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BTAWWBTN Chapter 27

The show ended

Fang Zhi glanced at Zhuang Mu. Yes, this person was also playing the role. But he always keep forgetting that another party was just playing a role when Zhuang Mu shows his gentleness, it was quite easy to indulge.

Though Lin Ji and Qiao Yan rarely played in the story together. That doesn’t mean that Qiao Yan would unable to recognize him. When he felt a familiar sense of oppressive face-to-face. Even if he closed his eyes and guessed, he knew that the man opposite was Lin Ji. “Your Majesty,”

Qin Mi didn’t relax his bow and arrow. “Your safety is the first thing your subordinates need to consider. Please don’t make it difficult for your subordinates.”

The atmosphere on the field was maintained at a delicate balance due to the tense confrontation between the two sides. Until a man in a robe with a net in his hand appeared to one side, with the Queen Mother’s guard standing beside him.

The guard winked at the man, and the latter nodded, muttering in a low voice that the net in his hand should also be spread in the direction where Yu Wenyao is standing.

Instinct fear made Yu Wenyao unable to think, his body had already reacted subconsciously, he turned and ran in the opposite direction but it was too late. When the net fell on his body. It forced him to show his true form. 

Lin Ji’s guess was confirmed. But it was Lin Ji who was prepared, not Zhuang Mu in this story.

Zhuang Mu looked at what happened in front of him with a surprised look on his face. Who would have thought that the person he liked suddenly turned into a fish? And a fish with wings.

Fang Zhi had already guessed Yu Wenyao’s true identity when he chose the script, and now he changed his body smoothly. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart. This special effect was pretty effective.

As for the other actors who were acting they were the only one who was more shocked.

The queen mother’s guard only told Qiao Yan that there was a dangerous existence around the emperor, and asked him to immediately protect His Majesty. Forget about transformation, the whole body has become so realistic. If it weren’t for their mental level, they might have fallen off his horse by now.

The surrounding becomes much silent.

Fang Zhi turned around and looked in the direction of Zhuang Mu, only to see a surprised expression on the man’s face. There was a sad look on his face. Finally, he took a deep look at him and flapped his wings, and was about to fly farther. But he never thought that this short delay would make him lose the last chance to leave.

Before everyone could react, the queen dowager guard suddenly burst out, stepped forward and grabbed Qin Mi’s bow and arrow, filled it up, and shot towards the air.

The sharp arrow penetrated the wings and plunged into the shoulders fiercely.

Yu Wenyao fell straight from the air.

Zhuang Mu also suddenly woke up at this moment and rushed in that direction without thinking. But he was still a step behind.

A man in golden armor suddenly appeared, and he firmly caught Yu Wenyao who was about to fall to the ground.

“I said it a long time ago,” the man lowered his head and lowered his eyes, looked at his friend who had blood on his face, then turned to look at Zhuang Mu who was stopped by the surrounding guards. And with a mocking smile said, “If you had followed me obediently this time, you wouldn’t have suffered such a crime.”

Before Yu Wenyao could make a response, the man also transformed in the next moment. It was the body of a horse, the face of a horse, and the wings of a tiger.

Yu Wenyao opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but only to spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. The fish breath on his back weakened, he didn’t dare to delay any longer and broke through the enclosure.

Zhuang Mu couldn’t do anything, he could only watch the distance between the figure and him, getting farther and farther. The man’s body swayed slightly, and in the end, he managed to hold on to not fall.

The Queen Mother’s guards have already caught up. But his job as Qin Mi was to protect the safety of the emperor alone. He walked in front of Zhuang Mu at this moment, and just bowed and was about to speak, but heard the other side screeching in a low voice. Qin Mi was taken aback.

Zhuang Mu raised his head slowly, his anger mixed with remorse, making his eyes full of red blood. He closed his eyes, but the hand hanging by his side was clenched into a fist, and he said word by word. “I’ll not let you all go.”

Three days later at night, Zhuang Mu sat in the study in a daze with snow-white feathers in his hands. Yingzhao flew in from the window, still wearing his somewhat ostentatious golden armor.

Zhuang Mu immediately stood up from his seat, and before he had time to ask, the other side threw a stone at him expressionlessly. It suddenly started to rain outside. The stone also slowly turned red.

 Zhuang Mu’s expression was dull, and the feather in his hand fell to the ground.



It has been raining for three months. There have also been floods in many places. Then came the plague after the disaster. In half a year, the emperor’s life was half drained. Halfway through the day, he was coughing violently. The blood spilled on the silk. After half a month, the new emperor ascended the throne.

He complied with the last wish of the late emperor, eliminating all complicated etiquette, and without any expensive funeral items, and used all the money for post-disaster reconstruction. Just three things were kept with him at the end.

A white feather.

A color scale.

And, a stone that turns red when it rains.

[System: The plot was completed, and the show was over, thank you for your participation. 】

Fang Zhi sat on the sofa and didn’t want to move. His mind was full of Zhuang Mu’s look in the mirror.

The emotion in Zhuang Mu’s eyes was so intense that it was thrilling. This was something he hadn’t experienced before.

Fang Zhi has experienced too many worlds and played too many roles. In those worlds, it was never his body his emotions. It always belongs to others, he was more like a bystander, accustomed to seeing life and death, and looking down on parting. He cherishes family and friendship, but he never restrains his heart and has never loved someone.

Fang Zhi closed his eyes and quickly cleared the messy thoughts in his mind.

At this time, Bai Tang sent a message saying that their morning class was over. And asked if he would like to have lunch together. When he said this.

Fang Zhi felt a little hungry, so he replied ok to the other side and put away the smart terminal, and went out.

Two hours later, the instant user m cub uploads the performance to the creation square.

The number of historical performances of the play “Yu Wenyao” also changed from zero to one.



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