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Chapter 1

A Tricycle

In the evening, the sun was setting and Yu Liang did not drive home, but sat on the tricycle. During the day, he talked to the master in charge of this tricycle. Now that it was time for get off work, he took the key and rode on the tricycle.

This is the H City Fisheries Bureau. In addition to the chiefs who rarely appear on weekdays, there are several chiefs who work more. Seeing Yu Liang riding out on a tricycle, the security guard at the door just felt a little strange, so he asked with a smile, “Senior Yu! Why don’t you drive today?”

“It’s not good to open a public car.” Yu Liang said with a light smile, his fat body did not match the tricycle very well, “Well, I borrowed a tricycle to go home to carry something today.”

“Hey, Section Chief Yu has to move things himself, that’s really hard work.”

“It’s okay, haha, it’s good to do some activities.” Yu Liang smiled and nodded at him, “I’ll be on my way then.”

“You drive slowly.”

The puffy Yu Liang has not ridden a tricycle for many years and it seems very strenuous to ride on the street now. After only a few minutes, his forehead was covered with sweat that he kept wiping his cheeks with his shirt as a towel.

“Hey—hey—” Yu Liang stood directly on the pedals and stepped on it hard.

Since it’s uphill here, it takes a little more effort.

When he was driving, he felt that the road to and from get off work was not long. he stepped on the accelerator and after a few traffic lights the house arrived. But now riding a tricycle, he feels that the road is very long, he was half tired but he had not finished one-third of the distance.

“It seems that I have to exercise occasionally.” said to himself, stopping in front of the roadside shop, bought a bottle of Coke to relieve the heat without hesitation and drank half of it in one breath, “Ali, you have to treat me to a meal!”

He was joking to himself, and although he complained all the way, he finally rode home. The weather had already cooled down, but his body was already soaked with sweat. When he went upstairs, his wife was not at home, so he guessd she went to pick up the children.

Yu Liang went straight to the bathroom to take a shower, and then called Mo Xueyao’s father.



“Hello?” The signal over there didn’t seem to be very good.

“Mo-wen-li-! What are you doing, kid?”

“I heard it, why are you yelling so loudly?” An angry voice replied.

Just by listening to the voice, it seemed like two college classmates who had a good relationship with each other were having a ‘close’ exchange.

“Come to my house for dinner.”

“Did you get it?”

“What are you talking about, come here if you want .” Yu Liang patted the table, “I was almost exhausted to death because of you.”

“That’s because you lack exercise, okay?” Mo Wenli teased, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

The door was pushed open at this moment, it was Yu Liang’s wife who came back with her daughter.

“Dad~!” The daughter threw herself into Yu Liang’s arms and rubbed affectionately.

Although they can see each other less every day, the daughter seems to be closer to the father than the mother.

“Hmph, I take her with me every day, and she has never been so nice to me.” Even Yu Liang’s wife was a little jealous.

“Haha, this shows that I’m more attractive.” Yu Liang smiled and hugged his daughter in his arms, “When Ali is coming, make more dinner – do you have any cold beer at home?”

“Yes, you haven’t finished drinking what you bought last time.”

“Is there only Silver Lake beer left?”

“Then what beer do you want?”

“Forget it, Silver Lake is also good.” Yu Liang spread his hands, “Ali likes to eat braised pork, so make more.”

“I didn’t buy it.”

“Then go buy it, anyway, the market is so close.”

“You can’t move twice?” The wife glared at Yu Liang angrily, “Look at you, you were thin when you first married me, how are you fat now? You are 1.75 meters tall. One hundred and eighty.”

“Hey…Wife, I’m tired…” Yu Liang touched the back of his wife’s hand and smiled awkwardly.

At this moment, he has changed from the section chief to a somewhat naive big boy.

“Okay, okay, I’ll just go buy it, do you want to buy shrimp?”

“Buy, buy some braised beef back.”

“You just lent 50,000 yuan and you were so generous. The family’s money fell from the trees, right?”

“Oh, money, you can earn more by spending it, and living comfortably is the most important thing. After all, this thing is not brought with you in life or used after death.” Yu Liang hugged his daughter and lay down comfortably on the sofa, “Hey, turn on the TV for me before going out.”

“You are so lazy.” The wife glared at Yu Liang angrily, grabbed her small satchel and went out.

“Daughter, help me turn On the TV?” So, Yu Liang, who was too lazy to move, looked at his daughter again.

Of course, the daughter obliged happily and jumped to plug in the TV, then ran back to Yu Liang’s arms.

“Anything interesting at school today?”

“Well…today…um…the same table borrowed an eraser from me and lost it!”

“Haha, it’s okay, we’ll buy it if you lose it.”

“But if you always lose it and always buy it, isn’t it a waste of money?” the daughter asked with a raised face.

“Oh, it’s still a sensible daughter, so don’t lend it next time. For people who like to lose other people’s things, just ignore him.”

