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Chapter 2

Running for a living

Wednesday, September 29, 1999.

Four in the morning.

After her father came back yesterday, he was so drunk that he couldn’t wake up, her mother made a bed for him on floor and let him sleep on the ground directly. Although Mo Xueyao was uneasy, she fell asleep.

It’s just that she rarely gets up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, but she was woken up by urine in the early morning. The room was not as quiet as she had imagined, and it seemed that the sound of deliberately lowered footsteps could be heard.

Mo Xueyao fluttered her long hair that covered her vision, almost thinking that a burglar had entered the house. She carefully opened a crack in the door and looked into the living room through the crack. The light in the living room was on, her father was getting dressed and he sighed several times by himself.

“…Dad, why did you get up so early today?” Mo Xueyao felt relieved, and walked out of the bedroom while yawning, standing in front of the squat toilet at home… Close the door and squat down.

Just because she remembered that she am a girl now, she can’t stand up to go to the toilet so easily…

“Go get the goods.” Father said in a hoarse voice, and then he heard his ‘gurgling’ drinking water.


“I don’t have a job, so I have to work.” Father cleared his throat and said with a chuckle, “The tricycle loading and unloading goods actually makes a lot of money.”

“But it’s tiring.”

“Ha, it’s okay.” Father smiled covertly, “I’m going out.”

“… um… be careful on the road, daddy.”

Mo Xueyao’s voice was a little muffled. Back in the room after using the toilet, the alarm clock on the bedside table was showing the time. It was only ten past four. Her father went out so early, maybe it was to get a job.

Although she didn’t understand much, she could feel her father’s hardships. Supporting a family, these simple three words are a big mountain that weighs down on your body…

It is not easy for many people to live.

In a daze, Mo Xueyao fell asleep again, and when she woke up, her mother had also left the house – it seemed earlier than usual. After all, the family owes 50,000 yuan and Mo Xueyao’s expenses will increase in the future. Both father and mother were running for a living for the family, which made Mo Xueyao at a loss for a while. Instinctively, she wanted to do something for the family, but found that she couldn’t seem to do anything except study hard.

Today and tomorrow, it is the National Day holiday. Mo Xueyao hesitated on the bed for two hours, and finally decided to give up after realizing that it was already nine o’clock.

“Forget it, let’s rest at home these two days…” She instinctively resisted going to school and facing new things.

Because she was worried and afraid, she chose to find an excuse to escape. If you can escape for a while, it will be fine for a while – even if you have to face it after all. The people who can convince themselves to face all the difficulties and setbacks immediately are still a minority.

Mo Xueyao swayed into the kitchen while stroking her long hair that were a little messy because of her sleep. The porridge cooked in the morning was a little swollen because it was not eaten right away, and as a result, there was a lot less water. It looked neither like porridge nor rice, it was mushy.

There was only one packet of mustard left at home, and Mo Xueyao was not willing to finish it. When putting the mustard, she poured more mustard soup into the bowl to replace the mustard itself.

“Everywhere is messy…” Mo Xueyao looked at the things piled up in the house and the dust in the corners of the ground.

Ordinarily, things like cleaning must be done only by the mother’s order. It is rare for Mo Xueyao to do it proactively like today. This also shows how messy the house is, so that she can’t stand it any more.

Although the house is not big, it only adds up to fifty square meters, but there are quite a lot of things stacked. If it’s just cleaning, it’s actually fast, but organizing things is a test of patience. There are also bags of messy things in bottles and jars, slippers from east to west… In short, all of them are neatly placed in different categories. Although they are still piled up everywhere, at least they look a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Usually, when her mother moped the floor, she also wiped it several times in the corners that could not be wiped, but now there was a thick accumulation of dust in those places. It seems that when Mo Xueyao and her mother were not at home, her father did not clean up very carefully.

The house was cleaned up and looked a lot more comfortable.

Mo Xueyao stretched out with a sense of accomplishment, and found that it was noon. It stands to reason that the mother should come back to cook at this time. But it was one o’clock and she still hadn’t come home. Mo Xueyao guessed she thought she would go to class today.

Mo Xueyao thought about it and decided to make lunch by herself. But when she opened the refrigerator, she found that the ingredients inside were pitiful. There were only a few tomatoes and some shallots. She took out everything and ended up with dried vegetables that her father hadn’t finished eating for a month.

A thick layer of lard had formed on the musty dried vegetables, but not a single piece of meat was left. Mo Xueyao wanted to find some eggs to make egg fried rice. But there were no eggs at home. She really don’t know how her father survived this time, doesn’t he buy vegetables? She searched around the house helplessly, and finally found a packet of noodles.

“Well… I remember that it should be boiled in water first, and then fished out…”

Mo Xueyao tried it by herself, she seemed a bit clumsy and unfamiliar. The first time the noodles were too raw and the second time the noodles were too cooked. But she finally managed to make a bowl of scallion oil noodles. The oil used is the lard in the dried moldy vegetables. Although there is no meat, it has a meaty fragrance, which is better than nothing.

Although Mo Xueyao’s appetite is not very large, but after eating a bowl of scallion oil noodles, she is still not full. She was lying by the window of the balcony and looked at the steamed bun shop with the door still open below. It seems that there is only the last bit of buns left to be sold.

“I really want to eat buns…”

There is money in the piggy bank. But not many, mostly dime coins, or even a few cents. But it is still affordable to buy a few buns. But Mo Xueyao was reluctant to spend. After all, it was the money she had worked so hard to save and she still wanted to save it to buy some gifts for herself on her birthday to treat herself.

But once you start using the money in the piggy bank, you will definitely not be able to save it. After all, everything that has a first time, it is easy to have a second time, a third time…

So even if she was so greedy, she didn’t really go to the piggy bank to get money.

“Be patient… After all, I’ve spent a lot of money on my family recently…” Mo Xueyao muttered to himself.

At this moment, there was a rhythmic, soft knock on the door.

Both parents have keys and should not knock on the door.

Mo Xueyao ran to the door suspiciously and asked, “Who is there—?”


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    Good thing mc father start busniss and I will not surprised if mc farher will be sucsessfull. Payment as worker in factory is not enough to support family. If this story start before 2000th than mc father has a chance to make profit.

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