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Chapter 2

Air Conditioning... Fan?

“Could it be air conditioner!” Mo Xueyao shouted in surprise, hugging the big box more lovingly than his parents.

“That’s right, it’s an air conditioner—a fan!” Dad laughed. “It’s much cheaper than an air conditioner! And it’s cool too!”

“Is it really an air conditioner?” The mother was also a little surprised. She ignored the word ‘fan’ at the back, and couldn’t wait to take out the scissors to open the box. “Husband, why did you suddenly buy this today? Actually, Summer is almost over, it’s a waste of money to buy now.”

Even though she said that, her mother was obviously very happy.

“Ha, today the boss gave a bonus, although it’s not enough to buy an air conditioner, but it’s okay to buy an air conditioner fan!” Dad raised his head proudly and said, “Come on, let’s try it first to see if it’s cool!”

Among them, Mo Xueyao was the hardest working person. He couldn’t wait to experience the coolness brought by the air conditioner.

In this era, the only places with air conditioning are those big shopping malls. Although you can go there occasionally to sit, you can’t go to enjoy the cool environment every day. It would be too embarrassing and inconvenient.

When you go to the mall, you can basically only read the popular science books in the library area. The library should have been a good place in summer, but in this era, the library in H City, the one closest to Mo Xueyao, has not been equipped with air conditioners.

After the box was opened, there was a cuboid-shaped object that was a head shorter than Mo Xueyao, who was a meter and a half. It was different from any air conditioner Mo Xueyao had ever seen.

Mother was more knowledgeable and asked in surprise: “Is this the kind of large cabinet air conditioner?”

“Hey, well, this is a new model!” Dad couldn’t hide the excitement on his face, plugged it in, and opened the refrigerator.

Take a large block of ice from the refrigerator and put it in the sink-like device on top of the air conditioner fan.

“This is… an air conditioner?”

“It’s an air conditioner fan!”

“Prodigal gentlemen, this is not an air conditioner!” Mother asked angrily and hilariously, “How much did you buy it for?”

“It’s not too expensive, five hundred.”

“Five hundred?” Mom gasped, “Is this so expensive?”

You know, as a small employee in the company, the father’s salary is only 800 yuan a month.

“The real air conditioner costs two or three thousand. The five hundred is already cheap enough, so I can make do with it.”

“Dad, it’s not cool at all…” Mo Xueyao muttered with drooping eyelids.

“Why isn’t it cool? Isn’t there a cold wind?” Father retorted, putting his hand in front of the air-conditioning fan.

“But if it blows far, it will get hot again, and do we have so many ice cubes in our house…”

“It’s okay, this piece of ice can be used for an hour! Let’s blow it when we sleep at night.”

Mo Xueyao rolled his eyes: “I see, it’s more convenient for me to take a shower.”

In fact, it also proves that the air-conditioning fan that my father bought is really not very useful. After all, the speed of freezing and making ice cubes in the refrigerator is not as fast as that of usage of the air-conditioning fan.

But if you buy it all, it is a waste not to use it. Anyway, it’s wind power is higher than that of an electric fan, and it covers a wider area, so in the end, it is simply used as a fan.

That night, Mo Xueyao slept in his room.

In the middle of the night, his stomach suddenly started to hurt again.

This unbearable pain made the heat of the sweltering summer become nothing. He rolled off the bed in pain, and he didn’t even have the strength to roll back. His face became extremely pale, and there was no trace of blood.

This time the pain continued until the next morning.

“Get up, little brat!” Mom’s voice rang out, “Don’t sleep late in the summer vacation!”

Mo Xueyao didn’t say a word. In fact, he hadn’t slept all night, and now he has no strength to speak.

“You can’t afford it, right?” Mom’s voice came from outside the door, and then the door was pushed open. She was drying clothes and walked in with a drying rack, but what she saw was curled up. Mo Xueyao was in pain.

“Xiaoyao, what’s wrong?”

“Mom, my stomach hurts…”

“Did you eat bad food yesterday?”

“I don’t know…” Mo Xueyao felt that it wasn’t because he had a bad stomach, because this pain has been going on for a long time, and it has only become more ‘crazy’ recently.

Mother put down the drying rack, walked anxiously to his side, and touched his forehead with the back of her hand.

“Your forehead is so cold.”

“Do you have a low-grade fever…” Mo Xueyao said tremblingly, “Mom, I’m dying of pain…”

“Hey, it’s probably heat stroke, I’ll give you a scraping.”

“Okay…” Adhering to the principle of not spending money without necessity, even though he knew that scraping was painful, Mo Xueyao lay down and was ready to be scraped. Mom hurriedly ran into the kitchen, turned off the stove, poured a bowl of cold white water, and sat behind Mo Xueyao. Scraping is to scrape with a spoon. Of course, the effect is better if it is directly twisted by hand. When the skin turns purple, it means the effect is coming.

