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BTAWWBTN Chapter 23


There was this feeling of being provoked. So he laughed too, leaning in a standard gesture.

“Your Majesty’s words are serious, and we normal people will do our best.”

Lin Ji watched the young man in white slowly walk away, until he turned out of his sight, and the corner of his lips slightly hooked.

The Emperor has been worrying about something recently. Because all the imperial doctors in the palace were helpless against the prince’s disease. They tried various methods for several months without any improvement. The national teacher who went out a few days ago came back and handed him a small note.

The emperor opened it curiously and saw only two words scribbled on the note: Guanshui Send someone to inquire about the news.

Only to find out that in a remote place, there was a colossal nameless mountain. The village under the mountain was called Hongshi Village, and there was a medical hall in the village, named Guanshui. There lived an old gentleman in the medical hall. He was an outstanding doctor in the area. He has cured countless strange diseases in the past few decades.

Yu Wenyao was a disciple picked up by the old gentleman. It was said that the doctor went up the mountain to collect herbs twenty years ago. When he heard a cry, he followed the sound and found a baby who had been left in the mountains.

The doctor was kind-hearted. The old gentleman couldn’t ignore the baby, let alone let him leave, so he took the baby home.

In the next 20 years, the baby grew into a handsome young man and learned the medical skill from the old gentleman. The old gentleman was called into the palace at this time, and Yu Wenyao, a disciple, naturally came with him.

In the early morning of the second day. Yu Wenyao went with the old gentleman to diagnose the prince. As soon as they entered the room, several people heard the sound of a man clapping and laughing.

“Hurry up! Circle! Circle!”

The maid who was serving sighed and turned a little faster in place.

It’s just that the prince looked dissatisfied, the smile on his face slowly disappeared, frowned, and looked at the little maid who was circling for a while. He picked up the whip at hand and whipped her a few times.

The little maid stumbled and fell to the ground. Looking at the girl sobbing.

The prince showed a bright smile again and threw the whip to the side. He started clapping his hands and laughing loudly.

The emperor waved his hand to let the little maid retreat. He walked to the prince, and said softly: “Ye’er? Can you hear the voice of the father?”

The prince didn’t even look at Zhuang Mu, his eyes still stopped at the place where the little maid fell to the ground, but now there was nothing left, he clapped his hands and laughed happily.

Lin Ji:…



This one really knows how to act. That’s right, His Royal Highness, who looks crazy, was also one of the six people.

Lin Ji put on a helpless look, and then explained the reason to them.

It turned out that because a palace maid was talkative, the prince accidentally learned the truth about the death of his biological mother. The stimulation was too great, and he suffered from a cold and high fever, and when he woke up, he suffered from madness. Once the old man heard the words, he planned to go forward to check the pulse of the prince.

Yu Wenyao steps forward to help.

Fang Zhi just walked to the side of the mad prince, who suddenly raised his head and looked at him with burning eyes.

“Brother you are delicious.”

Everyone didn’t have time to react, and the crazy prince bit Yu Wenyao’s outstretched hand.

“Zhuang Ye, what’s the matter with you?”

Lin Ji’s aura was full of oppression. The air pressure in the entire space becomes lower, and the people on the opposite side are scared.

All they could do was continue to follow the plot in the script.

“Scent, Scent!”

Yu Wenyao’s eyes were frightened, and he took two steps back, almost tripping.

Lin Ji saw that his face was blue, his lips were pale, his whole body was trembling, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. If he didn’t know that the pain in the performance app was very low, he would have almost been deceived by this person’s performance. But his face still showed a concerned expression, and his voice was full of worry.

“How are you? Are you ok?”

Yu Wenyao bit his lip and shook his head slowly, his breath unsteady: “No, it’s okay.”

Zhuang Mu looked at the person in his arms and felt more distressed: “I will ask the imperial doctor to bandage you.”

Yu Wenyao’s body stiffened, his fingers bent

 “No!” When he realized that he was overreacting, he hurriedly looked for another sentence.

“I’m also a doctor, so this little injury can be handled by myself.”

Seeing that he insisted, Zhuang Mu did not force it any further. It’s just that the emperor was a little reluctant to let go.

Everyone left the prince’s room.

The crazy prince was still sitting in his original position, facing the empty room, clapping his hands and laughing. He couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Just who was the emperor?!

In the early morning of the next day, the old man reported to the emperor that he already had a clue to treat the prince. But there was still a shortage of very important and hard-to-find medicinal materials, and he needed his disciple to go out.

Zhuang Mu looked at the young man in white not far away and had an inexplicable illusion that they would never see each other again after he left. Before he had time to think,  he had already blurted out a line.

“I’ll go with you.”Aware that he had come off as an eager person, the Emperor covered his lips and coughed softly, then repeated it righteously.

“I’ll come with you.”This time, the Emperor left no discussion.

Firstly, their master and apprentice worked hard to heal the prince, and he also wanted to help; The third was that the level of his martial art was good, whether he wants to protect himself or protect himself, there will be no problem.

The emperor has said this, and Yu Wenyao can’t refuse. So by the evening, the two set off on the road together.

Zhuang Mu saw Yu Wenyao’s hand wrapped in gauze, and couldn’t help but ask how his injury was.

Yu Wenyao nodded lightly, saying that it was all right. Only he knew that the wound under the gauze had completely healed.

They traveled day and night and arrived at Huashen County on the evening of the second day.

Yu Wenyao looked hesitant. The store owner couldn’t help but smile.

“There was one room available, just cleaned up.”


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