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BTAWWBTN Chapter 8


Fang Zhi glanced aside. 

Sitting next was a beautiful and cute-looking young man.


He seemed to be about eighteen years old, and his face was full of anxiety.


The signed contract was placed in front of the boy, and the number on the note said Z- 02.


Fang Zhi remembered that their contracts were all given by the same staff member. 


He immediately concluded that the few sitting nearby are likely to be the members of Group Z.


Who does he has to cooperate with next?


The boy felt the sight around him.


He turned his head and saw that the person looking at him was Fang Zhi.


He was stunned for a moment and then said hello in a low voice.




Fang Zhi curved his lips and smiled, “Hello.”


Not long after, Fang Zhi heard the boy introduce himself. 


His name was Bai Tang, and he was tricked by his college roommate to sign up for the competition together. 


Unexpectedly, he passed the final audition, his roommate was eliminated.


“I was able to advance in the previous audition, that was because I was lucky. 


More people came to see me arbitrarily. I only got a passing score for my acting skills, and finally, I just ranked 299th.”


While talking, Bai Tang looked at Fang Zhi.


He was just an engineering man who knew nothing about acting.


But this guy next to him was so great.


Who has been on the hot search even before the audition begins?


His audition video of him has been on the hot list of major video platforms for several days.


This big guy was quite an arrogant person in Bai Tang’s eyes. 


When Feng Zhi heard him say his position was two hundred and ninety-nine.


There was no contempt on his face, and he even laughed and smiled at him…


“I don’t think it’s just luck, besides,  having good luck is not always a bad thing.”


Fang Zhi has experienced so many worlds before, and of course, he has seen many talented beings.


Many of them never had the opportunity to play.


And they ended up being mediocre and ordinary.


The two walked and chatted a bit, and soon they arrived at the dormitory area arranged by the organizer.


A staff in uniform stood at the door, and when they saw them coming, they shouted: 


“Please come here to register information, complete the check-in procedure, and receive your smart terminal.”


The two walked over, but the staff member did nothing.


Fang Zhi stood opposite him and looked up and down calmly.


This person said he wanted to record information, but there was no paper, no pen, no mobile phone or tablet.


So how would he register them?


So he stayed where he was. He was a bit lost on what to do.


Just then Bai Tang came forward very familiarly, raised his hand, and shook it in front of the “staff”. 


A holographic screen appeared out of thin air.


Now he knows. Ah, this is how it works. 


Bai Tang pressed his hand to the holographic screen. 


After a few seconds, the “staff” made two beeps and then announced that the identity confirmation was successful.


He took the smart terminal from the other party and turned around to see Fang Zhi looking at him.


“What is this?”




Bai Tang shook the device in his hand, and his expression looked a little confused.


“The third-generation smart terminal.”


Fang Zhi turned his attention to the “staff”.


Although Bai Tang was a little puzzled, he dutifully introduced him to the device: 


“This is an intelligent robot. Just looking at the operation page just now, it should be the latest model released this year.”


Fang Zhi raised his hand and covered his face.


It’s been fifty years.


 Bai Tang was even more puzzled: 


“What is wrong?”


“No, it’s okay.” 


Fang Zhi wiped his face and put his hand on the holographic screen, and soon the robot on the opposite side beeped twice, prompting the identity confirmation success.


Fang Zhi let out a sigh of relief.


Fortunately, the pit system was quite reliable.


He took the smart terminal handed over by the robot, and then heard the other party say: 


“Please choose a room to live in the dormitory.”


The holographic screen floating in the air suddenly expanded, gradually becoming twice the size of the previous one.


A three-dimensional map of the whole dormitory building was added to the screen.


The dormitory has a total of three floors and a total of seventy-five rooms 


Each of them can accommodate four people.


“Green means vacant rooms, yellow means not full, and red means full.” 


The robot was added from the side.


Fang Zhi clicked on one of the yellow rooms.


Each room floor has information and the names of the three players who have checked in would pop up.


“Mr. Fang Zhi, are you sure you want to stay in room 114?”


Fang Zhi wanted to say no when Bai Tang next to him suddenly made a sound.


“That.” Bai Tang’s face was a little embarrassed.


“I don’t know anyone here, if you don’t dislike it, can I live with you?”




Fang Zhi smiled and clicked cancel, then selected the vacant room at the end of the second floor, with a rather brilliant smile on his lips.


“Then here we go.”






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