“That doesn’t work either.” Instead, her daughter gave Yu Liang a lesson. “When people do something wrong, they should be given a chance to reform.”

“Oh! My daughter is broad-minded and powerful!” Yu Liang gave a thumbs up.

As the night gradually fell, Yu Liang’s daughter also went to do her homework and his wife also bought vegetables and got busy in the kitchen.

At this time, the landline connected to the doorbell rang.

“Hello, Mr. Yu, a gentleman surnamed Mo wants to see you.”

“Oh, it’s my friend, you should have seen it, right? Don’t keep stopping others next time.”

“Ah… I’m sorry, Mr. Yu, I’m new here, I didn’t know.”

“It’s new, just remember it next time, let him in.”


A few minutes after the intercom call was hung up, there was a rush of footsteps from the stairwell.

Just as the doorbell was about to ring, Yu Liang opened the door.


“Huh? Come in.” Yu Liang patted Mo Wenli on the shoulder and said with a smile.

“Is dinner so rich?”

“Yeah, you should have invited me to eat, remember, you owe me twice.” Yu Liang said jokingly, picked up the braised beef on the plate with chopsticks, and said, “Eat some side dishes first. Well, I asked A Yang to make braised pork.”

“Hey! Good!” Mo Wenli gave a thumbs up. The conversation between the two men seemed very casual, without the feeling that they were already father of a child.

“I know you like to eat braised pork, let you have a good time.”

“Tsk… ugh, you… this makes me embarrassed.”

“What’s so embarrassing, aren’t we brothers?” Yu Liang laughed, “Is Xiaoyao back?”

“Not yet. It said that ahe will come back today, but I haven’t gone back since I went out this morning, so I’m not sure.”

“Didn’t they call you?”

“I’m so tired that I don’t have time to answer the phone.” Mo Wenli sighed, “Who knew the company would lay off so many people at once?”

“The wave of layoffs is almost over, you can still be fired, really…” Yu Liang shook his head, “Do you plan to do some business by yourself?”

“Yeah, I’ve done it before, let’s start with the most basic first and understand the market.” Mo Wenli nodded, “Now the license plate of tricycles is difficult…”

“Understood, you’ve said this sentence several times on the phone, can you stop repeating it?” Yu Liang rolled his eyes, “Anyway, I came back on a tricycle and the key is in front of you. But I don’t know why it disappeared.”

“Haha, interesting enough.”

“Don’t just drink, eat vegetables!”

In this way, after three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Mo Wenli, already feels a little dizzy.

“You can get so drunk with only three bottles of beer? Can you get home at night?”

“It’s just a little dizzy, it’s definitely no problem to ride back.” Mo Wenli burped, “Okay, it’s… it’s not too early! Go back…!”

“Be careful on the road.”

“got it!”

Mo Wenli stepped on the tricycle and after pedalling, he found that it was locked. So he got down, unlocked it, pulled the handbrake, and rode towards the house on the empty road in the middle of the night.

At this time, the mother and daughter in the family did not know that he had lost his job in the company and was worrying about making a living.

“You just let him ride away like that?”


“Be careful, and get ready to lose money.”

“Impossible, I will say it was stolen by a thief. Anyway, it’s a public property. Who would come when thay have nothing to do with it? The tricycle itself is not worth a lot of money. It’s just the broken license plate. It’s the strangest thing to do a limited license.” Yu Liang waved his hand, “It’s just a small matter, you see how difficult their family is now, if Ali doesn’t hurry up to do some business. He still owe’s us money.”

“It makes sense, but you should do less for them.” The wife advised, “After all, it’s a public thing, so it’s not good if you lose it.”

“Understood—” Yu Liang reluctantly dragged a long tone and drank the last sip of beer.

“How is it, did Dad answer the phone?” Mo Xueyao asked while blowing the air conditioner fan at home.

“No, it seems very busy today.” Mother shook her head.

As they were talking, they heard the sound of the door being opened by the key, and then saw Mo Xueyao’s father staggeringly walked in.

“What’s the matter? Why did you drink so much? You went to socialize?” the mother asked suspiciously.

“Uh… just got back from A liang…”

“What are you doing there?” Mother helped father sit down and poured him a cup of tea.

“Borrowed a tricycle.”

“Why did you borrow a tricycle? Where did he get the tricycle?”

“Uh… the license plate of the tricycle is not easy to deal with… and there are steel stamps on the beam, it is useless to get the license plate of the individual car… he got the car…”

“Why do you want a tricycle?” Mother wondered.

“Hoo… make money…” Father slid from the chair to the ground, then lay down with his neck up, and fell asleep in less than a second.

Mo Xueyao looked at his mother who was puzzled, and then at his father who was drunk and asleep. A certain premonition filled his mind——

Shouldn’t my father be… laid off?


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