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Chapter 15


The sky in the magic city was a little dark, and the lead-grey clouds blocked sun, and not even a ray of light could be transmitted. Although it was morning, it was as dark as night. At this time, most of the lights in the city have not been turned on, and there is an illusion that the time has been reversed for a few minutes.

Mo Xueyao was sitting on the bed, leaning against a book with one knee, and then writing on it crookedly. Without a teacher, she relies entirely on self-study, and her learning progress is still a little slow. After all, she is not a gifted student, she can only be regarded as an ordinary person who works hard. Some of the knowledge points she didn’t understand were folded by her, and she planned to ask the teacher after she went to school.

Fortunately, there are not too many places that she doesn’t understand, otherwise she would have to hesitate for a long time just to ask questions. Mo Xueyao focused on self-taught subjects of science and mathematics. These two subjects had to be understood in order to understand them, so they were more troublesome.

However, Chinese and English are not too difficult for her, even if there is something she doesn’t understand, it doesn’t matter, just memorize it temporarily. It’s okay to figure it out later. Sometimes when she is tired of studying, she likes to pick up Chinese or history textbooks and read them.

When reading Chinese textbooks, she always likes to find Lu Xun’s articles first, she would never get tired of reading them several times, and she also wrote a lot of her own understanding next to them.

Learning this kind of thing is not just about working hard for a while, but the most important thing is to keep flowing. Therefore, Mo Xueyao didn’t like to bury her head in her studies. Relaxation and studying were a habit she had developed over the years.

At this moment, she put the book aside, and then lay comfortably on the hospital bed, squinting lazily. When she is bored, she always likes to do this, relax her eyes and use her ears to feel the whole world.

“Boom–!” A blast of thunder sounded, and then a little ‘crashing’ of rain could be heard.

It’s like God is cooling down the hot earth. There was a soft knock on the door, and she didn’t have to guess to know that it must be another nurse. The mother would have pushed the door directly in, and most of the doctors were men, the knocks on the door were heavy and not so gentle.

“Please come in.” Mo Xueyao opened her eyes and shouted.

After the door was pushed open, a young woman in a nurse’s uniform walked up to her. After almost a month of getting along, the two were already quite familiar with each other.

“Should I change the dressing?” Mo Xueyao tried to make herself look more natural.

In fact, at the beginning, it didn’t matter if she was checked by the male doctor, but the dressing change by the female nurse would make her face red and stiff. Even now, it’s not going anywhere.

“Well, come on, little beauty~Take off your pants~” The nurse teased badly, and then lifted the thin blanket on Mo Xueyao’s body.

“Ahem… it should be over soon, right?”

“It’s almost over~ Let me see~” The nurse pulled down Mo Xueyao’s trousers with a chuckle, carefully tore off the bandage, and then leaned in to examine it carefully.

Whenever this happened, Mo Xueyao was so embarrassed that she almost stopped breathing, but the nurse was very careful and she could even feel her warm breath.

“Well, it’s good. It’s almost completely healed, and the wound can’t be seen. It’s worthy of an operation performed by an expert. The suture technique is pretty good…”

“Eh… so…”

“Well, just apply some potions to minimize scarring on the skin today, and then tie a thin bandage… You can be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.”

“Hmm! So fast?”

“How fast? It’s been a month, right?” The nurse picked up the phone and glanced at it. “It’s already September 27th, and you haven’t been to school for a month. Can you keep up with it when you go back?”

“It should be… OK.” Mo Xueyao wasn’t quite sure. When she said this, she couldn’t help but look at the textbook on the bedside table.

“I’ll call the doctor to take a look later. If it’s all right, you can ask your mother to help you with the discharge procedures. After staying for so long, you want to go out and run away, right?”

“Ah… Yes, I kind of want to ride a bicycle, or play football on the playground or something.” Mo Xueyao nodded.

The nurse, however, lightly flicked her forehead with a smile: “That’s not good, you must be careful before December, and don’t do too strenuous exercise, otherwise it will still be dangerous.”

“Eh… Then it’s good to just walk around, anyway, I’m tired of living here!” Mo Xueyao shouted, because she was a little excited, she accidentally spoke out two words of foul language.

“Why are you still swearing? Girls should be elegant.”

“I’m used to it.” After all, facing outsiders, Mo Xueyao didn’t speak as hard as when facing her mother, coughed twice in embarrassment, and turned her head to look out the window.

“Okay, okay, I’ll ask the doctor to take a look later, and we’ll be ready to leave the hospital if it’s all right!” The nurse patted Mo Xueyao’s round thigh with a smirk, “It feels soft to the touch. Oh?”

“…Hey, am I fat again?” But Mo Xueyao was worried about this.

“Well… this performance is quite like a girl.” The nurse muttered, “No, it just became softer. That’s what girls are like, soft, even if a boy is thin, Not as soft as a girl!”

“…” Mo Xueyao rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the nurse’s theory.

Her main worry is that she is so short, if she gains weight, it will become ugly.

