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Chapter 10


The time is Friday, August 27, 1999.

Some schools have already started ahead of schedule, and the entrances of the big supermarkets along the road are full of advertisements of ‘School Season’, and all kinds of stationery have been discounted.

But it’s still early, so you can only see the poster at the entrance of the supermarket and the closed rolling shutter.

The taxi in the early morning also seemed to be extraordinarily quiet, and the taxi master didn’t know if it was just through the night and seemed listless, yawning all the time.

Mo Xueyao’s family sat in this taxi and headed to the Railway City Station in H City.

Today’s weather forecast is being broadcast on the morning radio channel: “The lowest temperature in H city today is 22 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is 31 degrees Celsius, cloudy, no sustained wind direction, light breeze, today night to tomorrow…”

It’s morning, and it should be around the time of this so-called twenty-two degrees Celsius.

Mo Xueyao rolled down the car window, enjoying the refreshing morning breeze blowing in front of him, and arrived at the Railway City Station unknowingly.

In H City, in this era, traffic jams in the morning are still rare.

But no matter what time of day there are so many people in the train station.

Some simply slept there last night, waiting for the train to arrive the next morning.

“It’s 6:10 now, and there are still about 50 minutes before the departure.” Mo Xueyao’s father glanced at the cheap electronic watch he bought from the street stall on his wrist. The numbers on it were very inaccurate. Adjust it once, otherwise the error will be more than three minutes in a month.

“Do you want to buy a drink?” Father asked with a smile, his eyes falling on the Coke on the counter of the small shop.

“We’ve all brought our own water, what other drinks do we buy? A waste of money.” The mother rolled her eyes and dragged her father inside.

“Hey, when Xiaoyao is thirsty, you will definitely want to drink it. I know you are reluctant to buy a drink for Xiaoyao. No other shops are open at the moment, so just buy a bottle here.” He took out a crumpled ten-dollar bill, “I know Xiaoyao best, and he likes to drink this the most.”

“Alright, alright…” Mo Xueyao smiled shyly. Although it was true that he couldn’t resist the charm of Coke, he would rarely drink this drink when he knew that his family had no money.

In this day and age, for ordinary families, Coke is a kind of ‘advanced’ drink.

Just as KFC and McDonald’s belong to ‘high-end restaurants’ in this era.

“How much is a bottle of Coke?”

“Five dollars.” Coke at the train station is always more expensive. In fact, if you buy it outside the station, a bottle only costs two yuan, and a canned one costs only one yuan.

“Here.” Under the mother’s distressed eyes, the father handed out the banknotes and exchanged for a bottle of iced Coke with cold water droplets on it!

“Spending money again, do you know how much we owe this time? Huh? Fifty thousand.” The mother complained angrily.

“Oh… it’s okay to spend a little money occasionally, right, Xiaoyao?” Father raised his eyebrows at Mo Xueyao.

Mo Xueyao nodded vigorously. Holding the cold Coke in his hand, he refused to let it go, for fear that his mother would ask him to exchange the money back, so he opened the bottle cap and took a sip.

“Haha-” The ice-cold cola and the cold bubbles are all jumping on the buds on the tip of the tongue. In this era when drinks are not so varied, this is simply one of the most enjoyable things in life. Putting Coke in a red wine glass and drinking it slowly is not a joke. There are many people in this era who really do this. But it wasn’t for Coke, it was a sentiment.

“How is it, is it delicious?” Father asked with a smile.

“Delicious!” Mo Xueyao replied without hesitation.

“Come on, let me have a drink.”



“Hey, Dad, you’re halfway through!”

“Oops, I’m not careful.” Father said with a smirk, but it seemed like it was intentional.

In fact, he wanted to drink it himself…

Mo Xueyao lowered her eyelids and muttered in her heart.

The train tickets have been bought in advance, and now you only need to go to the respective waiting halls and wait. There was a large security check device at the door, and the three of them put their luggage on it and walked over.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ticket. Because the real ticket check is when you get on the train. As a result, the waiting hall is a bit crowded, because even family members who have not bought tickets can come here to see them off.

Mo Xueyao’s father didn’t buy a ticket. Because of his high salary, he stayed at home to make money, while his mother accompanied Mo Xueyao. This month, the family will not only have one less income, but also one more expense.

Every time I think that I can’t make any money this month, my mother always sighs with worry. Although there is 50,000 yuan in the pocket, it is for medical expenses and cannot be spent casually. The current spending is all from savings. Not long after, the train began to check tickets.

