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BTAWWBTN Chapter 22

Home owner

“So you think that person is more suitable?” Lin Ji was resting at home today. Not long after he woke up, his friend called him for the good-looking seedling he had just discovered.

“Suitable! Suitable!” Qiao Yan patted his chest, “You know my eyesight is not bad.”

Lin Ji did not say anything good or bad, but he was thinking.

Qiao Yan listened to the silence on the phone. Feeling a little withdrawn, he couldn’t help asking: “What about you? Is there any more suitable candidate?”

“Still observing.” Lin Ji didn’t deny it completely.

“Then why don’t you try the person I recommend first?” Qiao Yan suggested.

Lin Jing hummed. He asked Qiao Yan to form a team and hold a random match later. This way his identity would not be mentioned to the other party, and he could observe the performance of that person much better.

After the call, Lin Ji opened a trumpet to log in and play, and Qiao Yan pulled him into the team soon after.

Then they chose the random matching mode between practice sessions.

Soon their team entered one of the preparation rooms. As soon as they came in, three system prompts popped up.

[System: The host has turned on anonymous mode. 】

[System: This performance is an unfinished script, please confirm your choice carefully. 】

[System: The host has turned on the character random mode. 】

Qiao Yan immediately chatted with Lin Ji in private.

 [Joe: It turned out to be a semi-finished product, how about we quit and select a random story again? 】

[User_y91740: It’s okay, I would go with this.】

[Joe: Okay. 】

Probably many people have similar ideas to Qiao Yan. After coming here, they saw that it was a semi-finished script. And they couldn’t choose a character. So they immediately quit the rearrangement.

There are a total of six room positions. Except for the owner who created the room and the three of them, the remaining two vacancies continue to be joined and withdrawn.

Two minutes passed before another came in.

The homeowner was not idle during this time, and new system prompts kept popping up on the page.

[System: The homeowner has turned off the onlooker function. 】

[System: The homeowner has enabled the mute function. 】

[System: The host has turned off the mute function. 】

[System: Homeowner has turned off Guidance Mode. 】

[System: The homeowner has turned on the automatic plot correction function. 】

Qiao Yan looked at this row of system prompts, he tried to endure it but finally, he couldn’t hold back and ran to chat with his friend privately.

[Joe: Why don’t we change this? Just look at the way the room owner had been changing settings. What if he was a primary school student? 】

[User_y91740: That’s not right, you can also see the level of on-the-spot reaction of the person you recommend. 】

[Joe: …Ok. 

The five people didn’t wait any longer, and soon the last vacancy was filled. 

As the sixth person’s choice was confirmed, the scenery in front of them began to change.

Because the host has turned on the anonymous mode, in addition to hiding the account name, the appearance of the characters in the performance would be intelligently selected in the template library, and the sound will also be changed.

The scenery around Lin Ji soon turned into a magnificent hall.

The character he drew was Emperor Zhuangmu

Fang Zhi didn’t know who the other people in the room were at this moment, nor did he care about who they were.

After the lottery ended, the surrounding environment gradually turned into darkness. 

He stood alone on the top of the lonely mountain admiring the moon.

Yu Wenyao.

The “persona” in this original script was a beautiful woman, but Fang Zhi found that his character was a handsome man with a long body and a white robe.

Fang Zhi suddenly remembered something, lifted his sleeves and glanced, and saw three circles of pale lines on his slender white wrist.

This was interesting.

The sky turned pale.

There was a knock on Yu Wenyao’s house door.

Fang Zhi opened the door, and standing outside the door was the old gentleman of Guanshui Medical Hall.

The old man’s face was full of wrinkles, looking at the proud disciple in front of him with a kind expression: “Wen Yao, it’s getting late, it’s time for us to set off.”

Fang Zhi bowed and replied softly. The carriage was swaying. They were traveling through mountains and rivers, and finally arrived outside the palace wall in the evening a few days later.

In order to confirm their identity, Yu Wenyao and the old man got off the carriage. At this time, Fang Zhi walked to the side and touched the vermilion palace wall, and a hard and cold physical touch could be sensed from his fingertips. Before he could feel it carefully, the guard with a long spear had started to push them.

“What are you doing here, that one was already waiting in the palace, why don’t you get back to the carriage soon?”

Fang Zhi heard the sound, turned around and looked at the guard carefully.

There are six people in this show.

The guard was obviously not one of the six, it’s just the script preset

PC, which he didn’t expect the response to be quite intelligent and realistic. Because at the last minute, the host turned on the function of mute during the performance, so Lin Ji was unable to contact Qiao Yan at this moment, and did not know that the person recommended by her friend would play the role of six people .

Zhuang Mu took out a small note, read it several times, and handed it to the candle to burn it.

At the same time that the note was burned, the people he was waiting for also arrived.

According to the original script, Zhuang Mu will fall in love with a woman named Yu Wenyao at first sight, and there was a love story between the two.


Lin Ji looked at the people below, wondering how Yu Wenyao became a man.

But the actor was the actor after all, no matter how surprised Lin Ji was in his heart, his face does not show half a bit. 

According to the script, he gives a surprised reaction, and then the plot continues.

In fact, Fang Zhi was also looking at the man on the throne. Looks like this guy has one or two feathers in his cap.

The situation just now had be replaced by an ordinary person, and found that the beautiful woman who promised to fall in love at first sight has turned into a big man, and jumped up from the dragon chair without shouting  directly. 

The old gentleman followed the script procedure and dutifully walked the plot at the front.

While Fang Zhi was watching the man sitting on the throne with great bearing in the back.

Of course, Lin Ji was also looking at him.The young man dressed in white has a handsome face with delicate facial features, and red lips. He stood there quietly, like an immortal.

The sight of the two collided in mid-air, and neither one retreated half a point, and in the end no one could overwhelm the other. It’s just that someone doesn’t want to end it quickly.

When the old man was about to lead the disciples away, he suddenly said something. The two of them could only stop and wait in place.

“It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you today, and thank you for everything after all…” The Emperor looked into the eyes of the young doctor, and a gentle smile appeared on his lips.

 “It’s all a lot of work.”



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