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Chapter 11

The Prosperous Big City

The journey was not long, but Mo Xueyao fell asleep with the cool wind blowing in front of him. It was not until he was pushed by his mother that he realized that he had reached his destination. City S is one of only four first-tier cities in country Z. Although the adjacent H city is the provincial capital, it is like a backward town compared to the S city.

The time was around ten o’clock, and the blazing sun above his head was already hanging high. When he walked out of the train station, he felt the heat waves that hit one after another. Mo Xueyao looked up at the sky to see more, but saw high-rise buildings on both sides of the road. City H is only filled with high-rise buildings in the city center, but it is not so exaggerated. Most of them are buildings with more than ten floors, and there are not many buildings with more than 20 floors.

In S City, however, you can always see buildings with more than 20 floors, and even the towering Oriental Pearl Tower standing in the distance. This is a world of reinforced concrete. Although there is also greenery, the feeling it brings is completely different from H City.

“Is this a big city…” Mo Xueyao looked around with wide eyes, but se didn’t have any longing, but felt a little depressed.

There are tall buildings everywhere, as if covering the sky. There are many places under construction near the South Railway Station in S City. The roads that were not too wide were occupied, making the traffic very congested.

“Are we taking the bus?” Mo Xueyao asked.

“No, Dr. Wang said it can be reached by subway.” My mother stood on the street and looked around, she seemed unable to find where to take the subway, so she had no choice but to find an old man passing by, “Master, take the liberty to ask, where do you go to Metro Line 1?”

“As long as…”

The old man pointed the way, and the mother had a general understanding of the direction. Although she seemed to be coming to the magic capital for the first time, Mo Xueyao followed her with great peace of mind, as if there was no problem that could not be solved as long as his mother was there.

If there is a problem, the mother will solve it.

“Is this the subway?” Walking into this spacious underground space, Mo Xueyao exclaimed, feeling that City H was twenty years behind the Magic City’s technological level, like walking into the underground world in a sci-fi movie.

“Yes, let me see, where is the place to buy tickets…”

Because it was the first time to take the subway, it took a long time to buy a ticket.

Finally, I finally selected the station and bought the subway tickets. The two of them each took a ticket and walked to the automatic gate. Soon it was the two’s turn. The mother walked in front and swiped with the ticket, only to find that the machine turned on the red light and could not pass at all. She repeated this several times, still no effect. The people behind looked a little impatient.

“If you stand outside and brush inside, you won’t be able to get through.” A kind passerby reminded him. Only then did his mother and Mo Xueyao finally pass the gate and he was relieved.

“There are automated devices everywhere, so it’s not necessarily a good thing.” Mo Xueyao muttered.

“That’s because you’re not used to it.” A passerby said.

This made Mo Xueyao a little embarrassed and he followed the crowd down the stairs with his mother. After confirming the direction, the mother and son waited on the platform.

Looking at the crowded platform, Mo Xueyao whispered in his mother’s ear, “As expected of magic capital, it looks so advanced.”

“Otherwise, why do so many people want to come here to develop?” The mother smiled slightly, “Okay, the car is here, let’s get in the car.”

Mo Xueyao squeezed into the carriage with the crowd, feeling like sardines in a can.

“Except for the lack of seats, it doesn’t seem to be any different from the train.” Mo Xueyao commented as he squeezed into a place with few people, and finally found a pole that he could hold, and finally had a stable position.

Mo Xueyao, who was only 1.58 meters tall, was not very tall among the crowd, and could not breathe fresh air at all. He only felt that the various smells in the carriage were intertwined, complicated and unpleasant.

“People’s Square is here, let’s get off the car quickly.” The mother, who had been on tiptoes looking at the station, quickly grabbed Mo Xueyao’s wrist and squeezed out. Then returned the ticket and walked out of the subway station.

“Huh… choked me to death.” Mo Xueyao let out a long breath, “I definitely don’t want to take the subway anymore.”

“It’s more uncomfortable to take the bus, at least the subway is faster.” The mother took out the written note from her pocket and handed it to Mo Xueyao, “Let’s see how to get there.”

“Can’t you see it yourself…” Mo Xueyao muttered, but she still took it, “No, Mom, the exit is wrong!”


“Yeah, we should have taken it from port 20!”

So, Mo Xueyao and her mother ran back to the station and walked out through another exit.

The next step is much more convenient, go straight along the road, turn left at the first intersection, and then go all the way forward, a total distance of about one kilometer or so, Finally, they both saw the big characters ‘S Changzheng Hospital’.

Mo Xueyao instinctively took a half step back. His hand was caught by his mother.

“What’s the matter? Are you still afraid?”

“Uh…” Mo Xueyao swallowed her saliva, “No matter how you say it, it’s like being a eunuch in the palace…”

“What nonsense, that’s not a eunuch, but a real girl – you’re supposed to be a girl, right, um, that’s fine, if you’re a boy, but you look this Petite, as a mother, I have to worry!”

