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Chapter 14

Life in the hospital

The weather in September has cooled down a little, but the air conditioner still needs to be turned on in the room, which is also beneficial to the healing of the wound. This is also the benefit of a separate ward. In this era, general wards have not been equipped with air conditioners.

——Even if the window air conditioner is installed in this independent ward, the cooling effect may not be so good, but it is better than nothing.

Mo Xueyao lifted half of the quilt on ‘her’ body, and was leaning on the bedside lazily while watching Gu Long’s novel. In a trance, ‘She’ felt as if ‘she’ has become the hero inside who is running freely in the rivers and lakes, acting as a hero, punishing evil and promoting good…

“Phew! Xiao Li Fei Dao, there are no examples of incompetent heir!” Mo Xueyao put down the novel ‘she’ had already read, talked lightly into the air, and made a gesture of throwing ‘her’ knife away.

In the fantasy in ‘her’ head, the knife has been thrown out. Although in reality, nothing happened. Hospital days are boring. Because ‘She’ can only stay in the hospital bed all day and can’t go anywhere. Eating and drinking are all on the bed. This made Mo Xueyao feel very uncomfortable.

Desperately want to recover quickly. But the days can only pass day by day. Unlike playing a game, you can fast forward. Among the novels brought from home, this was last one ‘she’ hadn’t read, ‘she’ just finished reading it.

Mo Xueyao, who was a little empty in ‘her’ heart, began to miss school life. It’s already September, and the students must have already started school. At the beginning of high school, everyone is not familiar with each other, but it was the easiest time to get to know each other.

When Mo Xueyao was discharged from the hospital and went to class, ‘she’ might feel like a transfer student.

Will there be no way to fit in?

Mo Xueyao was a little worried about her future high school life.

It is now September 10th, and the surgery site has healed a lot. Although ‘she’ can’t go out for a walk, ‘she’ can get out of bed and walk around by ‘herself’ in a small amount—probably when ‘she’ go to the toilet.

To be honest, the toilet in the hospital made her a little unaccustomed. Although it was a very high-end product in this era, she still felt that it was more convenient to squat in the pit. However, a big city is a big city, and even if it is only the subtleties of life, you can find a lot of ‘high-end’ things. Such as the separate bathroom of the bathroom, as well as the shower faucet in the bathroom.

Mo Xueyao’s house didn’t even have a shower. If ‘she’ took a cold shower, ‘she’ would just use a leather hose. After all, it is not bad that their family can afford a house, but they have only done the most basic decoration. In many places, they still use the simplest and most economical solution.

Mother is not in the hospital. Spending money every day but not making any money seemed to make her feel very uneasy, so after Mo Xueyao was able to go to the toilet by ‘herself’ recently, she found some temporary jobs, the so-called part-time workers.

No matter how little money you make, you can still make some money. Moreover, in the big city of Modu, the wages of part-time workers were unexpectedly high, so that Mo Xueyao’s recent meals became much better than usual.

At least it’s no longer rice and pickles all day long. Staying alone in a hospital ward is a bit boring. There will always be all kinds of helplessness in life, but you have to adapt. Mo Xueyao could only endure this loneliness alone.

‘She’ remember when ‘She’ was in school, ‘She’ wanted to sleep more every morning, but recently, ‘she’ could sleep all day in one breath, but ‘she’ couldn’t sleep.

Even when yawning, it doesn’t seem to be too sleepy.

“I’m hungry…” Mo Xueyao boredly flipped through the checklist on the bedside table, which contained a lot of medical terms that ‘she’ couldn’t understand.

‘She’ always felt that there was not enough time, but in the recent hospitalization days, it has become longer. Sometimes she was so bored that she passed the time by counting the seconds with the clock hanging on the wall.

“Crack–” The handle of the door was turned, and then pushed open, without guessing that it was the mother’s return, she was always so punctual.

“Xiaoyao, are you hungry?”

“I’m hungry.” Mo Xueyao nodded, looking at the fast food that her mother packed and put on the bedside table with anticipation, “What did you bring today?”

“Sweet and sour pork loin, stir-fried green vegetables, and a beef offal soup.”

“So rich!” Mo Xueyao felt that saliva had begun to secrete from ‘her’ mouth.

“Well, you eat first.”

“Why don’t we eat together?”

“I’m not hungry yet.” The mother shook her head, “How are you feeling today?”

“No problem, it’s just too boring.” Mo Xueyao quickly took out the foam box containing the vegetables and rice, and replied, “When Mom comes back at night, can you go to the overnight market, buy me some novels and come back.?”

“You don’t need any novels, you won’t be bored from today.” The mother said, and took out a package from another plastic bag, “The books your father picked up from school has already been sent, so you can study on your own first, otherwise you won’t be able to catch up with the progress.”

“Well… that’s fine.” Mo Xueyao rarely refuted.

‘Her’ grades in school were always in the top ten. If ‘she’ really becomes the last student one day, ‘She’ was afraid ‘she’ will find it difficult to accept it herself.

