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BTAWWBTN Chapter 3

Classic fragment

Looking at the tv screen, Ying Shan sprayed a mouthful of milk on the coffee table.

Besides the camera, Ouyang froze in place.

The audience was also a little dazed.

He…what’s next?

Two words of motivation?

What encourages him?

Conquered the best actor?

Ouyang Jianfangzhi looked at him calmly although her mind was still a little confused, and her tone was uncertain, and said

“Then… Go on?”

Fang Zhi smiled and accepted it calmly: “Thank you.”

In the live broadcast room, the barrel exploded.

 [ Did I hear him correctly, has he said that he wants the Best Actor award? Or win…  Emperor Lin? 】

 【Don’t say it! He has succeeded, you can see the hot search rise! 】

In Ying Shan’s office, Ying Shan laughed and coughed.

“Hahahahaha, boss! Did you listen to what he said just now? Ahem, he said he wanted to take you.

hahaha, it’s just a passionate confession, hahahahahahaha!”

 Lin Ji looked at him with disgust, he took the paper and rolled the wrapping paper, and smashed it on his face: “Wipe it clean.”

“I will wipe the table, I will wipe,” Ying Shan nodded, paused, and began to laugh wildly, “I wipe it! Hahahahaha!”

Lin Ji ignored im and put his eyes back on the TV screen.

The camera had already turned to the other players at this moment, but in his mind, it was still the image of the young man looking at the camera earlier.

Good eyes.

They are very strong.

This guy is interesting.

The corner of Lin Ji’s lips lifted.

Fang Zhi didn’t know what was happening on the Internet at the moment, and he didn’t care about the sight of the people around him. After filling in what could be filled in the form, he went to the front desk to hand in the information.

The staff took the form and ID card and handed him over and said “please wait a moment”, the staff started to enter the information.

Name Fang Zhi.

Gender: Male.

Age: 24.

Contact… no?

The staff was stunned and glanced down quickly.

No social accounts, no performances, no talents…anything?

He has never seen such a person!!

Fang Zhi’s information was quickly recorded. The number of participants this year has exceeded 28,000, but only 300 people can successfully pass the audition and enter the official competition.

The audition method is to draw lots in the live broadcast room of their official app to decide the classic clips that the players need to perform. After fifteen minutes, the holographic live broadcast will begin.

Within ten minutes, the total number of viewers in the personal live broadcast room is divided by one thousand, plus the basic score automatically determined by the intelligent program, which is the result of the audition, and only the top 300 will be entered into the official recording.

Among these nearly 30,000 people newcomers have received performing arts training and are selected and sent by the company; some students are studying in major art schools and graduated from majors; and they have accumulated a certain amount of popularity, Internet celebrity players with the traffic.

It is never easy to stand out from so many people!

Fang Zhi has been in the entertainment industry before, He worked as an actor and then was nominated for the movie emperor. 

Naturally, he knows the importance of popularity, and naturally, he will not miss any opportunity.

Like the previous live interview, it is a good exposure opportunity.

 Many people will think that he was a regular guy who just “talks wildly” and can’t wait to see the joke.

Although at first glance it would attract some black fans for him, Fang Zhi was very confident, in the face of absolute strength, these are not worth mentioning.

After the lottery ended, Fang Zhi drew a classic fragment interpretation—

Hua Rong

What is this? Haven’t seen it.

The staff in charge of drawing lots saw him stunned in place and stepped forward to remind him.

 Fang Zhi returned to his senses, smiled, and said he wanted to borrow the equipment.

The staff was a little surprised but still handed him the smart terminal. Their sponsors have offered equipment to borrow, it’s just that most people are more used to using their own.

He waits for Fang Zhi to register an account and successfully log in to the live broadcast room, leaving him only the last ten minutes for preparation. 

 After looking at the classic review, he knew that he could directly read the original script of this paragraph.

With one minute left, the lights on behalf of Fang Zhi’s live broadcast room turned on, and the countdown and performance clips were displayed on the screen.

In the live broadcast room, audiences began to come in one after another.

[Following the hot search? What the hell! Five stars for this difficulty index!】

[The role of Lin Ji has been imitated all these years, but has never been surpassed]

Thirty seconds countdown, Fang Zhi wrote down all the content in the script, and at the same time, the environment of the live broadcast room also changed.

The originally simple closed room gradually turned into a bar night scene, full of rhythmic music and laughing vocals.

Even Fang Zhi’s casual clothes were transformed into a suit.

He has to say that holographic immersion technology is a good thing.

[What is he going to do? 】

【Lin Yingdi’s Hua Rong is not like this! ! 】

Lin Ji was also watching Fang Zhi’s live broadcast room.

But he didn’t say anything, just looked at the rapidly scrolling chat area with his arms crossed, as if he was thinking about something. 

The countdown was over.

Fang Zhi raised his eyes, and the temperament of the whole person was completely different from the previous moment.


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