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Chapter 3

The monitor of the first year second class of high school

Amidst the rhythmic knocking on the door, there was a nonchalant and capable female voice: “Is this Mo Xueyao’s house?”

“Well…it’s me…” Mo Xueyao opened the wooden door on the inside suspiciously. There was a short walkway between the iron door and the wooden door. Through the gap in the iron door, a girl in a short skirt could be seen. The skirt was just above her knees, but still a smooth white thigh could be seen. Mo Xueyao’s face was a little red, and she quickly moved her gaze to the face. The girl had a high single ponytail and the front bangs were tied together, looking refreshing and capable.

“You are…?” Mo Xueyao couldn’t remember knowing such a girl.

“Are you classmate Mo Xueyao?” She pushed the black-rimmed glasses on her face, and stared at Mo Xueyao.

“It’s me…” Mo Xueyao swallowed dryly, feeling that there was an indescribable pressure while talking to the girl.

She was obviously her peer, but she seemed to be facing the dean.

“I’m the monitor of the first year second class of high school, Li Wanyan.” She pointed to herself and introduced herself.

“Hmm… Class leader… Hello…” Mo Xueyao spoke a little uncomfortably, and pushed open the iron door .

“These are the ones the teacher asked me to bring for you.” Li Wanyan said, and handed her the paper bag she was carrying, “It’s the school uniform, as well as several exercise books that were distributed later, as well as some assignments.”

“Oh, thank you!”

“Are you cured?” Li Wanyan’s question made Mo Xueyao feel a little guilty.

However, she didn’t seem to know what kind of illness Mo Xueyao had to ask for a month’s leave.

“It’s almost recovered.”

“Then you should be able to come to class after the National Day, right?” Li Wanyan lifted the bangs on her forehead. “The school will open day after the National Day on October 8th, and there will be classes for a week in a row.”

“Well… I see.” Mo Xueyao scratched her ears uncomfortably, “Is there… anything else?”

“School will be on vacation from tomorrow.” Li Wanyan said, took down her schoolbag, opened the zipper, and took out five notebooks from it.

——Not the kind of notebook of a laptop, but a notebook for writing.


“These are my class notes. Chinese, Math, English, Physics and Chemistry are all here. You can copy them.” Li Wanyan also stuffed the five notebooks into Mo Xueyao, “I don’t want to hear you talking that there’s no progress as I was not able to go to School.”

“Thank you.” Mo Xueyao said a little moved, and had a little bit of affection for this serious and unsmiling monitor.

“Well, that’s it. Remember to wear school uniforms when you go to school. If the customized school uniforms are not the right size, ask your parents to call the head teacher to replace them.”

“it is good……”

“Goodbye.” Li Wanyan ended the conversation neatly, turned around and left.

The Monitor is refreshing but makes people a little uncomfortable.

Mo Xueyao looked at the contents in the bag and was stunned for a full minute, then came back to her senses and returned to her bedroom. The noon sun shone on her face, like opening a gift, and she couldn’t wait to take out everything in the paper bag. Some extracurricular workbooks, some workbooks, and then two sets of school uniforms. It is estimated that it is a summer style, which is used to wear on alternate days. It just seems a little weird.

“It seems a little thin?” Mo Xueyao muttered to herself, as she opened the package, took out the clothes inside, and then her face instantly flushed red, as if she had been electrocuted, panicking, she threw the clothes on the bed.

This is simply a blue and white sailor suit!

The lower body is the same blue and white short skirt as Li Wanyan, and the upper body is a short-sleeved shirt with blue stripes on a white background. At the beginning, Mo Xueyao wondered why Yukong High School could not wear school uniforms, but it turned out they have exclusive school uniforms. Compared with most public schools in this era, Yukong High School is extremely advanced.

If it was before, Mo Xueyao would probably be very happy to see girls wearing short skirts to school every day. But now she’ll be the one who will wear a short skirt in the future. she’s afraid she will not feel so good.

In fact, until now, Mo Xueyao has never worn girl’s clothes. Basically, she wears loose casual clothes and slacks. Such clothes have no obvious gender characteristics and can be worn by men, women and children. In fact, she has been avoiding this aspect of it. As if while she was still wearing the old men’s clothes, she will still be a boy. However, the reality always forced her to face all kinds of things that she didn’t want to face.

“After October 8th, do you have to wear this to school…” Mo Xueyao sighed and tangled her hair. In the end, she reluctantly put it away and threw it on the bed.

“Copy the notebook…” Mo Xueyao sat down in a chair in despair, and spread out a notebook of Li Wanyan. Lines of letters were neatly arranged. The layout was clear and concise. After reading her clear notes and comparing the textbook, it felt like listening to a class from the teacher.

