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BTAWWBTN Chapter 24


In the original script, Yu Wenyao put on men’s clothes before leaving the palace to simplify her journey. Now he plays Yu Wenyao and he was indeed a man, and some unnecessary entanglements can be directly omitted.

So Fang Zhi glanced at the person beside him. It doesn’t matter if he was, it just….

Seeing the young man looking at him, Zhuang Mu couldn’t help but put a smile on his lips, and said to the shop owner in front of him, 

“Then, I would trouble you, I need that room.”

The store owner responded with a hello and led the two to the room on the second floor. Along the way, he enthusiastically introduced the Flower God Festival to the two.”The Flower God Festival was the biggest in our county. It was to bless the next few years with lush flowers and trees and a fruitful harvest. By the way, we will have a lantern show tonight, you can go shopping on Qian Street.” The shopkeeper winked at them,

“Maybe you will meet the destined person.”

After the two were sent to the room, the store owner didn’t bother, saying that if there was anything, you could ask the store staff to deal with it at any time, and then left.

The room was clean and spacious, more than enough for two people. There is no major plot at the moment, Fang Zhi walked around the room, touching here and there.

Finally sat at the table, turned over the teacup on the table, and lifted it. 

The teapot was full of a cup of tea. The tea was scalding hot when poured into the cup and a mist of warm water rose.

Fang Zhi picked up the teacup and observed the light, and then tried to drink the tea in the cup. It was the same glass of wine that was in the audition, so he didn’t get to taste it at that moment.

Lin Ji didn’t say anything, he just stood there and watched the young man wandering around the room quietly. Remembering that before the show started, a friend of his told him that the room owner seemed to touch everything. He couldn’t help but let out a low laugh.

It wasn’t until then that Fang Zhi remembered that there was another person in the room, he put the teacup down and looked straight at him.

Lin Ji met his gaze. He walked to the seat opposite him and sat down, and smiled at the young man.

“Thank you.”

Fang Zhi glanced at him. He opened another cup and poured a cup of tea for the other party.

Lin Ji took it with a smile.

After that, neither of the two said a word, but the atmosphere was strangely not at all embarrassing.

There was even a subtle harmony. As night fell, the two of them went to see a big show.

Zhuang Mu leaned against the window, watching the lanterns lit up and hanging high, turned around and asked Yu Wenyao with a light smile: 

“Why don’t we go out for a walk?”

The latter said yes.

Zhuang Yu and Yu Wenyao are both handsome and both of them have high personalities. 

While walking on the street full of lanterns forms a scenery line of their own, they have managed to attract many girls to turn their eyes and blush.

When passing by the Flower Temple, the two also went in with the crowd to worship.

Speaking of the severe drought more than 20 years ago, there have been no major epidemics or disasters since then.

Zhuang Mu naturally hopes that his people can live such a life. The expression on his face also became more pious.

The young man looked at the Emperor’s serious and focused profile, and his attention was completely attracted inadvertently.

After the two of them worshiped the Flower God, they didn’t walk far from the temple when they saw a very high platform not far away. 

It was very lively. Yu Wenyao was more used to being clean, but now there was something secretly hidden in his heart, and he too wants to join in the fun.

Zhuang Mu doesn’t love places with many people, but when he saw Yu Wenyao going there, he walked over with him.

It’s just a taste of the local customs. As soon as they got closer, they saw a petite woman standing on the high platform, shaking a bright red cloth in her hands.

Zhuang Mu looked at the onlookers beside him and asked what the woman was holding.

“That, it’s Flower God Ori,” the person who was asked answered enthusiastically, with obvious pride and dignity.

“Before the Flower God Festival, we will pick out the craftsmanship. 

The best twelve people use unique techniques to embroider twelve different kinds of flowers on silk cloth of various colors, and then send them out on these days and nights.”

“The people who get the flower fabric will soon have luck on them! It was the legend that had been passed on”

“So that it was.” Zhuang Mu smiled and nodded, thanking him.

“There are three legends about the Flower God Festival, and this was one of them.” The man was enthusiastic and continued to introduce Zhuang Mu.

“The second was if two people worship the Flower God together. and if they still have the same things in mind, they will be together for a long time.”

“What about the third one?” Zhuang Mu asked.

“Have you seen this long street with lanterns?” The enthusiastic resident raised his hands and gestures.”It was said that people who walk the entire long street and silently count dozens of numbers under the lanterns, and will immediately meet their destined person.”

Zhuang Mu finally understood what the innkeeper originally meant. He smiled again and thanked him.

At this moment, the woman on the high platform held up a ball of red silk in her hand and threw it up high. The eyes of everyone in the audience closely followed the bright red. During the fall, the night wind spread the red silk cloth.

Zhuang Mu originally only planned to watch, but when he looked at it, he found that Fang Hongbu was about to fall on Yu Wenyao.

The latter seems to be thinking about something, the whole person was clearly in a state of distraction, and he has no sense of what was happening around him.

Zhuang Mu rushed to the youth’s side without thinking and called his name at the same time.

“Wen Yao!” Yu Wenyao suddenly recovered.

The sudden change made him panic, almost instinctively struggling with his hands and feet, as if trying to break free from the big net that trapped him on this side. His movements were too big, and Zhuang Mu came in a hurry.

As soon as he helped him lift the corner of the red cloth, he was caught off guard by Yu Wenyao, and hit him, and he was taken to fall backward.

Zhuang Mu had no other thoughts in his mind, just stretched out his hand when he fell, trying his best to protect the young man who bumped into him. The bright red flower fabric was lifted by the wind.

It fell again. But this time it covered two people.

Yu Wenyao put his hands on Zhuang Mu’s side, with a very surprised expression on his face, and looked at the man who was pressed under him with a dull look.

The surrounding light was reflected in this small space through the red cloth and turned into an ambiguous red. The faces of the two were very close, and their breaths were directly entangled.

There were ups and downs outside, but in Yu Wenyao’s mind, he could only hear his heartbeat.

This is… how people feel when they have someone close?



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