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Chapter 3


“This child should actually be a girl.”

In the air-conditioned office, the cold air made Yu Liang suddenly feel goosebumps. He looked at the doctor opposite him saying such words, a little dazed.

But as a college student which is still relatively rare in this era, he has received a good quality education, so he did not interrupt the doctor, but looked at him seriously and patiently and asked him to continue.

“Mo Xueyao, he actually suffers from female hermaphroditism, which means that the external organs appear to be male, but the internal organs are actually female. His body has complete ovaries and uterus, and he has normal fertility.”

“Continue.” Yu Liang wiped the sweat from his forehead, and subconsciously took out the Liqun cigarette in his jacket pocket. After being stunned for a while, he put it back.

“Generally speaking, this should have been discovered when she was a child, but there is no such perfect physical examination system for young children, and his external organs are not too abnormal, so he was not discovered.” The doctor pointed out, referring to the printed ultrasound pictures. He explained, “The current situation is because his male genitals, although they have no reproductive function, they still secrete male hormones and suppress the uterus and the development of the ovaries to a certain extent, resulting in delayed growth of the body.”

Another doctor on the side continued to explain: “This disturbed his endocrine system, and as a result it affected sensitive nerves and caused pain. It is best to have sex correction surgery as soon as possible. If it is too late, it may cause organs such as the uterus and ovaries unable to develop normally…”

“Is she really a girl?” Yu Liang, who didn’t know much about this, couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, her chromosome is XX, there is no doubt that she is a real girl.”

“So, how should the operation be done?”

“The method of surgery is actually not complicated, similar to sex reassignment surgery, but it is relatively easier than that, and after completion, she is a real girl, and there is no difference from ordinary girls.”

The cicada outside the window was chattering incessantly, which was a little annoying to hear.

Yu Liang took a deep breath, touched the greasy forehead and broad face, and said, “So, can this hospital perform this kind of surgery?”

“We have equipment that can perform this operation, as long as we temporarily transfer experts in this field from other hospitals.”

“How much will the surgery cost?”

“Because this is an operation with not many domestic cases, we can reduce or exempt some medical expenses, and the requirement is to collect the personal data of patients during hospitalization.” The doctor said, his voice lowered a little, “But The operation fee, hospitalization fee and various expenses combined together, at least 50,000 yuan.”

Fifty thousand, in this era, is not a small sum.

Mo Xueyao’s mother’s salary as a nanny was only 600 per month, and her father’s salary was only around 800 to 1,000.

Even as section chief Yu Liang, his monthly salary is only less than 2,000 yuan.

A 50-square-meter house in the second-tier city H City, it is only about 100,000. And that’s the starting price. If it is higher, it is even more unbearable.

“Okay, thank you, I will tell Xiaoyao’s parents.”

“Please do it as soon as possible. The sooner this surgery is performed, the better.”

“Okay.” Yu Liang nodded, turned and left the office where the air conditioner’s temperature was too low.

In the corridor, nurses and patients came and went. He frowned and walked alone until he reached the lobby of the hospital.

“How is it, godfather?”

“Well, it’s nothing, just let you pay attention to your diet and stop eating iced things or your stomach will hurt again.”

“Eh? Uh… Did I really drink too much ice water? But it’s too hot in summer…” Mo Xueyao muttered.

“Let’s go to my house today to enjoy the shade. Didn’t you go there to play for a long time?” Yu Liang said with a smile.

“Air conditioner! I’m going! By the way, Godfather, do you still buy magazines from the sci-fi world at home?” Mo Xueyao asked excitedly.

“Of course I bought it.”

“Wow, I haven’t watched it for half a year, enough to watch it!” Mo Xueyao said excitedly, while Yu Liang smiled and patted his head.

The matter of hermaphroditism was still hidden in his heart, and he did not tell Mo Xueyao.

Later, the two just got some painkillers and left the hospital.

“It’s so hot!” Mo Xueyao jumped up as soon as he sat in Santana, as if his butt was about to be scorched.

“Haha,I just turned on the air conditioner, just bear with it for a few minutes!” Yu Liang chuckled, turned on the air conditioner in the car, and drove away in no hurry.

Only the driver’s window was rolled down, then he lit a cigarette and called Mo Xueyao’s mother.

“Hello? Ayu?”

“A liang, how is Xiaoyao?”

“Uh, it’s nothing.” Yu Liang pretended to be relaxed, “Just prescribe some painkillers, it’s just that he ate too much ice and made trouble.”

“This little bastard, let him drink more hot water and won’t listen, let’s see if he will remember for a long time now!” Mo Xueyao’s mother said jokingly in anger.

