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Chapter Thirteen


“Mo Xueyao, Mo Xueyao?”

Mo Xueyao opened ‘his’ eyes in a trance, but found herself sitting on a chair in the classroom. The familiar junior high school head teacher on the podium was shouting ‘his’ name.

“Yes, yes!” Mo Xueyao hurriedly responded.

It just felt vaguely that something was wrong.

“You can’t sleep in class.”


“You’re all high school students. You have to study hard, otherwise you won’t be able to get into a good university.”


Mo Xueyao nodded dazedly, as if ‘he’ hadn’t recovered from what happened. ‘He’vaguely remembered that ‘he’ should not be in the classroom, but should be on the… hospital bed.

Hospital bed?

‘He’ scratched his head vigorously, but couldn’t think of anything other than lying on the hospital bed. The memory seemed to stop before learning that ‘he’ was actually a girl. Suddenly, ‘he’ noticed something was wrong. Because of the unexpectedly long hair. The black hair was so soft that ‘he’ touched it over and over again in confusion. How could it be possible to have such long hair while others have no doubts?

Mo Xueyao looked around and found that there was nothing unusual about the students. The bell for the end of get out of class suddenly rang, and the students who had already been absent-minded rushed out with their schoolbags on their backs.

It seems that school is over. Although Mo Xueyao didn’t understand what was going on, ‘he’ instinctively went with the flow. These are familiar junior high school classmates, and ‘he’ knows every face.

A girl put ‘his’ hand on his shoulder very intimately after school: “Xiaoyao, let’s go home together?”


Mo Xueyao looked back in disbelief and saw Ban Hua’s beautiful and lovely face.

He swallowed hard, in disbelief.


“Is it still fake? Don’t we go home together every day?”

“Ah…yes…” Mo Xueyao pretended to remember something, but still left the school with the class flower in confusion.

Looking back, ‘he’ saw a plaque with “The Fourteenth Junior High School of H City” hanging at the school gate. Fourteen Junior high School, it seems to be the case. It looks like ‘he’ was admitted to the fourteenth Junior high school. ‘He’ scratched ‘his’ head, always feeling like someone who skipped dozens of episodes while watching thousands of TV episodes.

In the middle… a long period of memory, there is absolutely no memory.

“What are you thinking about?” Ban Hua put her face close to ‘him’, “Hum, let’s take a photo shoot today?”

“Ah…? Photo stickers?”

Even Mo Xueyao, who didn’t know much about this piece, knew very well that this was something that was popular all over the country and even the whole world. There is always a small house under the major shopping malls, which looks about the size of a phone booth. Open the curtain and go in, and you can print one for a dollar. For ten dollars, you can print eleven copies. And you can choose what you want to print, that is to say, there are no restrictions on shooting.

The computer inside can choose a variety of stickers or special effects, which is the favourite of girls. Mo Xueyao remembered that in the past, classmates seemed to like to go with the best girls in the class.

As a result, has it become ‘him’ now?

But… what’s even more strange is, how did he suddenly become a woman?

Always feel that something is not right.

In this way, the two took a photo of themselves very intimately together, and the sweet mood dispelled the doubts and unease in their hearts. Back at home, Mo Xueyao didn’t ask any more questions in the face of ‘his’ parents who were very natural and didn’t feel strange. The night seemed to pass quickly, and it was over as soon as ‘he’ closed my eyes.

The next day, Mo Xueyao came to the school gate again, but the anxiety in ‘his’ heart became stronger. Always feels that something bad will happen. This strong premonition gave ‘him’ a headache.

When ‘he’ walked into the classroom, ‘he’ found that all the classmates had arrived, looking at ‘him’ with different dark expressions. There is contempt, there is disgust, there is resentment. But in short, no one looked good. Even Ban Hua looked at ‘him’ angrily at this time.

“Mo Xueyao, you are actually a man!” Ban Hua pointed at Mo Xueyao and shouted loudly.

‘He’ always felt that such a development is not very logical, but it happened just like that.

“Man… I… Indeed.” Mo Xueyao replied instinctively and subconsciously.

Then suddenly ‘he’ remembered something.

Yes, when ‘he’ thinkd about it, ‘he’ was indeed a ‘man’, but after the discovery of hermaphroditism, it was confirmed that ‘he’ was actually a real woman.

After surgery…

And then… and then what happened?

Can’t remember.

Mo Xueyao felt that the headache was even worse.

“You turned out to be a transgender from a man!”


“And go to the toilet with the girls!”


“He even took a bath with the girls during military training!”


‘He’ had never felt that words were so powerful. Obviously no one did anything, but ‘he’ felt more pain than being cut open by a knife. Then, the students rushed over and pushed ‘him’ to the ground.

It’s like tearing ‘his’ lower body to shreds.

And ‘he’ really felt the pain.

As if the lower body was really torn apart.

“Huh…huh…” Mo Xueyao suddenly opened ‘his’ eyes.

Cold sweat had wet ‘his’ clothes. No wonder the story was so absurd and terrifying, it turned out to be just a dream. But it is said that there is something to think about every day and a dream night, and the content of the dream may be what he is worried about.