“The train will be dispatched at 9:05, passengers who take the 6258 train will go to the No. 3 ticket gate to check their tickets, please…”

It’s finally time to part, even if it’s only been a month…

“Be careful on the road, call if anything happens.” Father shouted with concern.

“Understood, don’t eat indiscriminately at home, and eat three meals well.”

“it is good.”

The father and mother were so affectionate that Mo Xueyao couldn’t stand it any longer: “It’s not parting of life and death, can you check the tickets soon?”

“Careful how you talk.” Mother nodded dissatisfiedly, flicked on Xiaoyao’s forehead, “Let’s go, let’s go check the ticket.”

Mother took out two paper red train tickets, which were punched two holes by the ticket inspector, and then led Mo Xueyao into the station. Mo Xueyao dragged his suitcase behind her mother and whispered, “Is it necessary to bring so many things in a month?”

“It’s with wheels, it doesn’t take much effort from you.” His mother gave him a blank look.

On the platform, a train with a green background and a yellow ribbon was already waiting there. To save money, buy train ticket without air conditioning. Because the speed is not fast, you can open the window and enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing on your face. Since the departure time was early, it should still be a cool breeze.

The tickets of Mo Xueyao and his mother were linked together, and it happened to be a seat by the window. He sat in very naturally, because his favorite was the window seat. Otherwise, even if you take the train, there is a possibility of motion sickness…

“This regular express train from the north of C city to the south of S city is about to depart. Passengers and friends please stay away from the door…”

With the somewhat rough plastic mandarin of the announcer, the train slowly started. Mo Xueyao’s mood also became tense with the sound of the train ‘clicking’.

It’s finally time to go to the magic capital…

When he came back, he will be no longer him.

To be precise, he will no longer a boy, but she will be a girl.

There is a little melancholy in my heart, thinking that he will never be able to be with the girl he likes in the future, thinking that he will no longer be able to hook up with those iron buddies…

Then he thought about it, when he came back, it would have been a month since the school started, and he wondered if he could keep up with the progress of the studies at that time. What will happen to the students at the new school? Yukong High School is just an ordinary high school. Although I heard that the school spirit is okay, is it true?

At school, would anyone know his secret and shake it out…

It was obvious that Mo Xueyao had not yet arrived at the magic capital, but Mo Xueyao had already thought about what will happen on returing.

In addition, there are still some small curiosity.

That is… what life will be like after becoming a girl.

Of course, human emotions are very complex and cannot always be so negative. If there are negatives, naturally there are relative positives. It’s like starting the exam without reviewing. In addition to being apprehensive, I also look forward to the end as soon as possible, so that I can be relieved.

However, no matter how Mo Xueyao thought about the girl’s life, something was wrong.

Although he is not tall and looks petite, he usually looks carefree, and he is used to being carefree…

It’s not that he’s not careful, it’s just that he is used to expressing myself like this. Perhaps this is also a form of self-protection. It doesn’t look manly enough in appearance, it shows in action.

“Will the former junior high school classmates not recognize me? No, no, it’s not plastic surgery, how can it be so exaggerated…” Mo Xueyao stroked his hair that had grown to his chin. He has never had such long hair. And he’s also a big fan of flatheads.

Because only this hairstyle can make him look a little manly…

Although he is only 1.58 meters tall, you can’t see any manliness from anywhere…

So many complex emotions were intertwined in Mo Xueyao’s heart, making him both curious and somewhat resistant to the end of the journey.

“What are you thinking?” asked the mother.

“Well…I’m thinking…what the magic city is like.” Mo Xueyao replied.

He didn’t express his true heart. First, he didn’t want to express it, and second, it was too complicated to express. Perhaps there is no need to express, because his emotions at the moment are already written on his face. The mother, who is well aware of the world, can see at a glance the complexity of his heart at this time.

“Bang dang bang dang bang dang…” As the train moved forward, someone took out a camera and took pictures of the scenery outside.

If Mo Xueyao also had a camera, he would also like to photograph the scenery at this time. Capture this beauty in this moment. Too bad, the camera…don’t have one at home. Because that’s just too expensive. Of course money has to be used where needed.

If you have the spare money, you might as well replace the PHS, which my mother has used for three years and has been in water, with a new phone. Hmm… Of course it would be good to buy a mobile phone for myself – Mo Xueyao thought happily in his heart.

Then suddenly came back to his senses.

Where does the family get so much money? The surgery itself is very expensive. Buying a mobile phone can only be a wish, at least in recent years. He thought about it this way, took a sip of Coke, and thought–no cell phone or something, it would be great if he could drink Coke once a week.


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