ordinary news, it is probably full of spit-talking-words that will be described as popular words many years later.

“Do you sleep in the living room today?” Father greeted Mo Xueyao.

“No, I’d rather sleep in my own room, blow my own fan, and it’s cool by the window anyway…” Mo Xueyao rolled her eyes, took a shower, and went back to his room.

The day was so busy that as soon as he lay on the bed, he was asleep. In a daze, he could only hear what his father and mother seemed to be talking loudly, and which then gradually lightened, until it disappeared completely.

“Huh!” That night, Mo Xueyao slept fairly well, and woke up naturally at five o’clock.

At five o’clock in summer, it is neither cold nor hot, and the refreshing morning breeze blows on my face, I just feel that this is the so-called ‘happiness’ in life.

“It’s so early, Mommy hasn’t woken up yet, right?” Mo Xueyao muttered to himself, pushed open the door and walked out, but heard a ‘swishing sound’.

Early in the morning, my mother was already doing laundry. Hot water was boiling on the stove in the kitchen, the hot water was tumbling and the lid of the pot was raised. Hearing the screeching sound of the kettle, the mother hurriedly put down her clothes and turned off the gas stove, washed the soap bubbles off her hands, and poured the water into the thermos.

She opened the pot and took a look. The vegetable porridge being cooked in it was already cooked, but it still had to be simmered for a while, so she turned on a small fire. Then, she got into the bathroom again.

“Shahahahah.” Such a voice came again.

“I’m so busy…” Mo Xueyao muttered in a low voice. Although he felt that he should help a little, he instinctively didn’t want to move more. He pushed open the door, slipped on his sandals and walked out, standing by the window in the hallway, taking a deep breath.

“Ah—what a refreshing morning, uh… so leisurely… um… it seems that I’m the only one who is leisurely…” Mo Xueyao muttered to himself, seeing a bicycle downstairs, which stopped at the gate, then the boy took out a few cans of milk in glass bottles from the wooden box behind the bike and stuffed it into the milk box downstairs.

This job only took half a minute to complete, and more than ten seconds of it was still confirming that there were no errors. Then he stepped on the bicycle at once, and while wiping the sweat from his forehead, he rode hard to the next building.

“I woke up so early today.” Mo Xueyao heard his father’s voice behind him. He turned his head and saw his father walking beside him with a pair of dark circles under his eyes, and patted his shoulder lightly. “What’s the matter, woke up early. Didn’t sleep well?”

“No, I slept well last night.” Mo Xueyao stretched his waist and pointed downstairs, “Dad, when can we order milk at our house?”

“Well, there will be.” Mo Xueyao’s father replied vaguely, although he was smiling, he looked tired.

“What’s wrong Daddy? You look sleepy.”

“Well, it’s alright.”

“Anyway, it should be a rest today, right?”

“Um… It’s right.”

“Then go back to sleep, why don’t you sleep when you are free?”

“What about you, aren’t you also awake?” Father smiled and touched Mo Xueyao’s head, “Xiaoyao, do you have any dreams?”

“Dream…” Mo Xueyao pinched her chin, hesitated for a long time, and replied, “Becoming… a scientist?”

“Stinky boy, I didn’t want you to be perfunctory.” Dad flicked Mo Xueyao’s forehead and said angrily, “Just be honest, maybe I can give you some advice.”

“Oh… if there are too many dreams, do you mean the career you want to be, or the thing you want to get? Or the thing you want to accomplish?”

“It will be all right.”

“Well…I think, when I grow up and have money, I will travel around the world!”

“Oh, nice dream, what else?”

“Well…if I want to get something recently…hmm.” Mo Xueyao looked at his father a little embarrassedly, “I want…a mobile phone?”

“Think beautiful, so expensive.”

“Cough, I knew…” Mo Xueyao spread her hands, “Well, but I will definitely be able to afford it in the future.”

“Let’s talk about it later.”

“If you want to be a professional…I…want to be a professional basketball player!”


“I know I might not be able to be!” Mo Xueyao curled her lips and answered before her father said, “But, it’s a dream anyway, thinking about it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Can you play basketball?” Father looked Mo Xueyao up and down.

