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Mo Xueyao

The word ‘snow’ in the name doesn’t mean it’s a girl.

For example, Cao Xueqin, a famous person in history, and an ordinary people living in reality, our protagonist, Mo Xueyao.

Mo Xueyao’s name was taken by his great-grandfather when he was still alive. He was of Russian ethnicity. Because of some things, he went far away from his home town and left Russia, which is snow-covered all the year round – the country was called the Soviet Union at that time.

Although decades later, the once great country seemed to collapse overnight.

Grandpa used to be a senior expert in architecture, and he finally got a Chinese ID card and became a Chinese citizen after going through layers of examinations. Since then, he has been living with his family in a second-tier city on the southern coast.

There is very little snow in the south, let alone the kind of snow that seems to ‘submerge’ the whole world. Therefore, before he was born, the great-grandfather set a name for him, both male and female, called ‘Xueyao’. It means that the home town where snow drifts all the year round is far away-even if the great country has not collapsed at that time, the great grandfather has already foreseen that future.

In fact, that was indeed the case. This huge country, the hope of mankind was like a castle piled up with sand, and it collapsed seven years after Mo Xueyao was born. What’s interesting is that in 1984, when Mo Xueyao was born, there was really boundless snow in the sky. When children ran out to play, most of their body could sink into the snow.

Whenever someone wondered why Mo Xueyao, as a boy, chose a girl’s name, he would explain it in a long-winded manner.

Mo Xueyao’s family has reached his generation, and it is no longer rich. His great grandfather has three sons, and his own grandfather has three sons. Mo Xueyao’s father was the most mediocre of the three sons.

However, even the most mediocre son, with the hard work and luck of himself and his wife, got a property in a second-tier city. Well, although it is a second-tier city, it is still a provincial capital anyway.

Time – the end of August 1999.

Mo Xueyao, who had just graduated from junior high school and spent a summer vacation idle at home, was sitting lazily in the living room holding a large ice block against blowing wind. The electric fan blows hot air, but with ice cubes, it becomes chilly.

In this day and age, air conditioners are still a rarity, and it would be nice to have an electric fan in every household.

Mo Xueyao’s mother was not literate, so she got a job as a nanny and could come back every noon to cook him a lunch. At the moment, she was cooking eggplant with sauce in the kitchen, the oil smoke was so strong that Mo Xueyao, who was sitting in the living room, could barely see the picture of the TV.

“Mom! There’s too much oil smoke!” Mo Xueyao rubbed her eyes and shouted at her mother.

“Be patient! The Exhaust fan can only do so much!”

Mo Xueyao rolled her eyes and placed the electric fan at the door of the kitchen, blowing it inside. Ooo , now I feel more comfortable, the fumes can’t come out, but mother starts coughing.

“Cough! Cough! You unscrupulous little bastard! Do you want to choke your mother to death!”

“Hehehe-” Mo Xueyao scratched his head and smiled, and immediately moved the fan away.

Fortunately, the eggplant with sauce is finally cooked, and it rouses appetite at first sight.Mother raised her hand and pulled the rope to turn off the exhaust fan.That’s right, not a panel switch, but a rope switch.Moreover, the oily smoke sticks on it all the year round, making the rope look gray and sticky.

“Mom, let Dad buy a range hood and come back tomorrow.”

“Little brat, do you know how expensive a range hood is?” Mom rolled her eyes, “It’s better to buy an air conditioner if you have that money! Anyway, this exhaust fan can be used just fine.”

“Yes, yes, you should buy an air conditioner! I’m dying of heat.” Mo Xueyao deliberately panted like a dead dog, sticking out his tongue.

Mom stretched out her hand and tugged at his tongue, and said angrily, “Put it in, it’s like you’re going to die.”


“You should be as hot as you show, you don’t usually exercise, you don’t have the chance to sweat, and you stay at home every day watching TV and playing games—I ask you, have you finished your summer homework?”

“Hey…” Mo Xueyao sneered, “Of course…”

“Tell you, don’t play too much, you still have summer homework after graduating from junior high school to high school. Your teacher told me, don’t pretend that your mother doesn’t know, there is only half a month left in the summer vacation, see if you can catch up. ”

“Oh, I’ve already tranceneded such trivial things as homework. I’m brewing, okay, wait until the last three days and finish writing in one breath.”

“Stop bullshitting, go get your own meal. Mom has to go to someone else’s house to clean up and make dinner after lunch!”

Mo Xueyao made a face, and filled a bowl full of rice. He has eaten a lot since he was a child, but he has never been fat, and he doesn’t know if it is related to his growth.

Hmm… Although he’s not sure if he’s grown or not.

Anyway, he didn’t grow much, his beard didn’t come out, and he couldn’t even feel his Adam’s apple.