Oh… by the way, the operation has been successful, and now ‘he’ should be called ‘she’.

The bright sun shone on ‘her’.

It seems to be noon now. It felt like ‘she’ had slept for a long time, even closing ‘her’ eyes would give ‘her’ a headache.

“Xiaoyao, what’s wrong?” The mother’s voice from the side made ‘her’ feel at ease.

“It’s okay…” Mo Xueyao shook his head gently, “I just had a… nightmare.”

“If there is something uncomfortable, be sure to say it.”

“Uh…below, it hurts a bit.”

“I’ll call the doctor right away.” The mother hurriedly stood up and pressed the button to call the doctor and nurse.

But she was worried that the other party would not hear, so she hurried out of the ward and planned to go directly to the front desk to find a nurse or doctor. Mo Xueyao stared blankly at the unfamiliar and pale ceiling, and finally sorted out ‘her’ thoughts and came back to ‘her’ senses.

During the operation, she seemed to be asleep. After waking up, the operation was over. Thinking of this, an unexplained sense of emptiness suddenly flooded into ‘her’ heart. Like unwillingness and confusion, and some regrets. But even regret is useless, at most it is just delaying the operation time.

I’m going to be a girl from today.

girl…what to do?

Mo Xueshan felt dazed and frightened.

‘She felt ten times more terrified than when ‘she’ was suddenly asked to go to work after graduating from junior high school.

“I’m not a man anymore…” ‘She’ sighed melancholy, but heard some familiar voices.

“Haha, you’ve never been a man – at most you’re a boy.” Dr. Wang’s hearty laughter entered ‘her’ ears.

“Doctor Wang…” Mo Xueyao looked up at him, thinking that he didn’t seem to be that tall before, or did ‘she’ feel that others were taller when ‘shes lay on the hospital bed?

“Just lie down like this, you don’t need to get up, the operation is only finished for a few hours and you still need to rest.” After speaking, he lifted the quilt and checked it carefully. The two nurses followed him as if they were studying, ” It’s alright, no blood seeping out, no swelling and pus, just natural pain after the anaesthesia is over.”

“So that’s the case, I’m really bothering you, Dr. Wang.” Mother breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s alright,” Dr. Wang said with a smile, “It’s the right thing to take care of the patient. I’ll be here for few days. If you have anything, just come to me. When I’m not here, you can find other doctors in charge of the operation. No problem.”

“Okay, okay.” The mother responded quickly.

“Then it’s fine. If you have any other questions, please contact us.” Dr. Wang smiled and nodded to Mo Xueyao, and left the ward with the two nurses.

Mo Xueyao closed ‘her’ eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. The reflection on the window was no different from the one ‘she’ had seen yesterday, but it felt like ‘she’ had become more feminine.

“Xiaoyao, what are you thinking now?”

“…I just thought, I don’t know how to be a girl at all…” Mo Xueyao honestly expressed part of ‘her’ feelings, “I feel… very confused.”

“It doesn’t matter, this kind of thing will slowly get used to it.”

“Of course it’s easy to talk about it…” Mo Xueyao rolled ‘her’ eyes, “I’m dying of thirst, Mom, I want to drink water.”

“For example, swear words should be banned.”

“Can’t you say that?”

“I want you to be a lady.” Mother said, bringing the water to Mo Xueyao’s mouth. This is a drinking glass with a straw, prepared in advance, “Drink it.”

Mo Xueyao opened ‘her’ mouth without hesitation and took a big gulp, looking like ‘she’ couldn’t wait. Even though ‘shes was drinking from a straw, a lot of water still overflowed from the corners of ‘her’ mouth.

“I said, if you don’t want a lady, can’t you drink slowly?”

“No, no, it’s too slow, it’s not refreshing at all, okay?” Mo Xueyao breathed a sigh of relief after drinking the water.

“You child…” Even the mother was a little helpless.

“I originally thought as a boy. I’ve been a boy for 16 years. It’s not that easy to change.” Mo Xueyao made an excuse for ‘her’ lazy behaviour and didn’t want to change ‘her’ habit, “Besides, even you are a girl, can’t you be a bold girl?”

“Then how can she look like a girl?” Mother gave her an angry sidelong glance.

“Who said that!” Mo Xueyao’s voice suddenly became louder, “Boys can be introverted, and girls can be extroverted, just like in ancient times there were heroes and women! Men should be men’s things. , a woman should do what a woman does, what kind of rules are this?”

“Then is there any difference between men and women?” The mother couldn’t argue with Mo Xueyao.

“The difference is not reflected in this aspect. Just as men can protect women, can’t women in turn protect men?”

“That’s called a little white face.”

“Hey, Mom, you’re an old antique!” Mo Xueyao rolled ‘her’ eyes angrily, “Lao Tzu(Masculine ‘I’) is too lazy to talk about it.”

“Don’t say ‘Lao Tzu’ again.”

“Cut.” Mo Xueyao pouted, although ‘shes didn’t continue arguing with ‘her’ mother, ‘shes was sulking all by ‘herself’.


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