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Chapter 4

Go and see Yukong High School

The beginning of October is a day to celebrate for students who have been in school for a month, because they can take a long holiday of seven consecutive days.

For the workers, it is also a day to take a breath. After all, the longest period of the year is the Spring Festival, except for the National Day holiday.

For the whole country, it is naturally a day worth celebrating. Although China in this era is not doing so well in all aspects, there have been several major events in the past few years, but this is not the case. The excitement and joy that prevented people from seeing the tanks and the planes appearing on TV’s National Day live broadcast, and, of course, worry.

– After all, other countries have better ones.

The National Day in 1999 is a special day, which is the 50th anniversary of the founding of New China.

Therefore, not only does it appear grand in TV programs, but even in reality, the solemnity of the arrival of the National Day can be felt everywhere.

The street lights were filled with small national flags, and on the playground of Yukong High School, the national flag was hung all the time, fluttering in the wind.

Yukong High School, located on Pastoral Road, H City, was originally a private school founded by a family with the surname Mo. Later, it was taken over as a public school by the government and renamed ‘Yukong High School’, but after seven years of operation, the effect was not good.

The admission rate is much worse than that of Mojia High School when it was private. The only advantage is probably that the school spirit is not bad.

Of course, this is also because the ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys in Yukong High School is three to two, slightly larger than the number of boys, which has achieved a delicate balance in maintaining order.

The reason why there are more girls in Yukong High School is because Yukong High School, which is an ordinary high school, actually teaches some content that other high schools will not teach.

For example, it includes home economics classes such as cooking.

In September 1999, Yukong High School transferred the original principal and recruited the son of the head of the Mo family group to serve as the new principal.

As the so-called three fires for new officials to take office, the new principal is no exception.

It is said that because of returning from studying abroad and having enough power, as soon as the school started, the school uniforms were re-customized for all students. The school uniforms of the three-year students were of different colors, and the boys wore suits, while the girls wore skirts. It’s a little sailor-style, but overall it’s an English-style skirt school uniform.

In addition, all teachers are required not to procrastinate in class, and all grades leave school on time according to the prescribed time, and no delay is also allowed.

And also set up a psychiatrist’s office in the school, if there is a problem with students, which will provide psychological counseling – although no one has used it so far.

“Yu Kong… Yu Kong… High school…” On October 1st, many people stayed at home watching the National Day military parade or doing other things they wanted to do but Mo Xueyao was riding a bicycle. After a morning journey, she finally found the location of Yukong High School.

She’s here to familiarize. So as not be able to find the school when the school officially starts. And also try to find the closest route to save time to and from school.

After arriving at her destination, she glanced at the somewhat worn black electronic watch which she raised ten yuan to buy it at a roadside stall and muttered to herself, “Well… I’ve been looking for it for more than two hours… Count the time when you go back.”

What she was holding in her hand was a promotional brochure for Yukong High School in the new semester. It wrote some introductions about Yukong High School, and of course, the location. Mo Xueyao had never been to Muge Road. She found it here through the surrounding roads displayed on the map. In this era of no navigation, it is indeed a very hard thing to find a place by groping or asking for directions. But when you find your destination, there is an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

The gate of Yukong High School was tightly closed, but the small door on the side was open and there was no one in the security booth that should have been guarded.

She slipped in on her side, looking around curiously.

“Uh…wait…” As soon as she walked in, she remembered that her bicycle was unlocked, and hurriedly ran out and parked the bicycle on the side. After locking it, she came in again with peace of mind.

Yukong High School is located in H City, on the edge of the urban area. The last time the school was expanded was five years ago. Thanks to the surrounding open space, the area of the school is not small.

That runway was definitely much longer than Mo Xueyao’s junior high school.

“It should be 400 meters, right?” Mo Xueyao stood on the red playground, jumped slightly, and said to himself.

In the junior high school she used to study, the runway was only 200 meters long, and the straight runway that should have been 100 meters had shrunk to 50 meters.

In the middle of the track is artificial turf with two football frames, which is a standard size football field.

On the edge of the track, there are 10 basketball courts separated by iron nets, 4 volleyball or badminton courts, and a three-storey building, with a table tennis room on the first floor. In the table tennis room, Mo Xueyao went up to the second floor and saw a large indoor gymnasium. The door on the third floor was closed, but through the glass, she could still see inside. It turned out to be a swimming pool!