At the dinner table, the mother nagged again.

“You, don’t stay at home every day, but also go out to exercise. Other boys have bronze skin and look healthy and sunny. As for you, your skin is whiter than that of girls, and your body is full of soft flesh, not even a little Muscle, looks like a medieval vampire.”

“Isn’t that handsome? If only I were a vampire, I could live forever.”

“Don’t be stubborn, eat quickly, clean up after eating, and wipe the oil on the stove. I didn’t clean it up. Be careful or I will clean you up.”

“Yes Yes Yes……”

In hot weather, eating lunch is more prone to sweating. Mo Xueyao finished his lunch in a few bites, and was busy picking up the dishes. The mother went out the door without stopping and rushed to the next house. If it’s still early, maybe she’ll take a temporary job of helping people cook lunch.

There is no way, the family is poor, and life can only be lived tightly like this. Although the ancestors were also rich, but that was the ancestor’s business, as the so-called rich is only three generations…

Mo Xueyao comforted herself in his heart, hugged an ice cube, and sat in front of the TV again. Because his clothes would get wet, he simply didn’t wear a top and outer pants, and sat cross-legged in a pair of men’s boxers.

If you only look at the back, plus the short ear-length hair that was not cut in the summer vacation, I am afraid that this is a girl!

Of course, if you look at the front, you will find that it is a boy. Because – no boobs at all.

In front of Mo Xueyao was a little learning machine. It said that it was learning, but it was actually used to play games. There were all kinds of games. In this era, it is something that all children dream of.

This was a gift from Mo Xueyao’s father, because he did well in the middle school entrance examination, he was admitted to the top five high schools in H City – No. 14 High School.

There are junior school and high school in the fourteenth middle school. He didn’t get into junior school, but he still got into high school through hard work, which made his father recognize his efforts and gave him this little learning machine.

——Of course, Mo Xueyao and his friends are more accustomed to calling it the Little Bawang game console.

In H City, there are dozens of high schools, and it is indeed a good result to be admitted to the top five high schools.

“Ah, it’s already two o’clock… Well, it’s time to do my homework.” Mo Xueyao turned off the TV and moved the fan to his small room. The small room is against the inside of the community and faces north. It is a slightly cooler room in summer. Below is a large area of flowers and trees. Although they are a little messy, they can relax their eyes after being tired. Playing is a reward for himself, but of course he will not forget about learning. Although this summer vacation gives relatively crazy feeling.

“Because of the triangle…” Mo Xueyao was doing a mathematical geometry problem when his face suddenly stiffened, and then he lay on the table with his stomach covered. It was summer, but he was sweating coldly, and the whole person felt like falling into an ice cave.

This kind of pain has occasionally appeared in the third year of junior high, but he didn’t take it seriously. During the summer vacation, it began to become more frequent, and until recently, it even came once a day.

I don’t know why, but he didn’t want to tell his parents, because he don’t want to increase their psychological burden. As long as you can bear it, do your best to endure it. And it’s nothing but pain. It will recover on its own after a while, as if nothing happened.

After half an hour, the pain gradually diminished until it disappeared completely. Mo Xueyao breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his head, that was so cold as if he had been pulled out of ice water. But after another hour, he was already too hot.

“Actually, it’s good to cool down for a while when it hurts every now and then…” He muttered softly, and walked into the bathroom to take a cold shower.

It was said to be a cold shower, but in fact the water was still scalding hot. After all, it’s very hot outside. The weather forecast says it’s going to be 40 degrees today!

The evening gradually came, and the mother had not returned home, nor had the father.

Until eight o’clock in the evening, Mo Xueyao, who took another shower, sat in front of the TV and watched the cartoon. Although he had watched this episode of Tom and Jerry many times on different TV stations, he still watched it with Relish.

After all, the cartoons broadcast on TV channels are not available all the time, and they are not all that you like to watch. It is a precious enjoyment to be able to watch the cartoons you like.

“Crack-” came the sound of a key turning from the door.

Mo Xueyao looked towards the door subconsciously, and saw her mother walking into the house with a tired face, leaning against the shoe cabinet and taking off her shoes.

“Where’s your father?”

“Not home yet.” Mo Xueyao replied without looking up.

“Have dinner yet?”


“Didn’t burn yourself?”

“Uh, not hungry.”

“Can you eat a bowl of noodles?”

“Okay, better make another poached egg.”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Cough cough! Hehe…” Mo Xueyao laughed shyly.

Just as my mother came in, the door was pushed open again.

Father came in with a large suitcase.

“Come on, Xiaoyao, wife, come and see what good things I bought back?”

Mo Xueyao hurriedly ran from the living room to the door. He was more positive than when his mother came back. He looked up at the long box and asked in surprise, “Could it be…”



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