“…” Mo Xueyao rolled his eyes and pulled his hand back, “Don’t pull me, I can go by myself.”

Walking into the Changzheng Hospital, my mother called Dr. Wang. The latter said that he had arrived today and was in the hospital, together with other leaders of the hospital. Mo Xueyao and her mother went to the office. It wasn’t long before Mo Xueyao met with Dr. Wang again.

“Hello, uncle and aunt…” He greeted listlessly, standing at the door but was reluctant to go in.

He knew that he could only perform surgery, but from the bottom of his heart it was inevitable that resistance and fear would arise.

“What’s the matter, Xiaoyao? Come in, there is a seat for you.” Dr. Wang said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

“…” Mo Xueyao suddenly felt a headache.

I don’t know if it’s a psychological effect or a physical organ that affects the nerves.

And the headache was getting worse and worse, so much so that he couldn’t help but say a dirty word: “Damn it, it hurts me to death.”

The atmosphere in the office froze, and then the older men all laughed.

“What’s the matter, have a headache again?” the mother asked with concern.

“Well…it really hurts…” Mo Xueyao rubbed his temples, spread his legs and sat on the sofa. He was sat on the sofa as if he had no bones, and didn’t even want to move at all.

“Xiaoyao’s surgery, we will do it first in the morning.” Dr. Wang looked at Yang Xiaoyu and got straight to the point, “Remember not to eat or drink in the morning and it will be done at eight o’clock in the morning. You can go.”

“Okay.” The mother nodded, and then put the souvenirs in her hands on the coffee table a little embarrassed. “Some souvenirs, not expensive things, don’t mind.”

In fact, it’s just some Yinhu lotus root starch and Longjing tea. Longjing tea is also common, after all, it is not too expensive to buy.

“Oh, why are you so polite?”

“Should be…”

“There’s no need for this. We all attach great importance to patients, and we will definitely complete Xiaoyao’s surgery well.”

“It should be, it should be, it’s a gift for a friend.”

Dr. Wang shook his head helplessly and said nothing. Having been a doctor for so many years, he knows very well that sometimes, if you don’t accept gifts from the patient’s family, the latter will have a sense of mistrust in you. The people of country Z are so strange, they will feel at ease only if the other party accepts the gift they give.

“Then here are some matters after the operation. You can go directly to the first hospital in H City for re-examination, and you can go there directly for psychological counselling. There will be a doctor to receive you. For the first three months, every once a month, then once every three months, plus three times in three months, a total of six times is enough, this is a twelve-month observation period.”

Then there are a lot of caveats.

The mother who was only the second grade of primary school student, took out a pen and paper and took great pains to memorize it. Mo Xueyao couldn’t stand it any longer, so he took it and wrote it down by himself.

There are quite a few things to pay attention to. But the first month is the most troublesome, because you need to be careful about your diet. Have to eat bland food for a month. The best is a liquid food such as meat porridge.

“Let’s do a comprehensive examination today to prepare for tomorrow’s surgery. If you have any allergies, you must inform us in advance.”

“Are you allergic…? Shouldn’t be?” Mo Xueyao shook his head blankly.

Then he was taken to do various inspections. It almost took teh morning, and it seemed to be quite complicated.

“The child’s physical condition is quite good, and what is even more gratifying is that because he has a ready-made vagina in his body, all we have to do now is to move the urinary catheter and other tissues into it.” Wang The doctor said happily, “What we have to do has become simpler. We just need to open a hole and move those organs. We don’t even need to rebuild the hymen. There is a ready-made inside.”

When Mo Xueyao heard these boneless medical words, he immediately blushed and looked out of the corridor window.

“Haha, don’t be shy, these are all normal medical vocabulary. Human body structure, didn’t you teach it when you were in class? It should be taught in junior high school, right?”

“Yes, yes…” Mo Xueyao rubbed her head, whose pain was slightly relieved, and whispered, “But in reality, few people would say it directly…”

“That is to say, the situation is better than expected?” The mother cut back to the matter itself.

“Yes, in this way, you can save more medical expenses, and you only need to review it when you are discharged from the hospital. After that, unless there is a problem, you don’t need to review it, and you don’t need to pass the mold.” Dr. Wang smiled and touched. Touching Mo Xueyao’s head, “Such cases are really rare… However, your parents should also do a good job of psychological counseling. If you really have psychological difficulties, you must go to a hospital in H City to find a special counselor. The psychiatrist is responsible for this.”

“Thank you, Dr. Wang.” The mother laughed, “So… can we come over tomorrow?”

“There will be an operation tomorrow. Just live in the hospital tonight. The single-room ward has been prepared for you – don’t worry, only the cheapest price will be charged.”


Mo Xueyao listened to the conversation between his mother and the doctor behind him, and stared blankly at the sky. The closer he got to the time of the operation, the more afraid and resistance he felt…


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