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BTAWWBTN Chapter 26


Zhuang Mu didn’t know how he fell asleep. But he knew he was having a dream. In the end, he was awake with a thud sound. He saw stones turned into a bright red. Like those red stones which he has seen in the yard earlier. He looked at the young man in front of him, his voice was vaguely dazed. “I fell asleep?”

The youth’s posture and movements did not change at all: “It seems to be.”

Zhuang Mu looked at the sky again: “How long have I slept?”

 “About a quarter of an hour.” 

Zhuang Mu calmed down, wiped his cold sweat calmly, and put a smile on his face: “Fortunately, I was afraid that you would leave me and go into the mountains alone.” His heart clenched in pain when he thought of the picture of the young fossil in the dream. 

Yu Wenyao glanced at him.“No, I just suddenly remembered that ten years ago, the teacher saved a rich businessman. The person wanted to repay the life-saving grace, but the teacher didn’t accept it and sent it all to Teacher Yinzi.  If I remember correctly, this was exactly what we are looking for, and it has not been used for all these years. We just need to go to the doctor’s hall tomorrow to get it.”

The rain outside the house gradually stopped. The red stone in the corner also turned back to normal again.

Yu Wenyao got up from the stool while talking. He stretched his waist and turned his head and smiled at Zhuang Mu. “It seems that we have indeed encountered luck.”




At the same time, the Queen Mother’s palace. The elegant woman sat on the main seat: “Is everything you say true?”

 “Yes Empress Dowager, my subordinates dare not make a false statement.” The man in black knelt on the ground with a respectful expression. “The note left by the national teacher to His Majesty has the word ‘viewing the water’ written on it. His Majesty sent people from various parties to inquire about the news before they could find the two doctors in the Guanshui Medical Hall, but the subordinates confirmed that there should be something strange about this matter.”

“But Ye’er’s madness has improved a lot in recent days, and. He can now recognize his Aijia when I went to see him today” The Queen Mother put a doting smile on her face.

 “In the palace, there was no one as good as someone who’s been here for a few days. This was also what my subordinates say”

The man in black presented a prescription, “I went to steal the prince’s medicine this morning and got it for identification from the imperial hospital.  All the imperial physicians agreed. They think it’s just an ordinary prescription for strengthening the body.”

The smile on the Queen Mother’s face suddenly disappeared: “What did you say?”

“Then I bribed the maid who was in the palace that day. She said that the old gentleman came to treat the prince that day, but the prince took a bite of the disciple’s hand, and the next day the old man came to treat the prince. The gentleman just let his disciples leave, so the subordinates guess…” The man in black said something softly.

The Empress Dowager’s face was surprised at first, and then slowly transformed into a cruel and twisted smile. “Okay, I see.”

The man in black completed his task bowed to the Queen mother and left.

“You heard it all?” The Queen Mother looked at the figure of the man leaving and suddenly said something to the air in front of her.

The Dark Guard fell silently from the roof beam: “Yes.”

“You bring back that one named Yu Wenyao,” she said with a smile, “regardless of whether this was true or not, it was good to have a way to cure Ye’er’s madness .” After a pause, she added another sentence.“The guy just now, and the maid he bought, also solved it for me.”

After that the shadow disappeared in the next moment.

At this point, the plot in the script has been completed. Where the plot will go after that, Lin Ji can’t imagine. But he is looking forward to where “Yu Wenyao” will take the plot. Lin Ji lowered his head and smiled. Suddenly he found something shiny on the corner of his clothes. He reached out and took it off, and put it under the light to examine it carefully. He then discovered that it was a colored transparent scale. Before he could distinguish, Yu Wenyao walked in with a pot of vegetable soup.

Lin Ji quickly put away the scale, as if nothing had happened, and smiled gently at the young man.

The next morning, the two went to the hospital together. In a corner, he found a white patch that looked like feathers on a bird’s wings.

“I found it.”  The young man was holding a box in his hand, and when he turned around and saw Zhuang Mu in a daze, he couldn’t help asking.

“What’s wrong?” It was the first time that Lin Ji lost his mind halfway through acting, and it took a while before he regained her senses. He looked deeply at the young man in front of him, took a deep breath, and hid the feather behind him. He put a smile on his face again: “It’s okay.”

This seems to be a bit big.

Just now, Lin Ji suddenly figured out something. Previously, he only thought that this semi-finished script was just written and played by netizens, and many things were performed according to the script. When he was traveling on a certain occasion a few years ago, he had as heard a strange anecdote.

There was a mountain named Taiqi, which was the source of Guanshui, and there is a kind of fish in Guanshui, which looks like ordinary carp but has bird-like wings and a white head. It has a red mouth and pale stripes on its body, and the sound it makes is like the crowing of a rooster. It was said that they could fly at night. Someone once caught them with a net. If they failed to catch them the whole way, they would be turned into stones. When it rained, the stones would turn red. There are also rumors that this fish is sour and sweet, and eating it can cure madness.

Zhuang Mu was the emperor of this world, there was never anything he couldn’t get, and there was no one he couldn’t protect. Since he believes that the other party was his destiny, how could he be willing to let go?

There was only half a day left to reach the Imperial City. A group of people appeared in front of them. The leader held a longbow with an arrow on the string and a sharp barb.

“Your Majesty,” the man said solemnly, “Please stay away from the evil spirits behind you, those are inhuman.”

Lin Ji sighed in his heart. Looks like it’s coming to an end. “Qin Mi,” the man called out the other party’s name coldly, with a sharp and threatening aura.

“Who gave you the guts to point an arrow at me the king?”



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