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BTAWWBTN Chapter 4

Initial settlement

Lin Ji behind the screen snorted and slowly sat up straight.

Normally speaking, when a newcomer is performing a “performance”

They would be so nervous and tense, and their body would thus put on a “serious” posture.

But this person didn’t.

The way move his hands and feet was so natural. 

As if in a flash, he was completely integrated into the character.

Or rather he becomes that character.

Fang Zhi walked to the bar, put one hand on the wine glass, and looked at his friend who was already drunk with a smile on his face.

 “How many cups do you have? Stop drinking now”

[This doesn’t seem right. 】

[Hua Rong should have come over with a cold face and asked this sentence in a cold tone! What is he? This is Blind and barren acting. 】

Fang Zhi typically can’t see those questioning barrages 

And the pc would only continue to follow the data entered in the program.

The drunk friend didn’t even look at him, grabbed his hair with both hands, and the pain on the verge of collapse could be sensed in his voice.

“You don’t understand!” 

He shook his head as he said, “You were born with a golden spoon in your hand, and your family has power and money, so you never have to worry about three meals a day…”

Xu Shi got emotional, and when he said this, his friend swept a few wine glasses on the table to the ground, stood up, and shouted heartily.

” You people only like staring at people like me, like we are some ants! Who is Struggling for life? Funny isn’t it?!”

The sound of glass breaking was crisp and loud.

The surroundings fell silent, and everyone in the bar focused their attention on them.

The attention to the live broadcast in front of the screen also follows suit.

They all wanted to know how Fang Zhi would play out.

The Hua Rong played by Lin Ji was very familiar to everyone. 

As the eldest young master of the Hua family, he has been watched by countless eyes since he was born. 

Everyone wants to be him.

Tolerance, depression, struggle,  crazy, disappointment.

In the next half-minute long shot, Fang Zhi only conveyed his restrained unstable emotion with his eyes.

Expressions and micro-movements, all were on the point.

In the end, it turned into an understatement of “I don’t understand”.

This scene not only helped him win the throne of the best actor that year but also became a classic clip like a textbook.

Fang Zhi suddenly laughed at this juncture.

The audience subconsciously held their breath.

All eyes were on him.

Fang Zhi was playing with the wine glass in his hand, with an indifferent smile on the corner of his lips: “I don’t understand.”

The next second, he splashed the wine in the glass at his friend with his backhand, then lifted him and approached.

“Then why are you drinking? Would drinking here solve the problem?”

This was not the line in the original version.

PC did not respond, from the audience’s point of view, it seemed as if they were stunned by the question.

The tension between the two was pushed to the highest point by Fang Zhi.

This confrontation lasted for ten seconds.

Ten seconds later, Fang Zhi clicked his tongue and released his hand. 

He turned his back to the camera, sat down on the high chair in front of the bar again, and drank the glass of wine on the bar.

The audience can’t see the expression on Fang Zhi’s face but they can feel the heaviness that dissipates silently from the back.

Emotions have been given rise unknowingly.

Until a “pop” sounds.

Fang Zhi put the wine glass on the table.

Everyone was awakened by this sudden sound.

PC also took over the plot of the original movie at this time.

He slowly lowered his head, buried his head between his arms, and murmured, “Sorry…”

Looking at the back of the screen, Lin Ji’s fingertips tapped lightly on the desktop.

A coincidence or calculated?

They all wait until the whole show is over, the screen would display the interface waiting for automatic scoring, and the audience watching the live broadcast gradually come back to their senses.

So far, the total number of viewers in the  Fang Zhi audition live broadcast room has exceeded 70,000.

[Fuck, there were more than 70,000 people? In the past auditions, there were only several thousand people!】

Although the first test was over, the chat area was very lively, everyone was waiting for the automatic rating results.

However, after waiting for a while, the entire page seemed to be stuck, it flashed for a while, and then the words “scoring failed” popped up.

[System: The scoring application is being submitted to the background management, please wait. 】

The audience was dumbfounded.

What was this? Is it because the number of viewers was too big, that caused the data to be abnormal? 

So manual identification was required? 

This is truly unprecedented.

The barrage area was noisy, and after a while, the page jumped again, and the score began to settle.

The first item in the settlement panel shows the popularity, which is the total number of views of this game.

Seventy thousand ninety-four.

The second item was the basic score, which turned out to be a perfect score of 10.

Fang Zhi nodded and he was quite satisfied.

When he was about to exit, the cursor on the screen flashed again, and two lines of words jumped out.

Rater Lin Ji.


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