“Does it hurt?” the mother asked with concern.

“The back doesn’t hurt, the stomach hurts…” Mo Xueyao replied numbly.

Soon, all his back had traces of black and blue, there was hardly a single piece of intact skin. But the symptoms of stomach pain did not reduce, and even intensified.

“Does it still hurt?”

“It hurts…” Mo Xueyao gritted her teeth, barely able to utter any other words.

“Mom will take you to the hospital.”

“I can’t walk…”

“You drink some hot water first, and I’ll call your godfather.”

In this era, godfather is still a compliment word, symbolizing a special kind of family that can be linked together although not related by blood.

Mo Xueyao’s godfather is a civil servant. He was just promoted to section chief this year. The unit gave him a car. In this day and age, it was quite impressive.

Not long after, the door was knocked, and a man who was a little fat and had a big face, different from his thin and strong father, stood at the door and shouted, “Ayu, open the door!”

His voice is not mellow, nor does it have the maturity and magnetism of a middle-aged person, but has a clear and refreshing feeling, which sounds a little bit like that of a teenager.

“Come on, A Liang, why so fast?”

“I came by car, how is Xiaoyao?”

“He said he couldn’t walk in pain.”

“I’m coming.” Godfather said, walked into Mo Xueyao’s room, and saw him curled up with a painful expression on his face.

Without further questioning, he hugged him horizontally.

The godfather always looks so fat, but the stubble at the corner of the mouth has become darker as time goes by.

Although the godfather was fat, he still had a height of 1.7 meters. It was not a problem to hold Mo Xueyao, who was only 1.5 meters.

Although because of the lack of exercise all the year round, he was sweating profusely after only holding him for a while.

But he still insisted, ran all the way downstairs, and put Mo Xueyao in the compartment of that classic car of the 90s, the Santana.

In this era, Santana is still an unattainable existence in people’s hearts. The godfather can’t afford it himself, but it is only distributed to him by the unit, so he can drive it as a private car.

Mo Xueyao’s mother also got into the car, and the godfather started the car without even wearing the seat belt.

“A liang, you didn’t wear your seat belt.”

“No one checks anyway.”

“It’s better to fasten it, to be safe.”

“Okay, I’ll tie it up at the traffic light.”

In 1999, the end of the 20th century, there were not many cars on the road in this era. Even if the road was not spacious, the speed of driving was not slow at all.

Mo Xueyao’s godfather Yu Liang galloped all the way and drove the car to the door of the first hospital in H City.

“If you are busy, you can go.” The mother said to the godfather.

“It’s alright, you can go to work quickly. I don’t go to work on weekends.”


“Should I take you back?”

“No, I’ll just take the bus, and take care of Xiaoyao.”

“Okay, don’t be polite with me.” Yu Liang waved his hand, took Mo Xueyao out of the car, and said jokingly, “Xiaoyao, you are too light, You should eat more.”

“Then with godfather, why are you so fat…” Mo Xueyao reluctantly joked, not knowing the reason, but now the symptoms of stomach pain have eased a little.

Mo Xueyao and his godfather was like a real father, so much so that when he was a child, he even thought he had two fathers.

Sometimes he would also wonders if his own father could be godfather.

But in fact, he does not look like his godfather. Instead, he inherited various characteristics of the Europa race from his father and grandparents.

Although it has faded a lot over the generations, it still looks completely different from the godfather.

Yu Liang put Mo Xueyao on the waiting plastic chair, then hurriedly ran to register, and took him upstairs for an ultrasound examination.

In the process, Mo Xueyao’s pain has eased a lot, and it is almost no longer painful.

When he was in pain, he wanted to be sent to the operating table immediately to solve the pain, but when it eased, he felt that it was not a big deal, and he didn’t need to see it at all.

“Which one is Mo Xueyao’s relative?” While waiting, the nurse’s voice rang.

“Here, here we come, Xiaoyao, wait for a while, godfather will help you get the checklist.”

“Yeah.” Mo Xueyao, whose stomach didn’t hurt much, also relaxed, yawned heavily, and fell asleep while leaning on the plastic chair that creaked when shaken.

“Are you Mo Xueyao’s father?”

“I’m his godfather.”

“Oh…is it a guardian after all?”

“Yes, now, his parents are temporarily unavailable.”

“Well… this child’s situation is very special.” A middle-aged doctor pushed his glasses, and beside him sat three experts and an older doctor professor.

This posture doesn’t look like an ordinary stomachache.

“There are not many cases of this disease in the country. Most of our information about this disease is from abroad…”


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