“By the way, where’s the beef miso soup?” Mo Xueyao asked suspiciously, looking at the empty plastic bag.

“It’s here.” The mother took out an iron box from the bag. “It’s not convenient to use a foam box for soup.”

The small bedside table was already full of dishes.

Mo Xueyao first picked up the iron box and drank a sip of beef miso soup, and suddenly couldn’t help smacking ‘her’ lips: “Delicious!”

“Then eat more.”

“Mom, the food is so good today, if you don’t eat it with me, I can’t help but finish it!” Mo Xueyao licked ‘her’ lips, picked up a box of lunch, and started eating.

When the chopsticks pick up the food, it will inevitably bump into the foam box and make a ‘squeaky’ rubbing sound. It sounds a bit sour.

“Then you finish your meal.”

“Then what do you eat?”

“I’m not hungry. I was just at someone’s house. They were very hospitable. They asked me to stay and have lunch together.”

“Oh…” Mo Xueyao felt a lot at ease, and ate it in a big mouth, with bulging cheeks on both sides, like a hamster hiding food in its mouth.

“Eat slowly, and no one is robbing you. Can you eat the food in your mouth and then add the vegetables?” The mother scolded angrily, “Look at you, your mouth seems to be leaking, and the food is all over the floor. .”

“It’s too good to drink it (because it’s so delicious)!” Mo Xueyao muttered vaguely.

“Don’t talk when you’re eating, just finish what’s in your mouth first.”

“Mmmm… the sweet and sour pork loin is delicious!” Mo Xueyao swallowed the food in ‘her’ mouth and let out a long sigh, “The beef offal soup is delicious too! Everything in it is delicious!”

“You should also eat green vegetables, you can’t be picky eaters.”

“Uh… this green vegetable tastes a little bitter.”

“It’s just a little bit hard.”

“Okay, okay, can’t I eat it?” Mo Xueyao reluctantly picked up the green vegetables and put them in ‘her’ mouth, and decided to finish the dishes that ‘she’ didn’t like the most first, and then enjoy the other delicacies.

This meal was probably the most filling she had eaten recently.

‘She’ was so hungry today for some reason.

After eating, she burped with satisfaction and lay down comfortably, but sat up again with some uneasiness: “Mom, if I eat like this every day and then lie down, will I become fat?”

“Are you worried about gaining weight?”

“…I don’t want to be called ‘fat’ by others.” Mo Xueyao whispered, “Fat people are easily discriminated against.”

“Well… don’t worry, you are not too fat.”

“In other words, really fat!?” Mo Xueyao’s tone became a little flustered, and ‘she’ looked down at ‘her’ arm, as if to see if ‘she’ really had more flesh.

It should have been thinner than this before…

“Haha, you’re not gaining weight, you just gained some subcutaneous fat, and the weight won’t increase much.” Dr. Wang’s voice sounded, and then the door was pushed open, “This shows that a lot of estrogen is starting to work, your body is growing like a normal girl.”

“Like a normal girl…that doesn’t mean…will come…that!” Mo Xueyao suddenly thought of the once-a-month event.

This is what was taught in physiology class. At that time, ‘She’ thought ‘she’ fortunate that ‘She’ was a man, otherwise it would be annoying to for it come once a month, sometimes even come for a whole week. But ‘She’ didn’t expect that ‘She’ would have such a day…

“With the growth and development, it will definitely come. It will be around December, and the menarche will come.” Dr. Wang replied while examining Mo Xueyao’s body, “By the way, I will probably leave after today. I will not be in the hospital for a while, and I will go to other places for business, you can find the responsible doctor if you have something to do.”

“Well… ok.” Mo Xueyao nodded lightly.

Dr. Wang pressed ‘her’ chest with his hand.

Mo Xueyao watched him perform such an inspection without changing ‘her’ face, and there was no turbulence in ‘her’ heart.

“Does it hurt here?”

Dr. Wang pressed a circle around her head and asked.

“I don’t feel it.” Mo Xueyao felt it seriously, then shook ‘her’ head.

“Well, as the body begins to develop, it will hurt here. Remember, don’t always press it when it hurts, and remember to wear loose clothes at that time.”

“…It’s better not to grow.” Mo Xueyao muttered in a low voice, “To grow a pair of steamed buns is troublesome.”

“Haha, but every woman hopes most is that her place is bigger, just like a man wants to be bigger there.”

“Ah…it doesn’t matter. I just want it to be more convenient.” Mo Xueyao pinched the ends of her hair, “I feel like my hair has grown a lot faster recently…”

“Yes, this is also a manifestation of the rapid development of the body. When you leave the hospital, maybe your hair will grow to cover your shoulders.”

“It’s too long.” Mo Xueyao seemed to have a headache, “That would be very inconvenient.”

“Just a ponytail.” Dr. Wang laughed, “You have to get used to it, um, if you don’t know how to tie a ponytail, just ask your mother.”

“…” Mo Xueyao imagined himself with a ponytail, and for some reason felt a chill.


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