“Okay, ring the bell again if you have something to do, I’m leaving.”

“Okay…” Mo Xueyao nodded, picked up a glass of water on the bedside table and took a sip.

After the mother came back at noon, the doctor also came to see her once. After confirming that Mo Xueyao was all right, he asked her if she wanted to go through the discharge procedures. After repeatedly asking that there is no problem, considering the mother who has spent a lot of money, she agreed to this matter. She went through the formalities that afternoon, and paid off all medical expenses, including hospitalization fees, totaling 41,867 yuan.

As for the remaining part of the money, it seems that the mother has not decided whether to return it directly to the godfather, and Mo Xueyao did not ask. After all, this is the business of adults. Of course, it is not to leave in the afternoon, but to leave tomorrow morning.

Because they were leaving tomorrow, mother didn’t do any part-time work in the afternoon. After paying the money, she started to pack up.

Having lived here for a month, Mo Xueyao felt that this place was like half a home. A lot of clothes hanging by the window were suddenly put away, which made her a little unaccustomed to it. That night, she took a comfortable bath in the private bathroom in the ward, and began to look forward to when she could decorate her home like this…

The spacious bathroom allows Mo Xueyao to take a shower and look at herself in the mirror while taking a shower.

It was a familiar yet unfamiliar girl.

The girl in the mirror was stunned, making Mo Xueyao a little lost, as if she was not herself.

But her frown and smile will show in the mirror.

The black hair is like a waterfall, and the longest part has been placed at the position of the shoulder blades. The front bangs look a bit messy because they are not trimmed, but they have a lazy and casual beauty. She didn’t know how to tie her hair, so she tried to tie her hair together, simulating the appearance of a single ponytail. It seems to have become more well-behaved. She smiled a little embarrassedly and self-deprecating, and suddenly revealed a row of beautiful teeth like a rhinoceros.

“Xiaoyao, are you ready? It’s been an hour since I washed it.”

“Alright, alright!” Mo Xueyao hurriedly came back to his senses, put on a set of clothes and trousers, and walked out wet without blowing her hair.

“Come and blow your hair,” ordered the mother.

“Eh… blowing my hair again.”

“Is it still troublesome? Still witing for the wet hair to be blown by the wind, you will catch a cold!”

“Understood—” Mo Xueyao reluctantly responded, walked over to her mother, and let her dry her hair.

Although the sound of the hair dryer gave her some headaches. This may be a sequel to the previous headache.

The night passed and in the early morning of the next day, she was finally officially discharged from the hospital.

She looked at the cloudy sky, squatted behind her mother, her soft hands intertwined, a little reluctant and a little shy to part with these nurses, doctors, and sweeping aunts who she knew or only met a few times. Even the guards at the door said their goodbyes one by one.

Dr. Wang just came back a few days ago, and he got up early today and drove the two to the train station.

“It’s… so embarrassing…” Mother smiled awkwardly, “You… you have taken care of us a lot.”

“It’s nothing, there’s no surgery today, so it’s good to go for a walk in the early morning.” Dr. Wang said with a chuckle, looking at Mo Xueyao who was sitting in the back seat kindly, “When you come to Shanghai next time, you can come to my house. Come on, I have a daughter about your age.”

“Ah… ok, ok.” Mo Xueyao replied hurriedly, and then looked at his mother again, apparently wanting her to take over the topic.

“Dr. Wang is now an old expert, isn’t he?”

“Haha, I haven’t retired yet, so I’m not an ‘old’ expert.” Dr. Wang joked.

When Mo Xueyao saw that the topic was picked up by her mother, she was slightly relieved. Chatting with older people was really not something she was good at, especially when she was in a car-because she was still a bit motion sick. The motion sickness is relieved a little only when you don’t say a word and look out the window.

The magic capital is huge and prosperous. At six o’clock in the morning, the street market was already lively. However, the car drove smoothly, and there was no traffic jam. The speed of the car was neither fast nor slow, and the mother and daughter arrived at the South Railway Station in S City.

Yang Xiaoyu had already bought the ticket, and it was for eight o’clock train . She had planned to go by car, so she reserved time. Unexpectedly, Dr. Wang would send them both here, so when they arrived at the station, it took a lot of time to wait. But waiting at the station is better than hurrying on the road.

“I’ll send you here.” Dr. Wang waved in the car.

“Thank you, Dr. Wang!” The mother thanked sincerely.

“Thank you.” Mo Xueyao also hurriedly said.

“Take care of yourself.” Dr. Wang smiled meaningfully, and then drove away.

Mo Xueyao didn’t take these words to heart, just glanced at the rising sun again——

Leaving S City means saying goodbye to the past 16 years and ushering in a new life…

life as a girl.

Can she… adjust well?

Even Mo Xueyao’s own heart was uneasy about this.

But in any case, time will not stop because of her hesitation, and the days will continue to move forward.

——”Prologue: Sixteen years is like a dream” ends.

– Please look forward to the first volume of the main text – “The end of the twentieth century”.


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