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BTAWWBTN Chapter 9

The way is wild

Lin Ji was being interviewed.


In front of the media, Lin Ji, who has always been well-organized and methodical, was slightly stunned when asked a certain question.


It was a completely different feeling, and netizens have mixed reviews on this.


 So why did Lin Ji give full marks that time?”


But his stun was only for a second.


Even the reporter sitting opposite didn’t notice anything wrong.


Lin Ji smiled calmly: 


“Of course, it was because he did a good job, if you’ve seen that clip, you can feel the strong empathy, between him and the character, and also between him and the audience”


“From his ‘Flower Rong’, I can feel his thinking and understanding of the character.


Just like he said a long time ago, ‘A thousand readers will have a thousand Hamlet readers’, but he never thought that his ‘flower face’ would be someone else’s ‘flower face’.”


The reporter nodded: 


“Then you should also be paying attention to the player Fang Zhi, right? 


Some people speculate that he may be a close disciple of some senior, and was the secret weapon that would impact the film industry.


what do you think about this?”


Emperor Lin did not change his face: 


“If you want to seek a breakthrough, you need to have great potential.  


Fang Zhi was a very moral newcomer, and he does not have much academic background. 


It feels like he was a wild person.  and maybe he will  bring us more surprises in the future.”


Fang Zhi, who just moved into room 250 of the dormitory, suddenly sneezed. 


Bai Tang, who was unpacking his luggage, stuck his head out of the small room: 


“Brother Fang, what’s wrong?”


Fang Zhi touched his nose and said nothing.


There was this subtle premonition in his heart.


And he felt that something has happened at this moment.


Just as Fang Zhi planned to study the function of the smart terminal, a small ball floating in the air flew in from the door and flew to his side before stopping.


Fang Zhi curiously reached out and poked the ball back a few centimeters.


“What is this?”


 “Automatic follower,” Bai Tang explained, watching the follower fly back to its original position.


“The Star” was a live broadcast show. 


The extras outside the show are recorded by the followers. 


After editing, there would be paid items in the latter part of the show, and fans who like a particular person can buy it on their own through the platform.”


Bai Tang saw that there was another one on the shelf beside him, raised his hand to take it, and gave a serious look.


“This model seems to be developed by our school, with intelligent tracking, voice control mode, higher lens pixels, and overall lighter weight, but the price was slightly more expensive than others.”


Fang Zhi silently retracted his fingers that wanted to play pinball.


His Fingertips placed against his lips and he coughed lightly:


 “Let’s talk about the script of Group Z?”


When Bai Tang was emptying his luggage, he knew that there was nothing else to do.


So he sat on the side and read the script with his smart terminal.


“The Death of Sam”


The whole scene was only ten minutes in total. 


Based on maintaining the integrity of the plot, the more the output of effective shots can be transformed in a limited time, the more likely it was to pass the first round.







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