“Haha, alright, alright, I’ll rest today and take Xiaoyao to my house to play. I’ll get off work later. Come to our house for dinner with Ali.”

“Okay, thank you very much.”

“It’s all trivial matters, don’t worry about it.” Godfather smiled, hung up the phone, smoked a whole cigarette in one breath, and closed the car window.

Yu Liang’s home, in the current H City, is a relatively suburban place.

Of course it’s not too far, it’s only a ten-minute drive away.

After all, H City itself is only so big.

The car was bumping, and Mo Xueyao looked out through the black window glass and smelled smoke.

“Godfather, are you smoking again?”

“Ha…get used to it.”

“My mother said that it’s not good for your health.” Mo Xueyao said seriously.

“It’s okay, after so many years, how much can it be?” Yu Liang laughed out loud. “Cough cough!”

But Mo Xueyao pouted and rolled the car window down. He would rather breath hot air than smoke.

Yu Liang shook the cigarette ashes and snuffed out the unfinished cigarette in the car ashtray. Flipped the switch to make the car radio On.

At the moment, classical music is playing, and it sounds like Beethoven’s moonlight. The car arrived at the destination quickly, the road without traffic jams was so smooth. The only downside is that the road is a little rough and it has been a bumpy drive. But after getting used to it, it was still quite dangling.

“Godfather, how does it feel to drive?”

“It’s Ok.” Yu Liang replied.

“When I’m older, I’m going to buy a car too! Mmmm—and a Santana too!”

“Haha, when you grow up and learn to drive, I can lend it to you to drive it.”

“Eh… Forget it, it’s still early. At that time, I didn’t know whether the car will retired or not.”

“How can you retire so quickly? It’s fine to drive for another ten years.” Yu Liang patted the car.

“Is it still yours to drive at that time?” Mo Xueyao said with drooping eyelids, and suddenly felt that this was not quite right, and hurriedly said, “At that time, you were promoted, and it is time to drive a better car!”

“Haha, your mouth is sweet enough? Are you craving something delicious?”

“Godfather has ice cream at home?” Mo Xueyao’s eyes widened.

“I want to eat ice all day, but not today.”

“Okay…” Mo Xueyao drooped his arms, as if he was about to be scorched by the sun, “Speaking of which, godfather, when are you going to buy a car yourself? Didn’t you say you saved enough money last time?”

“You still Remember? I, your godfather, am not in a hurry why are you in such a hurry? Okay, let’s go in.”

With that said, the two pushed the door and walked into the house. Godfather’s house is much more spacious than Mo Xueyao’s house.

There are two floors in total. The first floor is the living room with a large U-shaped sofa. In addition to a large color TV, there is also a video recorder, which can be used to play the most popular video tapes.

When you want to watch it, put the curtain down and make a home cinema. The entire home is about 200 square meters, which has always been the envy of Mo Xueyao’s parents. Every time they work hard to save money, they always say that one day they will be able to live in a house as big as Yu Liang.

“Hey, is Xiaoyao here?” Yu Liang’s wife came out with a smile, brought tea and water for him, and kept asking him what he wanted to eat and play. XueYao is not very adaptable.

Yu Liang’s daughter is much younger than Mo Xueyao. She is not at home at the moment, she is going to the teacher’s house for piano lessons.

“The discs are here, you know, you can put what you want to see, and the bookshelf of the magazines is on the other side. You can take it yourself. What snacks do you want? Godfather will buy it for you.”

“No, no need for godfather…cough…” Mo Xueyao said quickly, “There are enough snacks at home.”

“Well, anyway, you should treat here as your own home.”

“Of course.” Mo Xueyao smiled.

Although he said so, but his character is like this, he doesn’t like to casually use other people’s things, even if the other party is a godfather. As for being casual, it can also be reflected in other aspects. For example, find snacks by yourself, drink water by yourself, put discs by yourself and watch movies with a VCR.

Godfather’s house has central air conditioning on, and it is very cool everywhere. Every time he comes, he wants to stay here and not go home. Because it is so comfortable. And Godfather has a variety of game consoles. This is not comparable to Mo Xueyao’s Xiaobawang game machine. Such as this expensive ‘Playstation’ game console, you can play a variety of games with exquisite graphics.

In the age of 1999, this was the life that a boy yearned for most. Mo Xueyao’s motivation to study comes from this.

He thought that when he grew up, he would buy as many game consoles and games as his godfather, as well as movie discs, and buy them directly for collection instead of renting them. And subscribe to several magazines that I like every month…

How good should life be like that?

So, just like that, the time of the day flows away from the fingertips.


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