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BTAWWBTN Chapter 6


Who does not have a mobile phone these days? 

Who would believe this perfunctory excuse!!

Qiao Yan returned to his place feeling dejected.

“I’m heartbroken,” he took a sip from his glass.

“I was severely rejected.”

Lin Ji didn’t seem too surprised, and raised her eyebrows and smiled: “Oh?”

” He said he does not have a mobile phone” 

Qiao Yan wanted to have a cigarette now “I’ve been on this field up for so many years, but this is the first time I’ve been rejected by this excuse.”

If Fang Zhi could hear what he said, he would have found out about this he would have cussed. 

He didn’t have it!

Lin Ji raised his eyes and looked in Fang Zhi’s direction while listening to her friend.

What he didn’t expect was Feng Zhi to look right here.

The eyes of the two collided.

Unfortunately, I wanted to get to know him.” Qiao Yan was still annoyed by this.

Lin Ji move his eyes back slowly, knowing that his friend did not pay much attention to hot searches and not does he shows up to watch variety shows so Lin Ji did not mention a sentence regarding the same.

“If you go back later and look at the entertainment trends, maybe you will know him.”

Five days passed in the blink of an eye.

Fang Zhi came to the meeting place, and from the moment he walked into the reference room. 

He attracted the attention of many people.

“He is Fang Zhi, the person who ranked first  in the preliminary audition.”

“Is that him, but he doesn’t look very powerful.”

 “You don’t know, his basic score was from Lin Ji’s review. You think someone as strict as Lin Ji would give away full marks just like that!”

Fang Zhi behave like he didn’t seem to see or hear anything. 

He walked to the vacant seat in the last row and sat down.

A boy sitting in front gestured to the person next to him: “Brother Yao, look, that is Fang, Zi.”

 “Of course, I know.” Yan Yao’s face was frigid and his tone was cold.

“I thought he was a powerful image, but now it looks like…?” 

The boy looked at Fang Zhi’s lazy sitting posture, and said a little uncertainly, “If he was in our academy he wouldn’t have managed to pass the basic training class.”

The basic thing they are all taught in school is to get rid of unnecessary and redundant personal habits when you are in front of the camera. 

Secondly, to check if your body posture is efficient or not.  

Whether you sit, stand, or stop, you must maintain a good basic posture, so that you can suddenly face and act. 

To have a better performance in front of the camera, they can spend a lot of practice and energy practicing and the results of the training will be reflected in their daily posture.

Yan Yao didn’t answer, just frowned, thinking about something.

At this moment, a man appeared in front of the main entrance of the conference room and by leading a group of staff in.

The man was tall, wearing short-sleeved shorts, sunglasses, and flip-flops as if he had just walked over from a beach.

He nodded to them, and the staff behind him dispersed, handing out documents to the three hundred contestants in the conference room.

“Let me introduce myself to everyone first,” the tall man smartly took off his sunglasses and said. 

 “I am Wen Xin, the producer of ‘ ‘Star’  and I will be directing  the catalog for the next season.”

“Now I have sent to you the contract for this season’s”Star “. 

In addition to the basic non-disclosure agreement, there are generally three points that need your special attention.”

Fang Zhi took over a paper contract from the staff and saw a note in the upper left corner with a number written on it.


“The first point, all games this season are broadcast live, the second…”

Wen Xin paused for half a second, his eyes fixed on Fang Zhi’s position accurately, and an intriguing smile hung on his face: 

“I think everyone has also seen the reaction after the broadcast of the audition, the program team went through After several days of consideration and discussion, it was decided to make certain adjustments to the competition system, as for the specific comparison, it will only be announced when it enters each stage.”

“Finally, the third and most important point – for the next three months, all contestants must live in the dormitory 

 Which is arranged by the program team.”

Wen Xin said this, picked up his mobile phone, ad shook it twice.

 “For the sake of fairness, we would take away the communication equipment you guys carry. You all would directly use the smart terminal provided by the program team throughout  the competition.”

“If there are no other problems, everyone can sign up now.” 


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