Although it is a public school, the area of various facilities is surprisingly large.

You know, Yukong High School is not a key high school in H City.

“It’s so big…” Mo Xueyao walked around these venues and felt extremely shocked, “It can accommodate so many people together… It’s really amazing…”

When she was in junior high school, there were only two basketball courts, and some people would even directly fight with others in order to play basketball. It’s not even unheard of for a whole class of boys to have group conflicts with boys from another class. The playground is behind the teaching building, and behind the fence of the playground, there are large tracts of farmland and low mountains not far away.

There are two five-story teaching buildings connected together on the front, which looks like a pair of pants. There is another five-story building at the back. Although they are all five-story buildings, it is much narrower than the teaching building. The architectural style is a bit like a residential building.

…probably the student dormitory.

Yukong High School does not require students to live on campus, but if the school is too far from home and it is inconvenient to go to and from school, it also provides accommodation for students.

——These are the contents written in the brochures.

“Where is the first year second class of senior high school?” Mo Xueyao went to the teaching building with some anticipation, and soon found the first year second class of senior high school on the third floor.

Although it is the same classroom, it is full of expectations.

Perhaps only those who have experienced some major events can truly appreciate the happiness and beauty of being a student.

“Alas…” But Mo Xueyao sighed softly again.

If it was the previous her, she might be happy to integrate into the group.

But now she…

Even if you want to fit in, can you really fit in?

She has only just begun trying to be a girl, she’s afraid that she will not have any common topics with those girls who have been doing it for sixteen or seventeen years?

But it would seem strange to get together in a group of boys.

Once again, she was deeply worried about her student life.

Not only looking forward to going to school soon, but also hoping that time will pass a little slower, giving her some time to prepare.

As for how long it will take to prepare, she herself does not know.

After a brief stroll, Mo Xueyao slipped out of the closed door, got on the bicycle, and rode towards the house.

On the fifth floor of another teaching building, with the window facing the roadside, in the principal’s office, a man with messy hair and a green beard was holding a cup of coffee and watching Mo Xueyao riding a bicycle with a pair of vicissitudes of life.When Mo Xueyao gradually went away, he looked back.

“This is that special student.” A young woman with a tear mole at the corner of her eye pushed up her beautiful gold-rimmed glasses, standing beside the man holding coffee, said, “Principal Mo, do we need to take special care of her?”

“No.” Principal Mo took a sip of coffee, left the windowsill and sat on the swivel chair, “Just treat her like an ordinary girl.”

“Oh? Do you think that special treatment will create more problems?”

Principal Mo raised the corner of his mouth slightly and nodded: “However, although she doesn’t need special treatment, you still have to pay attention to her and avoid her being bullied because of her affairs. That’s absolutely not allowed.”

“I’ll let her head teacher focus on her.”

Principal Mo grabbed the pen, found Mo Xueyao’s position on the list, and put a circle after her name: “Leave her a scholarship.”

“What if her grades aren’t enough to get into the top ten in the school?” the woman on the side asked with a frown.

“Then it will be used as a subsidy for poor students.” Principal Mo closed the list, “There is always a way to help her, isn’t it?”

“Is this extra care?”

Principal Mo took a sip of coffee and smiled without saying a word: “How is the military training arrangement?”

“On October 18th, after the National Day holiday, and the week after the continuous class, the weather for those seven days should be relatively sunny.”

“That’s it. After the students come back during the National Day, they will officially notify that the location of the military training will be arranged at the militia training base in Mo Town.”

“Looks like you can save some money.”

“Well, money should be used where it is needed.” Principal Mo took a sip of coffee, but found that the cup was empty.

“I’ll do it,” said the woman with a mole on the corner of her eye.

“No, you are the dean, not the principal’s secretary. I’ll do it myself.” Principal Mo shook his head, took out a pack of instant coffee from the drawer, poured it into a cup, and then picked up the thermos beside him. Immediately after rushing, put the steaming coffee mug aside, waiting for it to cool down.

“Then I’ll go first.”

“Okay.” Principal Mo nodded, turned his chair, and looked out the window again.

He was looking at Mo Xueyao just now, but now… he doesn’t know what he is looking at again.

Mo Xueyao, who was riding a bike home downstairs, raised her wrist and glanced at her watch: “It’s almost half an hour… It’s not too far, not too close, uh… In this case, I have to get up earlier every morning…”


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