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BTAWWBTN Chapter 7

Good luck

After a moment of silence, the conference room was like a frying pan.


Most people had expressions of disbelief.


This problem was big!


Yan Yao, who was sitting in the first row, stood up from his seat and asked in a deep voice.


 “The previous seasons of “Star” never had such rules and regulations on communication control,” he looked directly at the producer who was not far away in front of him.


Without showing any signs of cowardliness he continued.


 “You would take away our mobile phones, It was very problematic for us.”


“Yes, yes,” several people’s voices echo around Yan Yao. 


“We are still students, if you take away our  mobile phones, what if we  miss the important notice from the school ?”


 “That’s right, I want to watch more TV series…”


“I would not be able to  see any new gossip online either.”


There was a lot of buzzing around Fang Zhi but he didn’t care at all nor was he concerned.


He flipped through the contract and signed it at the end without seeing any problems.


Lazily he tossed the pen aside and let out a yawn.


Wen Xin snapped his fingers.


He looked at Yan Yao, who was the only one who stood up with a little approval in his eyes.


 “What you said was true, but that was only in the past. 


Now that the show has reached its tenth season, how can it remain unchanged?” 


Wen Xin smiled and looked at the others.


 “As for what you all are worried about. We will have a special person responsible for the notification of important information, and the school will also communicate with the program team.”


 Afterward, the producer patiently answered everyone’s questions one by one, until it was quiet in the conference room.


A satisfied smile appeared on  Wen Xin’s face.


“It seems that everyone has signed the contract, so now I will announce the rules of the first stage.”


Wen Xin turned around and tapped the white wall with his fingertips.


The next moment, a projection screen pops up from behind the wall.


Seeing how everyone in the room was familiar with it, Fang Zhi silently swallowed the sound that had reached his mouth.


The theme of the first round was movie and television script rehearsal.


Three hundred people are divided into 25 groups and each group there consists of 12 people. 


Each group needs to complete the run-in and rehearsal within one week. 


Then finished the harmonious performance in the next live broadcast.


At first glance, it looks very similar to the preliminary audition. 


They are both versions of film and television classics, but they are not the same.


Although there are ready-made works for reference, the object of the opponent’s play has never worked according to the program data


Especially becoming a player who would have his live performance.


Not only that, they only have a full week to prepare.


“The script of each group would be sent directly to your mailbox later.


And everyone can view it from the smart terminal of unified distribution.” 


Wen Xin raised his hand while talking, and the projection behind him changed accordingly.


“As for the way of grouping, it was completed the moment everyone got the contract.”


“You see the sticky note on the contract, there are 25 groups from B to Z, and it would be the same order to compete.”


“Last and most important…”


Wen Xin looked at the three hundred people sitting neatly below him and he raised a finger and said: 


“One hundred people.”


“Among the 300 people present, only 100 people would be able to successfully enter our second stage.”


The man grinned.


“Then please do your best, and good luck to everyone.”


The entire conference room which was instantly silent blew up again.


According to the previous competition, 60% of the players would have remained in the first round. And only 120 players would have been eliminated.


But this time, 200 people would be eliminated in the first game?!





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