“It’s as detailed as the supplementary materials of a textbook…” Mo Xuexi sighed to himself, and then began to copy the contents of the notebook.

Copying is also a part of memory. This is why most teachers in the classroom ask students to take more notes. After all, copying once is better than reading ten times. Li Wanyan’s handwriting is grand, beautiful, and neat, just like the fonts printed by a printer.

Each one is almost the same size, and even as long as it is the same word, the written appearance is similar. It’s like a personal typewriter. In contrast, Mo Xueyao’s handwriting is not so good-looking. She likes to use 0.35 refills, and the words she writes are very small, but don’t think too much about it. Small does not mean she is beautiful and cute, and it may be crooked like a dead mosquito. From a distance, it looks like a lot of mosquitoes have died on the notebook.

Sometimes the characters are written too small, and the strokes stick together, so that Mo Xueyao can’t recognize it herself. But even if she knew it’s not good to write like this, it’s hard to change it because she’s used to it. That is to say, it will be effective every time you intentionally write correctly, but if you forget to correct it after a while, it will return to its original state.

That’s why Mo Xueyao admires someone like Li Wanyan who can write every word well, one stroke at a time. The process of copying is a bit tedious, and she has not written well for a long time, so she finds it quite interesting. She can also practice calligraphy by the way, which led to the fact that the handwriting of several notes she wrote was different.

But none of them were able to hold on stably.

“No, no, if they stick together again, I can’t see clearly.” Mo Xue scratched her scalp, “Try to write as much as possible… just aim for this…”

People with good grades actually have a variety of learning methods. Not just talent, but also because these people are more or less able to turn learning into a joy. It’s like if you are bored when walking, many people will deliberately walk on the line, imagining that they are playing a game, and if they step outside the line, the game will fail.

And Mo Xueyao was playing a game that insisted on writing clear and clean fonts. With goals, time can go by quickly.

In a blink of an eye, it was eight o’clock in the evening.

“It’s so late… Why haven’t my parents come back?” Mo Xueyao turned on all the lights in the house with some anxiety, and wandered back and forth at the door several times before finally hearing the sound of tired footsteps.

She pushed open the door excitedly, saw her father dragging his shoes at the door, and yawned when she saw her.

“Dad, what about mom?”

“Your mother has to be late today.” Father smiled and handed her a plastic bag in his hand, “I won’t cook at night, this is the fried noodles for you.”

“Hmm… um!” Mo Xueyao, who was already hungry, secreted saliva from her mouth when she heard the words ‘fried noodles’, and couldn’t wait to take the plastic bag from her father’s hand.

When she approached him, she could smell a strong stench of sweat on his body, and his clothes were wrinkled. It seemed that the clothes were soaked in sweat, then dried by the sun, and then soaked again… repeatedly causing this.

Walking into the house, my father shook his head, and a few things fell out of his hair, and she didn’t know if it was dandruff or salt. He looked around and was stunned: “Hey, have you cleaned it?”

“Yeah, I cleaned, how is it, clean?”

“Not bad, worthy of being a daughter.” The father smiled gratified.

“…Hmm.” Mo Xueyao kept silent, sat at the dining table in the living room, opened the box of fried noodles and started eating.

The ingredients in the fried noodles are quite rich. In addition to eggs, there are shredded pork, tenderloin and ham sausage. With so many additional ingredients, the price is at least twice as expensive as the original ordinary fried noodles.

“How’s it going, is it delicious?” Father took off his shirt which made a ‘clack’ sound, as if the tape had been peeled off from his body.

“It’s delicious.”

“Just delicious.”

“Dad, do you have to go out so early to get the goods?”

“Yeah, go out early, you can take a few more trips in the morning, after all, it’s cooler in the morning, and the money you give is a little more.” Father took out a somewhat tattered fake leather bag from his pocket, and took out a green The 50-dollar bill trembled, “Hey, I earned it today, and I’ll buy you fried noodles for a fraction of it.”

“No wonder it’s so generous…”

“Haha, when did I, your father, treat you badly?” Father laughed, but couldn’t hide the tiredness in his eyes. “The teacher called me today and said that the school uniform and other workbooks and textbooks will be given to you. Have they delivered it?”

“It’s here…” Mo Xueyao muttered with drooping eyelids, “Why are the girl’s school uniform in Yukong High School a skirt…”

“Oh? Is there such a thing?” Father was a little surprised, and immediately laughed, “Isn’t that good?”

“What the hell!” Mo Xueyao rolled her eyes, stuffed her little mouth with noodles, and chewed as if she was venting her anger.


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