“I didn’t say it at home? Well, I also played basketball in school! My three-point shot is very strong!”

“Oh, it takes a lot of effort to shoot three-pointers.”

“So only the first few times are the most accurate and if you don’t have the strength later, you won’t be able to hit the shot.” Mo Xueyao compared his height with his father, “How tall are you, Dad?”

“One meter seven.”

“Well… I might be able to grow to that height.” Mo Xueyao’s tone was not so sure.

“Haha… Maybe, um, then, if you really can’t be a basketball player, what do you want to be? Other, what careers you can do?”

“Other words…how about novelists?”

“No, no, you must be poor for three generations to write novels, you can do anything else but must not be a writer.”

Mo Xueyao looked at his father with drooping eyelids: “Who said that, maybe writing novels will make money in the future.”

“There are people who make money in all walks of life, but they are only a small number of people. Are you sure you can be one of the few people?”

“Okay… how about painting? I like that too.”

“Oh… painting is good. Painting a painting, as long as it’s not that kind of super-sized creation, should be very fast, and in any case, it will take shape faster than writing a novel.” Father nodded, seeming to be satisfied with this choice.”If you are really interested, try to become a painter!”

“Well…but being a painter is too much trouble, why don’t you be a photographer!”

“You always want to be lazy.” Father gave Mo Xueyao an ‘I know you’ emoji.

“Who said that being a photographer is lazy, it’s actually very tiring!”

“Okay, okay, it’s so boring outside, why don’t you go home and do some housework? It’s better to help your mother share it.”

Mo Xue scratched his cheek: “Oh, speaking of it, she seems to be going to work at someone else’s house today.”

“Well, for a nanny, there is no time to rest.”

The father’s tone fell once again, as if with a sadness that could not be dissolved. “Alas… life is difficult.”

“Dad, you’re being boring and sentimental here again. Is it the after-effects of your failure to be a novel writer when you were young?”

“You boy.”

“Liuuuuuuu~” Mo Xueyao made a big face and ran back home in a hurry.

“Order milk?” Father looked downstairs alone, seemingly lost in thought because of various complicated matters.

The morning at Yu Liang’s house.

“Husband, is Xiaoyao’s matter difficult to handle?”

“It shouldn’t be too difficult,” Yu Liang replied ambiguous.

Of course he wouldn’t say that. He checked the information last night and found that this type of corrective surgery is actually similar to sex reassignment surgery, because Mo Xueyao does not have female organs on the outside of his body, so he has to follow the practice of sex reassignment surgery. Parts are replaced, although the final results may be the same as real girls, and much better than ordinary gender reassignment surgery patients.

But still quite complicated. It can be said that it is a difficult surgical operation. It’s not a simple thing at all. In 1999, there were not many doctors who had handled such an operation in China. Otherwise, why would you have to invite a specialist to do the surgery yourself?

It is obviously even more impossible to hire a doctor from abroad – because that is too expensive.

“But that’s 50,000 yuan. Ah Yu’s family is really working hard, can they get that much money?”

“They can’t, but they can borrow it from us.” Yu Liang replied as a matter of course.

“Borrow? You don’t need the money anymore?”

“What does it matter? Friends should help when they are in trouble. Besides, the relationship between our two families is so good.”

“No matter how good the relationship is, you can’t just take out the money, right? The girl at home still spends a lot of money to study and go to school.”

“What are you talking about?” Yu Liang frowned and put down his chopsticks, “I can earn more money, and it’s not like I can’t get the money my daughter needs to study, and we’re not bad at all—but the illness is not enough. It can’t be delayed, since it is discovered, it must be treated as soon as possible, it will also benefit Xiaoyao’s future growth and development.”

“It’s not your son. You worry so much. Are you so good to your daughter?”

“…Forget it, I can’t talk to an illiterate woman like you. You are always so short-sighted.” Yu Liang was a little angry, “Can things between friends be measured by money?”

“Hey, let’s see if you will say this after you have been the section chief for a few years.”

“I’m too lazy to tell you that a debate between a college student like me and a person like you with primary school graduation is an insult to my IQ.” Yu Liang drank the porridge in the bowl and entered into the study.


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